Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018 Rancor

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Little Flathead popped its head out of the backpack and surveyed the surroundings with
its shiny eyes.
Ah Meow and Ah Ow looked at Little Flathead with misgivings, and then turned to look
at Li Du with displeasure. Why did you bring another one?
Lu Guan smiled, “Look at them, don’t they look like wives who just met their husband’s
Sophie looked at the backpack curiously and smiled, “Honey badger? Ha, why did you
bring back this little thing?”
Lion-Hunter kept his eyes on the helicopter, face full of questions that he did not dare to
What he wanted to know was where Li Du had hidden the diamonds. Why did not the
security find any trace of the diamonds when they searched the helicopter?
Li Du noticed his confusion, but he could not give Lion-Hunter the answer.
He grinned and looked at Lion-Hunter, saying meaningfully, “There are so many things
we cannot fathom in this world, aren’t there?”
Lion-Hunter nodded. “Yes, that’s the beauty of the world. It is always mysterious and
He understood Li Du’s intentions but pretended not to. “Welcome back to South Africa,
Li. What are your plans next?”
Li Du said, “I’m not sure yet, I will have to think about it. There is also some business I
have to attend to in South Africa. However, I probably won’t need to trouble you any
Lion Hunter said warmly, “No trouble, no trouble. Li, I am just happy that I can assist
you. I am truly sorry for what had come to pass. I wanted to introduce you to a powerful
friend, and had no idea what would happen.”
Those were mere perfunctory, polite words that anyone could say. Now that they were
back in South Africa, in Lion-Hunter’s territory, Li Du’s attitude towards him improved.
“It’s alright. It wasn’t like you could have known what would happen.”

Lion-Hunter did not stay long. Following his good sense, he left Li Du and Sophie to
themselves. If he had continued to hang around and waste their time, Li Du would not
look kindly upon him.
Once Lion-Hunter left, Lu Guan started talking to Big Ivan and Big Quinn at once. “You
have no idea what we had gone through. It will scare you guys to death if I tell you. God,
I never thought that this would happen”
“If you want to boast, you had better take them out for a drink,” Li Du interrupted.
He did not want Sophie to learn about what he had experienced in Mozambique and
become distressed. Sophie knew nothing about him being kidnapped by Good. He did
not tell her, and neither did Lion-Hunter.
Li Du managed to hold on to his satellite phone throughout the ordeal so that he was
able to maintain regular contact with Sophie. Hence, she did not know about the hell he
had been to.
Li Guan faked a smile. “This is not boasting,” he said.
Godzilla glared at him, “So did you experience it?”
Not wiping off his fake smile, Lu Guan continued, “Haven’t I heard it all?”
Losing his patience, Li Du said, “That’s enough. If you want to brag, go ahead. Anyway,
everyone would exaggerate after drinking too much.”
Sophie sensed something was amiss and jumped in to ask, “What happened to you
Li Du wrapped his arms around her, making a bad attempt to laugh. “Come to my room
and I will tell you all about it.”
Sophie looked at him in a guarded manner. “Don’t try to fool me. What happened after
you left South Africa? Was there something you haven’t told me? You are hiding
something from me, right?”
Li Du gave Lu Guan an evil eye. Why couldn’t you keep your fat mouth shut?
Sensing that he had made a blunder, Lu Guan quickly chipped in, “Ah, boss, I haven’t
had a nice cold beer in a long while. Let’s go for a drink, Big Ivan!”
Sophie obviously wanted to press Li Du for an answer, but the animals started having a

Seeing that nobody was paying attention to them, Ah Meow had sauntered over to Little
Flathead’s side and smacked him on the head with his claws.
Little Flathead flinched with displeasure and looked at Ah Meow in a sinister manner.
Ah Meow saw that. Ah, this little friend is stubborn. Not happy with being taught a
lesson and still acting arrogantly?
Bullying the newcomer was a tradition of their gang. Ah Meow had bullied Crispy
Noodles, and Crispy Noodles and Ah Meow had bullied Wolf Brother. The three of them
had bullied Ali.
Now it was time to bully Little Flathead. Ali, which had been at the bottom of the pecking
order for a long time, came to chip in.
Seeing that Little Flathead had flicked off Ah Meow’s claws, Ali gave it a punch. This will
show you!
That punch had caused a problem, however.
Little Flathead was different from the rest of them when they were smaller. All of them,
including Ah Ow and Ali, had been weaklings when they were smaller, although they
had become fiercer now.
Besides, when they were smaller, they had all been timid. They knew that they were
weak and did not dare to retaliate when bullied.
Little Flathead was different. Its motto in life was, Life and death mean nothing, fight
back if someone messes with you!
Ali’s punch angered it. It did not require anything more to take action. Its anger already
rose to its maximum threshold when it was first struck.
Little Flathead crawled out from the backpack. Glaring, it grunted at Ali.
Seeing it had revealed its teeth to snarl at them, Ali and Ah Meow were furious. This
little thing has a bad temper. Do you think that this is your territory? Go on, punish it!
Ali kept on punching one punch after another, sending Little Flathead back into the
Ah Meow wound its claws around Little Flathead’s mouth. Keep snarling, keep that
ferocious look, keep grunting. We will show you your place anyway!

How could Little Flathead rival those two ferocious beasts? Ali and Ah Meow would be a
challenge not just for it, but also for its fearless mother who had dared to pick fights with
With nothing but courage, Little Flathead was on the verge of exploding, though it tried
to contain its anger. It grunted repeatedly, struggled more fervently, but it was all
useless, and it only got pushed deeper into the backpack.
With its nimble claws, Ah Meow carried out its last move in the attack by zipping up the
backpack. Little Flathead was now trapped inside and was struggling, wiggling in all
directions, unable to get out.
The four animals surrounded the backpack, just like the kings of four evil cults
surrounding a cloth-trapped Zhang Wuji, enjoying the sight.
Just like Zhang Wuji used the Nine Yang Divine Skill to break through the cloth, Little
Flathead kept on fighting. Its claws were extremely sharp and were capable of breaking
tree branches or digging through the ground.
With a ripping sound, a tear appeared in the fabric of the backpack. Little Flathead’s
sharp claws poked through the tear.
The success emboldened Little Flathead. It kept tearing through the backpack without
stopping. Very soon, the small opening became a hole and Little Flathead popped its
head out, trying to squeeze out.
Seeing this, the other four animals were stunned. This new one hasn’t learned yet!
Little Flathead fixed its eyes on the other four, especially Ali and Ah Meow, ready to
take revenge.
However, the wits of the four animals were much quicker. Seeing that only its head was
poking out and its body was still in the backpack, the four shared a look. At the same
time, all of them stretched out their evil paws