Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005 Contact

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Good was a real lunatic. The idea that he gave Li Du was crazy as well.
He brought Li Du to the training grounds. A cage stood there, and people were locked
inside. There were white and black people, men and women, adults and children alike.
Their clothes were messy and dirty, and they were clearly suffering from a mental
Once they arrived at the training grounds, Good handed him a rifle and nodded towards
the cage as he said, “Well then, now it's your turn to hunt.”
Li Du grasped his meaning at once. This bastard wants me to kill these people!
Good wanted to control him, to make him kill these innocent people, some of whom
were possibly foreign citizens. Then he would be captured on camera while doing it, and
these shots could later be used to blackmail him.
If in the future, after he left and returned to America, he would decide to disobey Good’s
commands, he would be in trouble when this evidence was made public.
He pushed the rifle away and said in anger, “Don't even think about it. I will not do it!”
Good smiled and said, “You really won't?”
He clapped his hands, and someone brought Brother Wolf and Godzilla out.
With this, he went on, “I know you are not afraid of dying. I won't let you die either.
However, Mr. Li, someone must die, either the people in this cage or your two men. The
choice is yours.”
Li Du sucked in a deep breath, looked at Good furiously and said, “Are you forcing me
to dissolve our partnership?”
Good made a leisurely gesture with his hands and said, “Just the opposite, I am doing
this for the sake of better cooperation.”
He went up, put his arm around Li Du’s shoulders, and said, “Trust me, Mr. Li, I have
diamonds that are worth billions on my hands now. Once we work together, we can all
become billionaires instantly.”
“We can work together, you have my word” Li Du said.
Good interrupted him with a smile. “But I don’t trust you. I only trust myself.”
Once again he handed the rifle to Li Du, saying, “There are eight people inside the
cage. They’re all useless fools. I have had them here for more than a year now, and
nobody will be bothered whether they’re dead or alive. You kill them, and no one will
care. You kill them, and then we will be partners.”

The two kids inside the cage suddenly began crying and spoke in a language that was
possibly French or German or Russian.
Someone brought the military dog forward. The dog barked at the children violently, and
they both screamed frantically as they backed away. They were wailing like lunatics.
Good went on, “Eight lives in exchange for billions of US dollars, how does this sound?
Trust me, once we work together, I can provide you with a large amount of diamonds.
My mines, and the mines at Remonin’s place, they're all yours”
The barks of those dogs were deafening. The little crew cut brother that had been
snoring woke up.
Its flat nose twitched a little, it opened its eyes with a sleepy expression, then he saw Li
Du and everyone else. It was scared and kept backing away, and then swung its claws
out, scratching Li Du.
The honey badger’s claws were very sharp. It was an expert at digging holes and liked
using its long claws to dig burrows for shelter. If needed, they could dig up a burrow big
enough to hide in within a few minutes. They could also use this natural digging skill to
hunt underground creatures.
Li Du did not dodge, and the sharp claw slashed through his sleeve and the flesh of his
He screamed and hurled the crew cut brother at Brother Wolf. Brother Wolf used the
opportunity to shake off the soldier who was guarding him. He grabbed the crew cut
brother and threw it at the guard’s face.
The guard freaked out and randomly waved the rifle’s handle. Brother Wolf got hold of
his AK and wrenched it out of the guard’s hands as he raised his leg and kicked him
The honey badger fell upon guard body, fiercely clawing at his head. The guard
screamed as he rolled around on the ground, his face covered in blood.
Brother Wolf pointed the rifle’s barrel at Good. The soldiers all around them raised their
rifles as well. The situation was intense.
Good remained calm. He smiled, raised his hands and said, “Don’t shoot.”
After giving his order, he looked at Li Du and said, “This man of yours is really good. I
like him very much, but”
“But what? Can’t you see I’m hurt? God, can a honey badger carry rabies? I need a
vaccine, I need a vaccine!” Li Du screamed in panic.
Good said, “Take it easy, honey badgers won’t get you infected with rabies.”

“Dammit, just help me treat my wound! My God, I’ve lost too much blood today, I need
help now!” Li Du shouted, falling down on the ground.
Good was so mad that the veins on his forehead pulsed. He stared at Li Du ferociously
and growled, “Go get the doctor!”
Playing stupid and making a scene out of nothing had allowed Li Du to escape the
tough situation temporarily.
After the doctor had taken care of his wound, he was guided back to his room by
Brother Wolf and Godzilla to rest.
At the same time, he did not forget to take the little honey badger along. They escaped
today’s difficult situation thanks to it and might need its help again sometime in the
Once in the room, the little honey badger pounced on Godzilla as soon as its feet
touched the floor.
Godzilla held it by grabbing the skin on the back of its neck, the same way he would
with a puppy.
This was the only weakness of the honey badger. As its skin and fur were very loose, it
was easy to grab them.
The little crew cut brother waved its claws furiously, its little black eyes looking ruthless.
At this moment, it had only one thought: I’m going to kill you all or die trying!
Brother Wolf asked Li Du, “Boss, what should we do?”
Li Du moved in to whisper into his ear, “Don't worry, I have an idea. Just be prepared to
fight hard. I'll contact Remonin, and we will coordinate from inside.”
Brother Wolf was shocked. “Will it work?”
Li Du nodded and went on in a hushed voice, “When the time comes, I'll bring you to an
armory. That fool Good showed me some of the things in his office, and there was an
armory in there.”
Brother Wolf’s eyes lit up. As long as there were weapons in his hands, he was
prepared to deal with anything.
At night, Li Du entered the bathroom and opened all of the taps. Under cover of the
noise made by splashing water, he opened the black hole and took out his satellite
phone. He dialed the number of the other satellite phone that he left at Remonin’s place.
After he dialed, he waited for a while, and someone finally picked up. Lu Guan’s voice
asked, “Who’s this?”

“Your boss.”
“Boss! Boss! Boss! You’re not dead? Thank goodness thank goodness thank
Li Du said, “Be quiet and listen, the time is tight. Go find Remonin, quick. Tell him to
prepare for a hard battle!”
Remonin’s voice quickly came up, and he said happily, “Li? Thank goodness, you’re
alright. Did the old lunatic Good hurt you?”
“You know he’s a lunatic, you know he sure did,” Li Du said, “Listen, it’s lucky that I had
the chance to call you. I want to ask you, are you interested in combining forces with me
to get rid of this old lunatic?”
In his mind, Good and Remonin were like next door neighbors. Their relationship must
be very bad, and they probably longed to get rid of each other. Good, at least, definitely
felt that way.
Remonin’s answer shocked him, however. “Kill him? I’m sorry, I can’t do it.”