Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Book 1 Chapter 296

Volume 1 Chapter 296 Less Time Left

True to his words, Lee Kwangsoo indeed got one more love rival for Soohyun. But this time around, Soohyun took her to be stronger than Kim Chaerin.

The woman was more built, developed, and taller than Soohyun. Despite that, she exuded a feminine charm, which was able to attract many males. 

Unlike Chaerin, she did not seem to be someone with anger issues, and a seductive smile was on her face. 

While the three of them stood in one of the ballrooms inside the Palace, the woman strutted towards Soohyun, and there was a certain type of elegance in how she walked, attracting everyone's eyes.

As Soohyun could say for the men in this World, the women were immensely attractive as well, explaining why her beauty did not affect Han Minhyun at all. Even she would not have gotten mesmerized by Jiwoo's appearance if she had seen all these Beauties from the Underworld.

"You are Han Minhyun's fated one?" she questioned with all of her syllables pronounced clearly.

Soohyun did not know what it was about her talking, but it seemed to be the type that would put one into a trance and make them obey her. Her voice was something she found really sweet.

A faint scent of flower came from her, and Soohyun wanted the lady to come closer to her, so that she would be able to take in the scent on that woman more. 

It was weird for Soohyun to have those thoughts at this moment, but she could not stop herself from thinking that way. Moreover, she did not hate herself from thinking that way.

Finding that the distance between them was too long, she took a step closer to the woman and felt the urge to pull the woman into a hug.

"Snap out of it, Moon Jiwoo. Junghwa's abilities lie in controlling minds," Kwangsoo vocalised.

Hearing Kwangsoo's words, Soohyun instantly blinked her eyes multiple number of times and drive herself out of the daze. Her eyes widened in horror when she realized about the thoughts she had regarding Lee Junghwa.

Tilting her head slightly, Soohyun looked towards Kwangsoo with a raised eyebrow. She was slightly surprised that Kwangsoo let her know of this matter for he was the one who brought trouble for her. However, who knows what intention he had behind doing this.

As Soohyun was about to turn back to look at Junghwa, Soohyun found a pair of hands being extended towards her and pulling her into a tight hug. She let out a gasp.

Junghwa's hug around her was tight, and feeling Junghwa's chest being squashed against her, Soohyun found it difficult to breath.

'This sucks! Ah! Why is she so big!? I think I will die!'

"Is this what you think about, Lee Soohyun? Do I need to recheck your s.e.x.u.a.lity?" Minnie questioned.

'Shut up, Asshole! Do what you are supposed to do instead of being my little stalker!'

"Junghwa-ssi, this is all cool, but can you move away from me now?" Soohyun questioned.

Before Lee Junghwa paid need to Soohyun's request, she brought her mouth closer to Soohyun's ear and whispered, "Sure, baby, sure."

Her low voice made Soohyun have chills down her body, and gripping Junghwa's shoulder, she pushed Junghwa away from her. Is this how Chaerin had felt when she did this to her?

Looking at Kwangsoo, who seemed to be clearly enjoying this, Soohyun shot him a glare and understood his reason perfectly behind doing so. Clenching her hand into a tight fist, Soohyun forced out a wide smile on to her face.

"Lee Junghwa-ssi, do you want to keep standing at this room? I will bring you over to sit somewhere, and then, we can discuss about things," Soohyun voiced out, "I lack friends at this place, and it would be great if we could form a friendship."

Junghwa brought her hand closer to her hair, and twirling one of her strands of hair within her finger, Junghwa vocalised, "Just be friends? Ah! That is disappointing. I was looking forward to being more than that with you."

There was no way Soohyun was going to let Kwangsoo win this time around and regard her as a weakling.

"Junghwa-ssi, isn't it too soon to talk about that? Let's see how our relationship progresses, and then, I can decide on whether or not give you a chance," Soohyun said as she bit her lips in the end.

"Ah! That makes me happy, Jiwoo-ssi. I will surely make you like me and unable to resist me."

'Please don't. Why does it seem as if she is Minhyun's love rival, instead of mine? Anyway, I don't want to do anything with a girl! Kwangsoo, I will slaughter you if this Junghwa forces me to do something against my will.'

Before Lee Soohyun could reply to those words of Lee Junghwa, she felt someone grip her collar and pull her back. Knowing that who could potentially be behind that, Soohyun turned her head back to look at the man.

"Minhyun," she enunciated.

"What type of trouble are you trying to create this time around?" Minhyun questioned.

Smiling at Minhyun, she answered, "Nothing, Kwangsoo just brought a new friend for me to hang around with. This is Lee Junghwa. Isn't she very much attractive."

Bringing his hand over to her face, he flicked on it slightly, causing her to wince slightly, and a small pout formed on her face at his actions.

"Hey! What did I do wrong?" Soohyun questioned.

"You do realize that you have classes to attend now, and your teacher doesn't like latecomers," Minhyun pointed out.

"I am not late; there are more thirty minutes before my classes start," Soohyun vocalised before looking at her watch.

The sight of the time upon her watch made Soohyun's eyes wider, and a gasp left her mouth. There was less than five minutes!

A scream left her mouth as she voiced out, "How come there is so less time left!? I am dead! I am dead! I have to run!"

Without sparing a glance to anyone, Soohyun ran towards the direction of the door, and due to her hurry, her head bumped against the door.