Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1001

Chapter 1001 Army Knife

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After a second round of brewing and drinking, it was time to throw out the coffee..
According to the tradition of some African tribes, guests should leave at this time.
Li Du wanted to leave, but where could he go?
After finishing their coffee, they entered on another topic. Good drummed upon the
tabletop with his fingers, and said with a smile, “Mr. Li, now we should talk about
working together. What quantity of diamonds can you help me process every year?”
Li Du let out a sigh and said, “What is your production like? How much do you need me
to process?”
He thought it was alright to say that. This was a negotiation anyway, so asking for
information was supposed to be acceptable.
Good was not satisfied, however. Still smiling, he said, “Mr. Li, it seems like you still fail
to understand we are not having a press conference. I ask, you answer, it's just easy as
His opponent would always go berserk whenever someone failed to obey him. Li Du
hated him to his guts. If he met this type of lunatic in America, he would surely let
Godzilla beat him up until all he was fit for was live out his life in a retirement home.
However, this did not change the current situation. As he was at Good’s mercy, he had
to bow down to his rules.
Li Du said, “I understand, Good Commander. I'll give you an answer. First, you will need
to allow me to explain myself. The size of a diamond, the quality, the cut, the value, and
the processing amount will be different”
“I know all about these. You just need to tell me, from melee to big carat diamonds, how
much can you roughly process?” Good interrupted him.
Li Du said, “It's difficult to gauge by the amount, I can only give a price. I can probably
process about 50 million US dollars’ worth of diamonds. If there were more than that,
I'm afraid I would not be able to take them.”
After hearing his answer, Good said with a smile, “50 million US dollars? This sum is a
bit too low for the world’s jewelry and luxury goods market, isn't it?”
Li Du opened his hands and smiled bitterly as he said, “I'm sorry, Good Commander,
“Don't apologize, don't apologize,” Good interrupted him once again, and appeared to
be more and more demanding. “You can process 50 million? I know you Chinese are
very humble, you like to speak cautiously. I like your characters this way.”

He stood up and began to pace around his office. He raised his hand and said, “This is
a good trait, I like people who are humble and keep a low profile. There’s nothing I hate
more than ostentatious bastards.”
He paused for a moment and turned his head to look at Li Du. “That's why the actual
sum will be 100 million US dollars. You have to process 100 million US dollars’ worth of
diamonds each year.”
Li Du took in a deep breath and said, “God, 100 million US dollars! You know”
Good immediately interrupted him, “What, you're going to contradict me?”
What could Li Du say? He could only laugh bitterly. “No, 100 million US dollars? I can't
do it. I don't even have that much capital. Tell you what, it's better if you kill me right
He even assumed the demeanor of a doomed man, and went to the wall to take a knife
that was hanging there.
The guards by the door immediately raised their guns and kept their deadly barrels
aimed at him.
Targeted by two guns, it was impossible for Li Du not to be nervous. However, he had
been at gunpoint too many times lately and knew that Good would not allow his
subordinates to shoot him. That was why he could withstand the threat. He kept a
straight face as he walked over with his hand holding the blade and offered the shaft to
“You had better just kill me then.”
Good looked at him, puzzled, and said, “You really want to die that badly?”
Li Du said, “No, of course I don't want to die, but what other options do I have? If I
brought in such an amount of diamonds, I'd crash the market. The big bosses would just
quietly remove me, and nobody would ever know.”
He pointed at the two guards and said, “If I die at your place, that will cause a sensation.
Someone will definitely avenge me, and then you guys can at least be buried along with
Good laughed, “Haha, you're funny. Are you threatening me?”
He grabbed the knife, charged towards Li Du, and looked ready to stab him.
Li Du hadn’t thought that Good would really make the move. The little bug was currently
on his shoulder, so he quickly used the time deceleration ability, ready to avoid the army
knife and struggle with Good.

However, as time slowed down, he lowered his head and saw that Good’s wrist was
turned. He shifted the direction of the knife so that it was aimed towards the outer side
of his abdomen. This was still a test, then. Good did not really mean to kill him.
Hence, he tried hard to make himself stand still and clenched his jaw hard as he looked
forward and stared at Good without flinching.
Good did not let him have it easy, and the army knife stabbed through the side of Li
Du’s abdomen. A chill passed through his heart, and then a wave of pain began to
spread from the wound.
Li Du groaned inwardly, but he kept himself standing straight, and did not back down
even a step.
The smile on Good’s face went stiff. He looked at Li Du and said, “Doctor!”
The two guards had not reacted yet, so Good quickly turned around, threw the army
knife at one of them and growled, “Go and get me the doctor! Get him here as fast as
you can!”
The shocked guards ran out together in fear.
At this moment, Li Du and Good were left alone in the office. Li Du suddenly had a
thought: if I make a move now, and get hold of Good
Good was at least fifty years old, possibly sixty, so his stamina and ability could not
compare to Li Du’s .
However, he noticed that Good’s hands were full of calluses, and when he held the
knife earlier, his arm and wrist were very steady and firm. From this, Li Du deduced that
he should not underestimate his enemy’s combat skills.
Moreover, Good has been a soldier all his life. According to the information that he had
accidentally leaked while talking to Li Du during the past two days, he had a strong
military background of many years.
Taking this into account, Li Du would not take act rashly.
He had only one chance to take Good down. If he failed, Good would most certainly kill
him, judging from his temperamental and lunatic character.
The doctor arrived very soon. He cleaned the wound, applied antiseptic, gave
anesthesia, stitched up the wound, applied external medicinal powder, and left Li Du
feeling much better.
When he finally sat back in the chair, Good nodded slowly and said, “I admire you, Mr.
Li. And must say I rarely admire anyone.”

Li Du smiled and said, The honor is mine.”
Good offered him his hand and said, “100 million is too much, so let’s meet in the
middle. 80 million! That will be our annual turnover capital.”
Li Du slowly nodded. “I'll do my best. Eighty million is not a small amount. Let's just take
another step back, and I'll guarantee you 70 million for now.”
Good laughed again, “Good. Usually, when people haggle with me, I send them to the
lions. You have won my respect. However, I don't like your attitude. Follow me, I'll take
you out for another ride.”
Li Du pointed at the bandage on his abdomen and laughed bitterly as he said, “With
Good smiled and said, “Don't worry, we will ride in the car the whole time.”
Li Du agreed to go out to the wild, but he requested to bring Brother Wolf along.
Good said, “You have many requests, Mr. Li. I hope that when you face me again after
coming back, your attitude will change.”
Brother Wolf arrived, his mouth immediately twitched when he saw the wound on his
He followed Li Du by his side and remained quiet as a statue.