Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009 Thunderbolt

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Little Flathead smashed into Good’s face. Shocked, it instinctively extended its paws
and brandished its claws.
Good screamed in pain as his wrist was smashed by a sculpture. His bone fractured
with a resounding crack. Fresh blood from both his face and his wrist.
Li Du snatched the pistol and quickly knocked Good down. At the same time, he held
the pistol in his right hand and smashed it into Good’s other wrist with all his might.
The old lunatic had been in the military his whole life. Now that both his hands were
broken, Li Du believed that he would finally be subdued.
Brother Wolf put his unique skills to use, and three of his hits led to three kills. The
soldiers had no chance to fight back.
The remaining soldier was even worse off. His head hit the wall and was smashed flat
at once.
After the duo took care of the soldiers, Godzilla hurried to close the door while Brother
Wolf gathered the enemies’ guns, ammunition, and swords.
Despite being attacked, Good was not flustered and remained calm. Li Du’s movements
were too quick, much beyond the capability of an ordinary man.
Under the circumstances, there was no point to remain calm, actually. On the contrary,
shouting could have at least sent out a warning.
Good’s eyes were blurry, and his face and wrist gave him excruciating pain. Li Du
knocked him down to the ground, pointed the pistol at his jaw, and yelled, “Do not
Good did not move. He was just staring hard at Li Du and spoke in extreme anger, “Well
done, partner. You are really worthy of being my partner, you are”
Halfway through his speech, he suddenly gave a kick and pulled himself up at the same
time. He hit the corner of the office desk with his right hand, which was supposed to be
Li Du was using his time deceleration ability. Good’s kick was very sudden, his speed
was fast, very commendable. However, it was not fast enough to outrun Li Du.
Li Du dodged Good’s kick and moved forward. He used the pistol grip to strike Good in
the forehead and stepped on his enemy’s right arm at the same time.
He did all this moving as fast as a demon. Good could not believe it and cried out,
“Immm possible!”

The iron pistol grip hit him in the forehead and knocked him out on the spot.
After gathering the weapons, Brother Wolf rushed over. He used the handcuffs he got
from the soldier to shackle Good’s wrists and ankles.
Li Du gave Remonin a phone call. Remonin spoke at once, “Good Commander?”
“It’s me. Quick. I have dealt with Good. They are now without a leader. Launch the
attack as soon as possible!”
Li Du was using Good’s satellite phone. Remonin had his number displayed, so he was
extremely frightened when he received the call.
“What about the helicopters and the armored vehicles?!”
“Got’em, right away!”
Li Du was not bothered about dealing with the helicopters and the armored vehicles. He
was only concerned about killing Good and escaping successfully after that.
If Remonin launched the attack and the situation became chaotic, he would have a very
good chance to escape. How many would Remonin kill? Could he successfully
overpower Good’s army? Li Du did not care about that.
Nobody could blame him for being cold blooded. Remonin was unable to protect him.
He was invited over by Remonin, so it was the latter’s obligation and responsibility to
ensure his safety.
Li Du gestured to Brother Wolf and Godzilla to be careful. Then, he hit the corner of the
This was the switch to open the door of the underground arsenal. He analyzed the
arsenal with the assistance of the little bug. The entrance was controlled electronically
and there was a wire connected to the corner of the desk.
The door was on the floor. It opened up and Good’s chair fell into it. There was a
second door below.
Clearly, Good’s plan was to drop down and then find a way to shut the door below. This
way, Li Du and his group would be trapped like flies in a jar.
Good’s plan had failed. He was silent and appeared to be disappointed. After hearing Li
Du’s phone call, he became agitated and began to mumble ‘Mmm! Mmm!’ as if he
wanted to say something.
Li Du turned back and gave him a huge slap. He cursed, “Shut your f*cking mouth!
You’re dead!”

Brother Wolf headed down swiftly together with Godzilla. Godzilla carried the heavy
stuff. With all his strength, he moved the boxes of guns and ammunition to the office.
There were RPGs, mortars, and heavy machine guns. Brother Wolf had Godzilla move
all of these weapons out. Then he took a pouch for himself. It was full and bulging, and
he had no idea what was inside.
Li Du said, “Now we wait here”
Rrrinngg! Rrrinngg! the sharp and clear ringtone suddenly sounded.
Li Du looked at the ringing phone on the desk. He took a deep cold breath. He did not
expect a phone call at a moment like this. What now?
Good had a smile on his bloody face, and his eyes were dangerously cold.
Brother Wolf calmly picked up the phone and tightly held the handset with his hands. At
the same time, a soft and gentle voice came out of his mouth, “What’s the matter?”
At the sound of this voice, the smile on Good’s face froze and was replaced with a
dumbstruck expression.
That was his voice. It was obviously not 100% similar, but it was very much like his
Brother Wolf kept holding the handset and said, “There’s a problem with the telephone
line. I can’t really hear you. Cut it short. And fix the landline tomorrow!”
He listened to the replies. Then he said, “Bunch of idiots! I know! First, have some
people check the food in the kitchen!”
Li Du got it now. Some of the soldiers must have shown signs of poisoning and called to
inform Good.
Brother Wolf did not hang up right away, he went on, “Arrange a helicopter for my VIP,
As he hung up, Li Du said in shock, “Brother Wolf, I didn’t know you could do that!”
Brother Wolf revealed his rare smile and said, “Prosopopoeia training. I got the first
place during the GSG 9 assessment.”
This was a special force, strong not only at fighting and shooting but also excelling in
other areas. Prosopopoeia training was one of the most important parts. During a
mission, the ability to imitate others often came in handy.
Brother Wolf said, “Good has supreme authority in the military camp. No one would
dare to suspect his orders. When the helicopter arrives, I will drive, Godzilla will control
the machine gun, and you, boss, will be in charge of tossing grenades.”

Li Du said, “I don’t like this plan. The camp must have an anti-helicopter weapon. This is
too dangerous.”
Brother Wolf said, “We just have to take the risk.”
Li Du nodded, “I will stay here. Two of you get on the helicopter. Go deal with the other
helicopter and the armored vehicles. And coordinate with Remonin’s army.”
Brother Wolf wanted to say something, but Li Du interrupted, “Cut the nonsense. Do as I
say. It’s safe here. I will keep an eye on Good. They will not go against evil to protect
the innocents. So they will not attack you.”
Good showed a hopeless look as he heard their discussion. He knew that this plan
would be successful. Just as Brother Wolf said, he had been managing the army with
high-pressure authority. Hence, no one would dare to suspect the orders given through
the phone call.
Moreover, Li Du had captured him and effectively refrained from shooting for the fear of
breaking the vases.