Throne Of Magical Arcana Chapter 608

Chapter 608 Bloody Rose

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Wearing the black tuxedo, Kritonia seemed to be a traveler of time that was roaming in different worlds. He ambled through Luciens frozen space as if the space barrier of such a level was nothing at all for him.

Holding the glistening longsword, he passed the long-distance forged by the monotonous black, white and grey after only one step and blinked at the edge of Luciens spiritual field, giving the feeling that time was fleeting unstoppably under the silence.

A pure slash was also affecting the mind. That was the strength of a legendary knight!

After he slashed, Lucien felt that everything around him had been slowed down, like slow motion in the movies, except for the sword that was washing and burying the world like a lightning.

Over time, even a planet would walk to the end of its life one day!

Kritonia was very satisfied with the attack. It had been a long time since he launched such a gratifying attack. However, the deterrence of Hathaway, the unexpected advancement of Lucien, and the upcoming reinforcement gave him such enormous pressure that he forgot his body conditions, his family and his remaining longevity. He burnt his life and soul again and resumed his peak status.

He could finish Winston last year partly because the strength gaps between the different levels of legendary were not huge, and partly because he couldnt carry out his full ability due to the aging of his body and his mind. However, he was Heart of Time, who executed two legendary sorcerers, one projection of Demon Lord, one legendary sea monster, and one dark legendary knight!

Until the Congress of Magic expanded, Heart of Time Kritonia had been a synonym of legends and epics on this side of the Storm Strait!

The attack seemed to be even more powerful with his gratification. The mud on the dark ground turned into grey dust.

Tick, tock. Kritonia suddenly heard a sound that was not affected by his power of time. The silver pocket watch in Luciens hand was still recording time accurately despite his influence.

The black tailcoat, the black bow-tie, the silver pocket watch Lucien did not seem to be in a battle of legends but in a party of nobles, where he opened his pocket watch casually when a beautiful lady asked the time.


Heavy pressure emerged out of nowhere, and the blackness around intensified. The sword that buried everything was attracted by the gravity when it almost hit Lucien, distorted and leaning sideways.


The colors in Kritonias eyes were gone as if a river of time was surging forward inside. He exerted his strength and got free from the collapse of gravity, allowing the sword to slash Lucien again after a curve.

Elemental Protection! In the time gap created by gravity collapse, Lucien cast the spell. Countless spots of elements glowed on the Robe of Grand Arcanists, gathering into a translucent shield of light that blocked Heart of Time.

Hualala. The sound of flowing water echoed. The different parts of Elemental Protection suddenly changed, conflicting with each other due to the different speeds and were dissolving quickly under the sword.

However, it fulfilled its destiny to block one of Kritonias best attacks. Lucien took the opportunity to blink far away and lock onto him.

Vengeful Gaze! Luciens voice sounded difficult and prolonged. It was because the spell was attached with Hand of Uncertainties!

Although he tricked the Original Fire by hiding his abilities and with his Moon Timer, the reinforcement of the Congress would be delayed because of the enemys cooperation with the World of Souls. It was difficult for him to stop Kritonia from running. Kritonia was immune to the space-time spells below legendary. That was why he chose to trick the Original Fire instead of him earlier.

Also, based on various sources of intelligence, he previously concluded that Kritonia was not as strong as level three of legendary, and it wouldnt be too dangerous for him to stall the enemy. However, it turned out that the guy was as dangerous as when he was young.

Luciens right hand suddenly turned red like the most beautiful ruby. Then, a bloody, frozen ray of light darted out so fast that there was no time for reaction.

However, the red ray seemed to be reaching a different world after hitting Kritonia. Deviating in the watery time, it bypassed Kritonia and left a huge hole on the mountain behind him!

How incredible was that?

Kritonia sneered, it wouldnt be so easy to break his defense. Were it that simple, he wouldve perished in the battles of legends in the past!

Also, you have just advanced into legendary, and the power of your magic is still far from enough!

He did not blink again but started to melt with his longsword.

In the gloomy, silent black, white and grey; an unpredictable, clear light rose like the first beam of sunlight in the morning, illuminating the world and slashing at Lucien, not restricted by the distance in between at all.

Undead Rampart! Since the Robe of Grand Arcanists was still cooling down, Lucien used the Congus Ring.

Wu! Wu! Wu! The spell seemed to have been enhanced in the World of Souls. Countless ghosts and specters gathered into a wall of limbs, where the faces of the soul showed miserable expressions.

The light of the sword, however, turned into an elegant curve and slashed at Natasha who was on the other side!

Even though he had the power of time, it would take him a lot of time to kill a sorcerer, but killing a gold knight was much more simple!

Even though the Shield of Truth could be used passively, she could not raise it more than three times!

Kritonia, who had tricked Lucien into casting a spell, slashed Natasha who could barely move with the Shield of Truth, his hands steady and not shivering at all.

Natasha slightly bowed and raised the tiny, black shield above. Her face was solemn, mixed with the intense will of fighting.


In a dull noise, Natasha seemed to be in a different world under the cover of the Shield of Truth. She was intangible and undamageable!

The shield was known as the best defense. According to Luciens observation, it seemed to be associated with Gods Guard.

After blocking Kritonias attack, Natasha gritted her teeth, with cold sweat pouring out. It could be seen that both of her legs and her hands were shivering. It was obvious very burdensome for her.

