Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010 Targeted Firing

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As the helicopter began to descend, the main rotor continued to spin, summoning
strong gusts of wind. A few of the helpers who had just completed their chores lowered
their bodies as they walked to maintain their stability.
Brother Wolf glanced out of the window and heaved a sigh of relief. He picked up a
large backpack that was so full it was bursting at its seams. Slinging the heavy
backpack onto his shoulder, he waved to Godzilla, “Let’s go, bring a box of bullets!”
Good let out a few frustrated cries as he struggled to squeeze out of the handcuffs.
However, how could a man break out of iron handcuffs? He exerted all his energy, but it
was useless. His efforts only added fresh bloody cuts to his wrists.
Godzilla began wrapping up boxes of bullet belts with the tablecloth he grabbed from
the desk. The bullet belts carried thousands of bullets meant for machine guns. It was
useful to remove the hassle of detaching and reattaching the magazine.
The two of them pushed the main door open and walked out, and then Li Du closed that
door as he stayed inside the room.
The commander quarters were very safe. Good must have been either cautious or
paranoid to design his quarters like a pillbox.
This was especially true for his room in the office the main door was built from steel
casting. The walls of the room were made from layers of granite. Even the window grills
were plated with strong gold and had bulletproof glass panes. Nothing but large caliber
artillery could break in.
Li Du peeked out of the window and saw a soldier salute Brother Wolf as he walked out.
Brother Wolf nodded and passed the soldier a slip of paper. The soldier held the paper
under the light of the helicopter to read it before saluting him once again.
The slip of paper was from the military order book they had found on the office desk.
The military seal had been there as well. Li Du had forged the order with Good’s
signature, detailing that the two of them were supposed to have the helicopter.
Forging the signature was Brother Wolf’s doing. It was easy, as the office had many
documents with Good’s signature for reference.
Though there might have been some dissemblance, the dim moonlight, coupled with the
ignorance of the soldiers, would make it impossible for them to tell that it was a fake.
Brother Wolf entered the cockpit and the helicopter took off. The pilot and the officer
that had received the fake order glanced at each other for a moment before shrugging
and leaving.
They were too timid to question Good’s supposed order. That was Good’s own doing.
His draconian ways had discouraged everyone from challenging his decisions.
Hence, although the officer and the pilot had found the order strange, they did not dare
to make inquiries.
Li Du walked towards the map on the wall and ripped it off. “Now you must be regretting
having been a merciless dictator for so long.”
Good looked at Li Du with a frozen expression as he fixed his eyes on the safe that had
been hidden behind the map. There was a strange look on Good’s face.
Li Du turned and smiled, “You must be hoping for me to open it, right? I will definitely
open a safe, but not this one,” he went on.
The wall had a mosaic design, pieced together from blocks of granite. Li Du identified a
block and picked at it with a knife. Very quickly, the surface opened up and revealed the
door of a safety deposit box.
Seeing this, Good was stupefied. His eyes widened and his face became convoluted.
Shocked, he started to scream in protest.
Li Du patted the door of the safe and grinned. “You must be curious as to how I knew
there’s a safe here, right? And I suppose you are trying to figure out how I learned the
All this was thanks to Good himself. Li Du had kept him under surveillance and knew
that he opened the safe every day to check on the diamonds and jewelry inside.
Good was just like any greedy, paranoid individual. He would check on his treasures
every day, an act that was very characteristic of him. To him, all these treasures were
much more valuable than his army, and he was more afraid of losing them than of
losing his soldiers.
Patting the safe, Li Du blindfolded Good with a strap of black cloth. “You don’t have to
know what will happen next, just stay here in peace.”
Just as he spoke, a loud commotion broke out, BOOM BOOM BOOM!
Li Du knew that Brother Wolf must have started to destroy the rest of the helicopters
and tank fleets by dropping grenades on them.

Good struggled with all his might against the handcuffs, making scratching noises.
However, he could not break out.
“Now I will avenge all the innocent lives you had taken. Time for revenge,” Li Du said
calmly as he rushed to pack up.
Brother Wolf had sent out the combat signal. The entire army camp would soon realize
what had happened and before long, people would start looking for Good. He had to
end this as soon as possible.
The safe was very advanced in terms of technology. It had both a combination and
digital passcode lock. Li Du knew the passcode of the combination lock. First, he had to
turn the knob on the combination lock to reflect the passcode. Then the safe would send
a digital one-time passcode to Good’s mobile.
Li Du wanted to speed up the process, so he got the little bug to damage the electrical
circuit of the digital lock. Just like that, he entered the combination passcode and could
open the safe easily.
The safe was full of unpolished diamonds. Li Du swept them into a box that had
previously contained bullets and placed it in an inconspicuous dark spot.
Using the same method, he opened another safe. Inside, there were stacks of American
banknotes, a huge quantity of jewelry and some ancient-looking artifacts. Without too
much politeness, he brought everything out.
Outside, there were sounds of bombing and machine gun shots. The noise came from
different artillery sources. Clearly, a crossfire had begun.
Another helicopter emerged in the sky, and the two aircrafts dominated the airspace
around the army site. The helicopters dropped bullet belts, disseminating the bullets.
Remonin’s troops had made it!
The helicopter first attacked the heavy-duty tanks that carried the deadlier artillery. A
flurry of gunshots lit up the night sky like a fireworks display.
The phone on the desk did not ring, Li Du had disconnected it. Brother Wolf had
previously lied to the soldiers, telling them that the connection was faulty.
A group of soldiers and officers braved the battle chaos to dash towards the
commander quarters. At that moment, a couple of grenades fell and one exploded right
next to the quarters, throwing a few soldiers into the air. The rest of the soldiers fell
down to the ground, bracing themselves for the impact and afraid to move.

Li Du removed Good’s blindfold, pulled him up and shoved him towards the window.
“Look at the destruction of your evil army!”
Rows of tanks carrying machine guns emerged from two peripherals of the army camp,
shooting ruthlessly.
Remonin’s first troop had arrived.
With the helicopters in the air and machine guns on the tanks below, Good’s army was
unable to cope with the attacks, and its resistance attempts were futile.
Without their commander, Good’s troops were just like a tiger that had lost its claws and
teeth. Their counterattacks were mediocre and weak.
However, much thought had clearly been put into designing the infrastructure of the
army camp. There were many pillboxes and towers around, and Good’s soldiers rushed
towards them to support their counterattack.
Just as the soldiers started firing from the towers, one of the helicopters swooped down
and dropped a string of bombs across them all. The shooting stopped at once.
The crossfire continued inside and outside the campsite. Then, without warning, shots
rang out in another part of the army camp. Civil strife had broken out.