Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013 Rewards

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When did Good die? Li Du wasn’t sure.

He saw this old despot once againor rather just a part of the old despotand it looked as if he had been torn apart by five horses. Li Du only saw his upper body.

Good’s head was coated with a glass-like substance, perhaps amber, which had frozen his final facial expression.

If it could even be considered an expression.

Li Du stared at it for a few seconds and then his face twisted. It was too horrible. Good’s facial features were so distorted . . .

Later, the mess of the battlefield was being cleaned up. This had nothing to do with him. He refused to stay here and looked at Remonin. “I am going back to your camp now. I don’t want to stay hereanother minute.”

“Alright,” Remonin said joyfully, “but you and your friends should change first, right? Your clothes are filthy, no?”

Li Du understood what Remonin meant: he was worried that Li Du had taken something from here.

Li Du, Brother Wolf, and Godzilla stripped down to their underpants right in front of Remonin. Then, they put on new clothes.

Remonin gave a satisfied nod and then he gestured to call over two pickup trucks and Jeeps. “Bring Mr. Li back,” Remonin said to the soldier driving. “And remember, he’s a VIP! If anything happens to him, I won’t forgive you!”

A few soldiers immediately agreed and the lieutenant shouted, “Yes, general! We will ensure Mr. Li is safe and sound!”

The convoy of cars left. Li Du turned back to look. He was carrying Little Flathead, and the fire at the military camp was becoming increasingly fierce. The flames rose high into the dark sky, which was almost dyed red.

Remonin had a few soldiers stay at his military camp to guard their base, preventing raids during their attack.

Lu Guan was waiting anxiously at the entrance of the camp. As soon as Li Du got out of the car, he cheered and ran up to hug him.

Li Du didn’t mind the hug, but Little Flathead was squeezed during the exchange. It was annoyed by it and gave Lu Guan a scratch.

“Ow, ow. You piece of sh*t! That hurt!” Lu Guan yelled in pain.

Lion Hunter was also waiting at the camp. When he saw Li Du return, he released a sigh of relief. “Thank God you’re alright. If anything happened to you, I really don’t know what I would do!”

Li Du laughed grimly. “You were worried? All of this was arranged by you. You should be prepared for anything that could have happened to me!”

Lion Hunter felt guilty and waved his hand. “Sorry, Li. This was my mistakeI’m really sorry! I kept praying that you’d come back as soon as possible. I do take some credit for the general’s decision to attack Good. He was hesitant at first, but I kept encouraging him.” He clearly was trying to emphasize his part in the rescue.

Li Du continued to laugh grimly. “Should I be thanking you then?”

Lion Hunter awkwardly touched his beard and said, “No, no, no. This was my fault. I hope there’s something I can do to make up for it.”

“Increase the number of diamonds that will be supplied to our company by 50 percent and reduce the price by 20 percent,” Li Du shamelessly said.

The crisis he encountered was ultimately Lion Hunter’s fault. If Lion Hunter hadn’t invited him to meet Remonin, he wouldn’t have been kidnapped. After hearing his response, Lion Hunter became anxious and said, “Li, trust me. I really feel sorry. But I cannot accept this request, it’s ridiculous!”

“Then what do you suggest?” Li Du calmly asked. “I hope that you understand if I go back and tell the major jewelry retailers and diamond valuation companies about this incident . . . ”

This made Lion Hunter even more anxious. He gnashed his teeth and said, “I will increase the supply by 20 percent and reduce the price by 10 percent from the original basis! This is my final offer, which is really”

“Deal.” Li Du nodded. This was like killing a rabbit while mowing the lawna fortunate stroke of serendipity.

Besides, he had gotten more from Good’s headquarters: diamonds, jewelry, and cash. In total, it could all be worth billions of dollars!

Aside from these two people, the teen-sized pygmy was also waiting for him. As he saw Li Du, he released a sigh of relief. First, he spoke in his native language which Li Du couldn’t understand. Then, he spoke in Mandarin. “Dis iz gwait! U came bak!”

Li Du had almost forgotten about him. He patted the pygmy’s shoulder and said, “Long time, brother. How’s everything here?” The pygmy’s Mandarin was not very good, but he was able to understand it.

He shook his head.”Go bak, less go bak. Prace, diamond.”

Li Du could not understand what he meant, and he was not in the mood to figure it out. All he needed was to get some rest.

The distant warfare took the entire night to be settled. Remonin’s team finally returned at dawn.

His reward from this war was pretty decent. Previously, he only had one usable helicopter. Now, he owned two that could be used. He had also originally owned two helicopters in total and now he owned five of them.

Good owned three helicopters. One of them had some problems and could not be used. However, if this helicopter were repaired, it could fly again.

Besides, Good also owned a few old and faulty armored cars, dozens of armored pickup trucks, and hundreds of other vehicles like off-road cars, motorcycles, and trucks.

These vehicles were loaded with a lot of things. There were weapons, ammunition, necessities, food, and other items like tents, shovels, repairing tools, and even a blowtorch.

Li Du looked at the items in the vehicles and said to Remonin, “Seems like you’ve taken quite a lot of things.”

Remonin was somewhat displeased; he responded, “Yeah, it was alright.”

“It seems like you are not satisfied.”

Remonin punched the car hood and furiously said, “That bast*rd, Good. He’s too crafty. There were self-destructive weapons in the headquarters! Luckily, I managed to move all the weapons out of the basement and leave the building on time!”

Obviously, he instructed his soldiers to look for the money that Good had collected all these years and they had found the safes behind the wall and bookshelf. His soldiers must have been killed opening the safes.

Later, vehicles were still shifting items back. These items were corpse bagsenough to fill two vehicles!

Looking at these corpses, Brother Wolf stood straight and paid his respects to the deceased army. Li Du sighed and bowed at the trunk of the vehicles to pay his respects as well.

“I should have interrogated that bast*rd Good,” Remonin said angrily. “This is just great. His diamonds, his money, his fortuneI couldn’t find any of it!”

“If you had interrogated Good, you would have another car of corpse bags!” Li Du said with no trace of politeness.

This was true. Remonin paused and groaned. Then, he said, “I’d generously bury my warriors!”

“Then, that’s your problem. I’m going to leave this place. I don’t want to stay in such a dangerous location any longer. As to our collaboration, I am a man of my word”

“You will leave in three days,” Remonin interrupted. “We’ll be preparing for the funeral of my warriors. They sacrificed everything for you, so you have to stay.”

This request was reasonable. Li Du nodded. “No problem.”