She wouldnt be able to resist it if similar attacks came another two times!

Not giving Lucien a chance to lock onto him, Kritonia changed his direction and continued to attack Natasha after the first slash.

Right then, he heard the tick-tock again.

Inside the complicated silver watch, the black second hand was moving joyfully, pointing at the mysterious symbols made of gems of different colors. Lucien pressed it with his finger, and then the second hand was frozen as if the watch had been broken.

The greyness drove the blackness away again, and the area seemed to have entered a different time and space. Everything was so quiet and colorless, save the bright blue and silver clothes on Hathaway.

The grey Kritonia did not stop but slashed his longsword slowly. It could help him resist the attacks when the effect of Time Stop was over.

His eyes gloomy and dark, Lucien chanted:

Vengeful Gaze!

Same as before, Hand of Uncertainties was attached to it, and his eye shot out the red ray again like a ruby. However, the ray could not affect Kritonia who was in a different time and space right now.

After he cooled down, Lucien cast his spell once again:

Vengeful Gaze!

It was another Hand of Uncertainties and another red ray. Because it took him longer to cast the spells, the effect of Time Stop did not give Lucien enough time to cast a third spell.

Hardly had Kritonia seen the reappearance of the monochrome World of Souls when two red rays darted at him at the same time!

However, having slightly dodged it, there was still a chance for him to react. The space around him rippled like water. Then, the two Vengeful Gazes traveled to a different world just like before and did not return until they passed Kritonias body, leaving holes in the mountains far away.

Theres a gap between two levels. You only just advanced and learned the magic. Why do you think you can break my defense?

You might as well transfer your wife when you have the time to attack!

Kritonia snorted and continued to attack Natasha. He sensed that Natasha should be reaching her limits after the attack!

However, he also felt deeply fatigued. His physical strength was fading away, making it impossible for him to remain the three of level-three legendary anymore.

Although he mastered the power of time, he still couldnt outlive time.

Elemental Protection!

Suddenly, Hathaways cold and clear voice came out.

She took the attacks of the Primordial Mummy and the Lich King the hard way in order to cast defense on Natasha.

The light fluttered, and the two legendary specters took the opportunity to suppress Hathaway. However, the two of them had been heavily wounded, too. Except for the gold crown and the gems around the head, all the other magic items had been broken. Even the cloth on the mummy had been damaged, revealing the rotten flesh that was as dark as iron.

Such a battle was more than painstaking.

Smiling, Kritonia was much more reassured. He had been worried that Hathaway was tricking him to stay, but right now, after his attack towards Natasha, Hathaway had been finally stalled by the enemy for real!

The slowly flowing time turned sharp all of a sudden, showing that it could destroy everything. Taking advantage of Luciens cooldown, Kritonia continued attacking Natasha.

The sword caused different speeds and changes, and the different spots of light inside the light shield were twisting. It was about to be broken under one more attack.

Vengeful Gaze!

The cold voice entered Kritonias ears and confused him. Was Lucien out of his mind? Why was he still attacking when he had a chance to transfer Natasha?

Luciens right hand turned crimson, like Silver Moon Alternas ruby eye in the tales. A ray was shot at Kritonia instantly.

The space around Kritonia rippled like water unpredictably. The familiar feeling of defense made him curl his lips.

But all of a sudden, the smile on his lips was frozen because the red ray was not twisted but had hit his chest precisely!

Zi. After a feeble noise, Kritonias chest was pierced through by the ray, replaced by a shocking hole, irrecoverable hollow.

How is it possible?

Hes only a level-one legend. How can he break my defense?

Even if I have fallen to level two of legendary, I couldnt have been pierced through so easily!

I would have to be washed by Luxury Cracking first because Vengeful Gaze can work on me!

The paralysis effect brought by Vengeful Gaze rigidified Kritonia in midair, his eyes full of shock.

At this moment, Hathaway, who had realized the new situation, abandoned her defense and simply allowed the Primordial Mummy and the Lich King to attack her. Although she was unaware of the effect of Luciens magic beforehand, she cast a spell calmly:

Luxury Cracking!

Crack, crack, crack. The light on Kritonia collapsed, and the longsword had tiny dents, too.

After being hit by three level-three legendary specters, the passive spells on Hathaway such as Magic Order, Spell Trigger and Spell Sequencer were activated, allowing her to disappear and reappear in a different direction.

Because of the influence of Luxury Cracking, the paralysis inside Kritonia was gone, but a tall shadow was suddenly reflected in his eyes.

In the white wedding dress, the sacred and beautiful Natasha, with intense fighting will power, abandoned the Shield of Truth, the Thorny Crown, and all the defense, and dedicated all her attention to the silver longsword in her hands.

After the attack, I will have no more defense!

After the attack, one of us will die!

The determination and courage cast Kritonia into a trance, he felt that he had seen himself years ago.

Yes. He was once so tough, stubborn and full of knighthood, but when did he turn into a rotten old man who was scared of death?

The silver sword flashed, and Kritonia had no time to resist it at all. Then, he saw Natashas pure wedding dress was stained with red traces that looked like a bloody rose.

Is this my blood? Kritonia suddenly had a weird feeling of relief, before he fell into the deepest darkness.