Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017 News

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After packing, Li Du was ready to leave. At this moment, Musa came up to him and tugged at his clothes.

Due to their different physiques, it was like a child pulling at an adult. The expression of fear on Musa’s face made him look extremely pitiful.

But Li Du could not bring him to South Africa, and said, “You can stay here or leave. Do you understand me? I promise the general will not make things difficult for you anymore.”

Musa said slowly, “Retz (Let’s) go together. Grandpa, papa . . . ”

Li Du laughed. “Don’t call me grandpa or papa. You can call me ‘Li’ or Mr. Li. Both work.”

“Retz go together, grandpa,” Musa continued.

Li Du helplessly said, “It’s not that I don’t want to bring you with me, but I am not going to your tribe. I am going to South Africa. Do you know South Africa?”

He pointed to the south. Then, Musa nodded. “I . . . there.”

Li Du was surprised. “You’re saying your tribe is also in the south?” As far as he knew, the Pygmies were located in the rainforests of central Africa. In addition, they were found in the Asian Andaman Islands, the Malay Peninsula, Philippines, and some islands in Oceania. But they just had the same type of physical build, they weren’t necessarily the same tribe. Pygmies lived in regions isolated from other human settlements, so over human development they had evolved to have heights shorter than average human populations.

Musa continued to nod. “Yas, the south.”

Li Du said, “If that’s so, I can bring you to South Africa. But we will have to part ways eventually . . . ”

He realized that he might not understand the idiom, so he changed his phrasing. ” . . . separate eventually.”

Musa opened his other hand and said, “Dis, I hab (have).”

Li Du focused on the thing in Musa’s hand.

It was an oval-shaped stone, a yellow bean-sized raw diamond!

The quality of this raw diamond was quite pure. Although it had not been cut yet, just from its crystal clear texture and perfect shape it was obviously very valuable. It could probalby be sold for at least tens of thousandsmaybe even hundreds of thousandsof dollars!

Li Du accepted the diamond. “Where did you get this?” he asked in surprise. “Where did this come from?”

Musa slowly said, “My one. Is my one. No general one.”

Li Du recalled that he had mumbled something about this in the mine but he hadn’t thought much of it at the time. Considering the diamond and his words, he suddenly took a deep breath. “So, you’re saying you brought this diamond here? And you did not find it here in the general’s territory?”

Musa nodded. “Yas, yas. It can turn to food. Uh huh. I took it, turn to food.”

Li Du understood now. He knew that this kind of diamond could be exchanged for food in the general’s territory. Li Du had seen this before. He also saw Musa picking up a diamond from the chrysanthemum.

But he had shared the same opinion as the general: that Musa had stolen the diamond and hidden it.

However, according to Musa’s story, he did not steal it. He had given his diamond to the general.

After hearing his side of the situation, Li Du still had some doubts. If Musa’s tribe is in South Africa, then how did he bring the diamonds across the border? If the diamonds can be taken out of the country so easily, why did Remonin have to collaborate with him?

And how did he know that he was able to exchange diamond for food at Remonin’s?

He raised these concerns, but Musa’s Mandarin was awful. He was able to say simple words but could not express complicated thoughts.

It sounded like some people from his tribe had worked at Remonin’s mine, and brought some food back. They told him that this kind of stone could be exchanged for food. So, he crossed the border and wrapped the diamonds into a type of leaf and then put them into the chrysanthemum. Thus, although he had been inspected at the border, nothing was detected.

In addition, this diamond was the same as the one he had taken out at the mine, so it was usually hidden in the chrysanthemum . . .

Musa could tell that he wanted this kind of diamond and told him that if he wanted, he could follow Musa. Musa knew a place with these stones.

Li Du rose up with spirit as he heard this. Musa could very well know the location of a diamond mine. If he really found this place, then their Africa trip could come to an end!

Li Du made up his mind and decided to take him. In any case, their journey was the same; they all wanted to go to South Africa.

Remonin was not bothered by this. He allowed Musa to leave and prepared a lot of local specialties from the Golden Grass tribe including ciders, dried meat, and dried fruits, in order to thank Li Du for his help.

Li Du had truly helped him quite a bit. Besides the purchase of the diamonds, he also helped Remonin eradicate Good. And Remonin was also able to take Good’s weapons, food, medicines, and all kinds of tools.

The latter was more valuable than money. Remonin would not be able to acquire many of these things even if he had the money.

He sent Li Du to the helicopter and then took his team back to Good’s military camp.

After the funeral, he had been busy searching the camp. Based on his intention, it seemed like he wanted to move every brick and tile of it back to his own.

After taking over Good’s military camp, Remonin’s armed forces had increased drastically. The armed forces of the other tribes could not match himhe could even compete with the regular army of the government.

It was quite troubling crossing the border. They had entered the country without Musa, and now that they were leaving with him, the border police would have to investigate.

Moreover, he also now had Little Flathead with him. The approval procedure for bringing wild animals in and out of the border was very complicated.

Fortunately, Musa had an entry record. He was also a Pygmy, and they had a reputation for not posing a threat. Thus the border control did not hassle them about bringing him along.

As for Little Flathead? Lion Hunter dealt with the matter with the aid of some extra income.

After crossing the border, the helicopter flew to Durban.

Li Du raised his hand and said, “I swear unless it is for business, I will never return to any African region aside from South Africa!”

Lion Hunter agreed, “Me too. Oh, God. Those places were too chaotic. Damn it! I am going to migrate to America!”

Li Du patted on his shoulder and laughed, “America will be happy to have you.”

It had been two weeks since they left Durban,

The helicopter landed at the hotel. Sophie wore an elegant dress and waited for them with the four little ones.

The two had yet to reminisce, and the four little ones had already rushed over, staring at the backpack and running around him.

There was movement in the backpack. Then, Little Flathead poked its face out of it.