Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1008

Chapter 1008 The Battle Has Started

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Remonin was merely being careful with his suspicion.

For the last two days, Remonin had been trying all sorts of methods to analyze the situation more deeply. It started with his investigation on the spy. He had interrogated the spy and he had proved that Li Du’s words were true. After that, he trusted Li Du wholeheartedly.

The two army camps were only ten to twenty kilometers apart. With the helicopters and pickups, the army would cross the borders in thirty minutes or less. Li Du had to manage the time well for the plan unfold successfully.

In reality, for this battle, Li Du’s side was faced with more obstacles than Remonin’s side.

Having invested all his sleeping pills, anesthetic, and poison, Li Du brought Godzilla and Brother Wolf with him to speak to Good’s guard. He waved his hand to catch the guard’s attention. “I want to have a word with Commander Good. I have something important to tell him.”

The guard glanced at him. “Now? Get lost. If you have anything to say, say it tomorrow.”

As Good began to treat him with hostility, the guards had also changed their tone. The guards no longer respected him and would scold him from time to time.

Li Du grinned. “It’s a problem that has implications of up to millions of US dollars. If problems arise tonight, are you sure that Commander Good would not do anything to you?”

Once Good’s name was mentioned, the guard became afraid. A furious, cruel, emotionally-unstable and unpredictable Good was a nightmare for all the guards.

“Then, follow me,” the guard said hesitantly, “but leave your two companions behind.”

Li Du said, “They have to accompany me. This matter is related to them. You can go and report to Commander Good, let him make the final decision.”

Li Du not only brought Godzilla and Brother Wolf, but Little Flathead was with him as well.

For the past few days, Li Du had been feeding the little animal and they had developed a rapport. It no longer minded Li Du’s caressing.

However, it reacted differently with Brother Wolf and Godzilla, or anyone else for that matter. Little Flathead would reject the touch of everyone else and in return poke that person fearlessly.

Ever since he had adopted Little Flathead, Li Du would bring it wherever he went. Good had forbidden him from doing that but Li Du did not care and continued to keep it by his side at all times.

Li Du’s explanation to Good was that Good had hurt Little Flathead and so the animal felt insecure in the camp’s vicinity.

In actual fact, Li Du wanted Good and his soldiers to develop the mindset that even if Li Du brought Little Flathead around, there would not be problems. That mindset would help with Li Du’s strategy for the big battle.

The guard reported to Good and indeed, the commander did not mind Li Du bringing his two companions with him. After all, during their meetings over the last two days, Li Du had also brought Brother Wolf and Godzilla with him.

Again, they had to go through a thorough full-body security check, then the trio was allowed to enter the commander’s quarters.

By that time, the soldiers working in the quarters had already returned to their camp to rest. There were only a couple of maids left cleaning up the place.

Good was still in his office. Once he opened the door, Li Du saw that Good was looking out of his window, his back to them.

“What urgent matter did you want to tell me?” Good said blandly without turning to face Li Du.

Li Du entered the room while Brother Wolf and Godzilla stood by the office door. There were still four fully-armored guards stationed in the office.

“Aren’t we business partners?” he asked with a grin. “If it’s not an urgent matter I can’t come and meet with you?”

Good turned his head, frowning. “Of course. Of course you can. But you should know that I do not like being disturbed by others.”

Li Du started internally timing himself. He walked over to sit at the chair opposite the office desk and said, “I’ve thought it through. We should work together. However, the conditions have to be amended.”

A grin spread across Good’s face and he said, “You want to discuss the conditions with me? You want to negotiate with me again?”

Li Du looked at him with sincerity. “Your conditions are too harsh, Good Commander. I can give you one hundred million US dollarsno, I will offer you two hundred million US dollars as a deposit in the first step. However, I do not want to kill anyone.”

Good’s eyes widened at his words. Two hundred million US dollars. Although he had diamonds that were worth many hundreds of millions, if he could not sell them, they were only stones.

Remonin was poor. Good’s situation was much better than Remonin but not much better. To him, two hundred million US dollars was very attractive.

Once he regained his composure, he swallowed his saliva. “Two hundred million US dollars? Where are you going to find so much money?”

Li Du said, “I definitely can give it to you. If I give it to you, don’t ask me to kill anyone, deal?”

Good smiled and said, “Two hundred million US dollars. I have belittled my business partner. Very well, you will give me two hundred million US dollars. But for the humans, you will have to kill themhave to!

Li Du had already expected this. The old lunatic was extremely greedy. He had no intentions of working with Li Du, he only wanted to control Li Du.

If Li Du had not shown that he was unafraid of death when they first met, Good would have long ago used crueler methods to force him to do as he wished.

Li Du’s face lost its color. He gritted his teeth and said, “Good Commander, that’s not too nice on your part?”

Good returned to his desk and sat down with his hands crossed. Relaxed, he said, “It’s for your own good, for the good of our partnership. This way, we can work even better together, isn’t that right?”

Li Du turned solemn, acting like he was struggling internally.

As though speaking after a series of internal conflicts, he said, “I still have a piece of information with me. Perhaps, this piece of information can help me avoid having to kill others. However, it has to remain confidential . . . ”

At this point, Li Du turned to look at the six people by the door and said, “Let your people and mine out. Shut the doorthis information has to be kept a secret!”

Good was cautious. Hearing his words, he immediately became wary. “What kind of news would require such secrecy?”

Li Du said, “Trust me, this is really very important intelligence.”

Good looked at him and said slowly, “Ask your men to go out. Mine will stay, they can know whatever information it is. They will not divulge anything.”

Li Du nodded. “In that case, I will have to stand close to you to whisper it. I do not wish for a third party to hear this.”

Li Du’s antics had triggered Good’s displeasure. Good smiled coolly. “Hope that you are not trying anything funny. You better not trick meotherwise, you will suffer tonight!

As he spoke, he took out a gun and slammed it onto the desk.

Li Du turned his head, snapped his fingers a couple of times and Brother Wolf and Godzilla walked out the door.

Li Du stood up, walked forward and said in a low voice, “Time Deceleration!”

“Whaaaaaat . . . ” Good opened his mouth but his words slowed down tremendously.

At top speed, Li Du threw Little Flathead toward Good’s face and threw himself toward his hands. He snatched the gun away.

Behind him, Brother Wolf and Godzilla got to work.

Brother Wolf was speedy. Even if time decelerated, his movements were still as fast as a normal human. At that moment, his movements remained fluid and quick.

As he walked past the row of guards, Brother Wolf threw a punch at a guard’s throat and concurrently kicked the calf of another guard. Then, he turned around to face another guard opposite him. Brother Wolf grabbed the man and flipped him over his shoulder to throw him down on the ground.

Another guard was in Godzilla’s hand. Like picking up a newborn chick, Godzilla lifted the guard and smashed his head against the wall violently.

The battle had started!