Treasure Hunt Tycoon Book Chapter 745

Chapter 745: Never Judge A Book By Its Cover
Chapter 745: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover
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While he was thinking this, his balance stabilized, and the young blond man lifted him out of the dark water and swam quickly out to sea.

Li Du was choked by several mouthfuls of seawater, and his mouth was filled with a bitter, salty taste. His stomach growled, and his intestines rebelled.

He struggled without thinking, his flippers flapping wildly while the powerful, golden-haired young man clung to his back. A few seconds later, Li Du suddenly felt himself breaking through the water's surface!

For an instant, Li Du felt himself breathing the sweetest air he had ever breathed. He also felt the unprecedented warmth of the sunshine shining on him and felt himself returning to the beautiful world.

The golden-haired young man lifted him out of the water from behind. Li Du was still struggling, and it looked like they were fighting.

"What the hell are you doing? Let go of our boss!" Lu Guan shouted when he saw this.

Godzilla and Big Quinn suddenly stood up. They were so heavy that the boat's center of gravity suddenly changed. The boat started to wobble, and Ah Meow was crying in terror.

The golden-haired young man gave them a disdainful look. He pushed Li Du away and swam to the side of his raft.

Lu Guan hurriedly pulled him up and asked, concerned, "Boss, what happened? What did that jerk do? Shall we go and finish him up?"

Li Du gasped for breath and said, "Huh? Don't, hu, huhu, he saved me. Just now he called out. I was under the water in the dark water, very dangerous, he brought me up."

The two boats were very close at that moment. After listening to Li Du, the young man groaned. "Ha, you knew that I saved you? I thought you would think I was trying to harm you."

"Thanks for saving my life, man. I admit that I thought that you were trying to harm me, especially when you kept gesturing. I thought you were provoking me," Li Du said with a wry smile.

The golden-haired young man grimaced and said, "Stupid. I was reminding you that your wetsuit has an automatic float function. Why didn't you turn it on and use its life-saving function?"

Li Du was stunned. Then he remembered that he had been in such a panic that he had forgotten the other function of his diving suit.

He asked, "Then why did you stand by and watch me struggle so long when you wanted to save me? Sorry, I thought you wanted to see me drown."

The young man was very angry and said, "How could I dare to approach you when you were so strong when you struggled at first? I was afraid you'd drag me deeper into the water and we'd die together."

Li Du was ashamed of his small-hearted character and said, "I'm so sorry, I misunderstood your kindness."

"There's no need to apologize." The young man shrugged. "I didn't mean well, actually. If I had not been worried that you were actually going to drown, I would not have rescued you that quickly."

Li Du was speechless.

The young man said, "At least now you should understand why I don't want you to go down there. Newbie, this is King Island, the most dangerous place to catch black gold abalone. If I were you, I wouldn't stay here."

Li Du really couldn't stay there any longer, and even if he knew where the undercurrent was, he couldn't solve the problem.

Thinking back on the horror of the undercurrent, he did not dare to go down into the sea to harvest the black gold abalone.

He had constantly underestimated the ocean. Underwater work was too dangerous. This was only the undercurrent. If he encountered a thunderstorm on the ocean or an attack from large sea creatures, he would definitely not be able to manage.

He went back to the boat and was ready to go back to Melbourne to wait for Hans and his men to arrive.

Li Du went ashore and changed his clothes. He called Hans and found that Hans and the others had arrived in Melbourne from Canberra.

Hans was very excited to hear that Li Du had been fishing for black gold abalone under the sea near King Island. "I know the richest black gold abalone resources in the world are there. Wait for me! I'll go and harvest them with you."

"It's not that easy, brother," said Li Du gloomily. "I almost drowned at the bottom of the sea today. There are undercurrents, and it would be dangerous to dive. If we really want to dive, we need to undergo professional training."

Hans didn't care. He said, "This is your lucky day, man. I am a professionally trained diver. I even won first prize in the city of Flagstaff's underwater breath-holding challenge."

Li Du didn't believe it. Hans would say anything in order to achieve his goal.

Li Du had wanted to return to Melbourne to join them, but when Hans learned that he had arrived at King Island, Hans took Sophie, brother Wolf, and the others directly to book a boat and set off for King Island.

So Li Du had to wait on the wharf until that evening for Hans to arrive.

Ah Ow, Ah Meow, and Crispy Noodles bounded ahead when they saw Sophie, and Victoria excitedly waved her colorful hat at him and shouted, "Uncle Li, we're here."

Godzilla picked Victoria up and carried her on his shoulders.

Li Du asked Hans, "Didn't you say you were coming here from Melbourne once you got there in the morning? Why did it take so long?"

Hans gave a sly smile and said, "When did I say I had arrived in Melbourne in the morning? I mean, once we got to Melbourne, we set off right away. Actually, we arrived in the afternoon."

Li Du rolled his eyes and realized that he had been fooled by the jerk again.

Looking at King Island's scenery, Hans was very excited. He asked, "Did you find the black gold abalone habitat area? Tell me where they are, and I will bring them all up!"

Li Du said unkindly, "I told you it was dangerous, and there is an undercurrent in water."

Sophie let go of Ah Meow and hugged Li Du by the arm. She was worried. "There's an undercurrent? Is it that dangerous?"

Hans said carelessly, "What is so dangerous about that? If it's just water flowing and there's no bottom vortex, it's fine if we swim in the direction of the flow."

Li Du frowned. "It's easy for you to say, Hans. We'd better be careful. I did not restrict you from getting into the water. Instead, I am just making a suggestion that we should get professional training before diving."

"Well," said Hans, still unconcerned, "Why don't we go into the water and see if it's really dangerous, and if it is, we'll do as you say?"

It was all right to explore the water. In the evening, when the water was still warm, Li Du and Hans, together with Brother Wolf, who was good at swimming, put on their diving suits and dove into the water.