Three Meals Of A Reincarnator Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Chapter 72

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Translated by: ShawnSuh

Edited by: SootyOwl

"Is it to prevent it from overflowing?"

"Yes, sir."

"Very well."

With that, Ho Sung bowed to the champion politely and returned to his seat. Following Ho Sung's instructions, the champion held the bottle by its mouth tightly and opened the lid. Sure enough, no foam flowed out of the bottle. Nodding, he poured himself some makgeolli in a cup that looked like a segment of a bamboo shoot.

'How curious,' Min Sung thought to himself. Having never had makgeolli until now, his heart thumped with excitement. Taking the cup of the traditional Korean rice wine in his hand, Min Sung brought it up to his mouth.

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Having drunk the entire cup in three gulps, the champion lowered his hand, deeply impressed.

'How can it be so sweet and yet have such rich flavors?'

The flavors were incredibly complex, and they were far beyond what the word 'sweet' could describe. There was something about the flavors that reminded the ch