Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011 End Of The War

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For the local armed forces that had never received any systematic training, night battle was a terrifying thing, as they were totally unfit for it.

The attack was too sudden. The commander could not give his orders in time. Their firepower had been suppressed. To top it all off, they also suffered non-combat losses. These unfavorable factors combined led to the quick demise of Good’s army.

Remonin was incredibly excited. Before the attack, they were setting up for a tough battle. Now, however, he realized that they had overestimated the enemy’s defense capabilities.

“Kill them all! Quick, my warriors! Wipe out these demons!” Remonin’s voice sounded through the loudspeaker.

No matter how loud the gunfire was, it still could not drown out his voice. This was evidence of his excitement.

“Long live the commander!” the tribal soldier chanted. A few pickup trucks were traveling back and forth at the border of the military camp. The soldiers in the trunks were shooting at the enemies with high altitude machine guns.

Good’s expression was miserable, and he did not smile anymore. He simply stood in front of the window in a startled fashion, as if he was about to crumble.

Li Du had previously requested Remonin to refrain from attacking the commander headquarters.

Thus, though the battle was chaotic, the command headquarters were still safe. Occasionally, a few shots would hit the windows, but they could not break the defense of the bulletproof glass.

Li Du stood next to Good and smiled. “You see, Good. Why did you have to kidnap me? Are you happy now?”

Good did not say a word, but just stared out of the window with a look of hopeless longing. He knew that his army had failed and that he would not have much time to live. He drank in every sight, knowing it might be his last.

The battle was much quicker than expected. The two helicopters were hovering in the air, tossing out grenades. There were also heavy machine guns shooting from the helicopters, overpowering the ground units.

Remonin’s army was very good at fighting with momentum. As they realized that the enemy was not as terrifying as they had imagined, they fought with increasing courage and brutality. The enemy was forced to retreat.

The bigger problem was that in the chaos, a great fire broke out all over the northeast side of the military camp. This gave an additional backstab to Good’s forces.

Li Du looked through his binoculars and saw civilians in tattered clothes springing into action during the fierce fire. These people were more ferocious than Remonin’s soldiers. They fought fearlessly. They rushed into action as soon as they snatched a gun, and began to press the triggers, battling for their lives.

Good’s soldiers kept retreating, being attacked from two sides. It was impossible to deal with.

Li Du put the binoculars to Good’s eyes said, “Do you see this? These are the miners you had tortured. Do you see them attack?”

Remonin only hired miners to work. As long as they did not break any rules, he would not bully them. However, at Good’s camp, miners were like slaves. No matter how loyal or obedient they were, they would still be tortured by the violent old man.

The miners knew that if they stayed at Good’s mine, it would be hell. There was no escape unless by an unexpected miracle.

This war was the chance they needed. The miners finally found an opportunity to escape. They did not care who won the battle, they were just fighting for their lives.

At the same time, they understood that if Good won, their sufferings would be worse than death. Hence, they fought brutally and fearlessly.

This was a group of people who would not fall back. They kept moving forward, fighting hard to defeat Good’s army.

The battle was wrapping up. Some of the soldiers had surrendered, but some were still struggling to fight back. Li Du could hear someone yelling, ‘Get the helicopters to take off and the armored trucks to cover them’. However, were there any helicopters and armored vehicles available?

Some cowardly soldiers took off their uniforms and escaped with their weapons. Some threw away their weapons and surrendered, falling upon the ground. Some rushed towards the command headquarters.

Li Du thought they were coming to save Good. However, as they arrived in front of the building, he heard a big man yell, “There’s money and diamonds here! Break in! Take them! We are going to Europe!”

“Kill Goodswin! Kill him, and we can go wherever we want!”

“Break in! Let’s see what’s happening in there!”

The soldiers were rushing over. A helicopter dived down and caught up, with machine gun firing. All the soldiers who were running fell to the ground like a sheaf of wheat.

Brother Wolf was flying the helicopter. He hovered in the air, protecting the headquarters.

The battle gradually subsided. The gunshots were becoming less frequent. Remonin’s team of pickup trucks managed to enter deep inside the military camp and were getting ready for the final battle.

Li Du grabbed Good and dragged him to the entrance of the building. He was ready to leave this place.

Brother Wolf shot down the surrounding soldiers and then brought the helicopter to land. Li Du opened the door, bent his back and dragged Good towards the helicopter. Little Flathead was following behind, looking around like nothing mattered. The battle left it unperturbed, and it would just attack whoever dared to mess with it.

A few off-road cars and pickup trucks drove over. Godzilla aimed the machine gun at them.

Remonin’s voice came out of the loudspeaker, “Li, my brother Li! I am your brother Remonin! Don’t shoot! Please don’t shoot!”

The soldiers jumped out of the pickup truck and stood guard. After making sure it was safe, Remonin jumped out too. He walked towards Li Du with a big smile on his face,opening his arms from afar.

Li Du shoved Good down to the ground and walked over, smiling as well. He gave Remonin a huge hug.

Remonin couldn’t stop laughing even as he hugged Li Du. He extended his hand and patted Li Du’s back. He laughed so hard that tears began to roll down his cheeks.

At this moment, another pickup truck drove over. A black man wearing a helmet yelled, “General, there are unknown enemies at the eastern front, they look like coolies”

Li Du interrupted and said, “Those are the miners that were kidnapped by this old bastard. They are not enemies.”

“But they were shooting at us!” the soldier quickly responded.

As Remonin heard that they opened fire, he started to say, “Then”

“Don’t kill the innocents,” Li Du interrupted. He grabbed Good and said, “Bring me there, quick! I have an idea.”

By the headlight beams, Remonin was able to have a clear look at Good’s face. He grabbed Good and slapped him. Then he laughed, “Just look who we have here!”

The soldiers rolled with laughter too.

“Isn’t this Good who was greater than the president? Isn’t this the great indiscriminate murderer, Good Commander?” Remonin exaggeratedly pointed at him and said, “Commander, what happened to you?”

Good’s mouth was taped. He raised his head and gave Remonin a disdainful look. Then he raised both hands and stuck out his middle finger.

Remonin went furious and kicked him. He shouted, “This arrogant bastard! Kill him for me!”