Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007 Mission In Action

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Both parties had reached an agreement. Remonin decided that he must kill Good.
Li Du urged him to reveal the spy. There could be more than one, and he had to find a
way to uncover the spy before they could start their preparations.
Remonin told him that he was aware of this and that Li Du's reminder was not
Li Du could hardly restrain his desire to ridicule Remonin. Yet he knew that the warlord
and tribal leader had considerable combat literacy and ability.
Remonin was capable enough, as a matter of fact, although rather proud, arrogant and
Soon after Li Du's call to action, Remonin managed to find the spy.
Li Du had Brother Wolf gather information about the state of Good's armed forces, and
reported to Remonin through the phone.
Remonin was most afraid of the two helicopters and four armored vehicles of Good's
army. Brother Wolf promised that the helicopters and armored vehicles would fail to
operate during the attack.
Having this assurance, Remonin became more proactive. He began to cooperate with Li
Du through the phone and quietly mobilized his army.
Li Du could think of no other way to escape. Regardless of whatever method he used to
rescue himself, he would still cause the deaths of people. In fact, people would die even
if he continued to stay with Good.
Good was forcing him to shoot people, adults and children alike. Not only did he control
Li Du by these means, but he also had Li Du pay a deposit.
His conditions were, first, Li Du had to give him a $100 million as a deposit, and then he
had to give him a diamond worth about $50 million.
In this way, Li Du would always have about $50 million of deposit in Good’s hands, and
there was also the murder video to threaten and control him.
Yes, no matter how nice Good's words sounded at times, Li Du knew that the old lunatic
just wanted to control him.
He would not resign to being controlled by a madman. Therefore, he was prepared to
do anything to tempt Remonin into an attack.

The area at the border was very chaotic. Good nominally belonged to the Swaziland
army. In fact, he was actually a warlord. It was beyond the control of the Swaziland
government to put him to order.
Thus, if Remonin did bring his army to attack Good, it would not lead to any
international conflict.
Mozambique and Swaziland would be very pleased to see these two factions
confronting each other. Both were violent organizations that were beyond the control of
their respective governments. The government would gladly watch them fight against
each other.
The attack was scheduled to be on the tenth day of September. Brother Wolf demanded
that it would take place during the night.
This was the longest Li Du could delay. Good were forcing him to kill. He would wait no
longer. He even cut off Li Du's food supply since the morning.
This did not matter, though. Li Du had food stored in the black hole. He was well
prepared with food and water supplies.
Godzilla and Brother Wolf were not nosy. When he went out and came back with food,
the two of them just accepted it without any questions.
They did not ask about Li Du's satellite phone either. Li Du just told them that he
contacted Remonin through an internal source. The two of them just nodded and
accepted his words as fact.
In the evening, he took out some narcotics, sleeping pills and poisons from the black
hole. He intended to place these drugs into the soldiers’ dinner.
Brother Wolf chose a powerful sleeping pill. As for the narcotics, he refused the idea. “It
is hard to control the dosage. Since everyone's tolerance varies, it is difficult to predict
the effect.”
“What should we do with these, then?” Li Du asked.
Godzilla said, “Throw them into the well. All of them. The soldiers will eventually drink
the water. We did it against our enemy once in Mexico.”
Brother Wolf nodded, “That works. The water dilutes the drugs and the effect will take
time to kick in. I noticed that the military camp uses the water supply from the reservoir.”
“In addition, the modern narcotics can work through the respiratory tract. Did you say
there are RPGs and mortars in Good's headquarters?”
“Yes,” Li Du answered.

Brother Wolf nodded again, “Then place the powder on the warheads. When a warhead
explodes, the powder will spread all over. It will work too.”
Unfortunately, Li Du had a limited supply of drugs. Based on Brother Wolf's estimation,
it would not knock them out, but only affect the soldiers' physical condition.
However, the utilization of drug powder could be very powerful. It would be similar to a
biochemical weapon. It could inflict casualties upon unprepared soldiers.
Good was very strict with his soldiers. However, it didn't mean that he was strict in
leading them or managing them. He was just harsh in treating them.
Brother Wolf could find flaws in the management of the four or five hundred people in
the military camp. He noticed that the soldiers who were guarding them were unable to
keep an eye on him properly.
During dinnertime, he managed to sneak past the guards to the kitchen. He poured all
of the sleeping pills into the sadza pot.
Sadza was prepared by cooking cornmeal in boiling water. Once the sleeping pills were
the pot, they dissolved without a trace. They left no aftertaste and were impossible to
detect by ordinary means.
At night, Brother Wolf made his move once again. He avoided the guards and sneaked
to the location of the reservoir. He placed the narcotics and a few other drugs into the
huge reservoir.
The soldiers weren’t exactly top notch. Their way of guarding was ineffective, and the
soldiers who patrolled around the water source were just doing it for a show. They were
chatting as they stood on guard and did not pay attention to the reservoir at all.
This was understandable, actually. Since the establishment of the military camp, it was
unlikely they had faced any issue at the reservoir. Thus, the soldiers would not expect
any problem there.
One last thing was to deal with Good, creating chaos by taking out the weapons and
ammunition from his underground arsenal.
During nightfall, Remonin's forces had begun to make their move. In his last
conversation with Li Du, he said, “Mr. Li, I do hope that this is not a trap that was
planned by you and Good!”
Remonin was not dumb. It was natural for him to suspect.
Li Du persuaded him patiently, “I have told you that Good wanted to control me. You
know him. How could I collaborate with such a person? Rest assured, we will emerge
victorious tonight!”