Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019 On The Journey

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Just like a game of Whac-A-Mole, the four little ones stretched out one paw each and slapped Little Flathead’s head. They flapped its furry little head till it wobbled.

Little Flathead was furious and it showed its fangs and tried to bite the little paw that was reaching out to him. But its opponents reacted faster than it did. Little Flathead couldn’t catch anything with his fangs, and became so enraged that it smacked its head on the side of the bag and flung itself back inside.

But it was really hot tempered. Little Flathead tried one hole after another. It tried so hard that it ripped the seam from the other side of the backpack.

The four little ones were experienced. When it stretched out its paw, the four of them slapped its paw simultaneously.

Little Flathead was groaning in pain, but it just couldn’t seem to find a way out!

Sophie’s attention was drawn over. She stopped questioning Li Du and rushed over to hush the four little ones away, and then she carefully opened the backpack.

Little Flathead didn’t seem to have the wisdom of the four little ones. When it was in the state of anger, it couldn’t tell friend from foe. Its slogan was, I will even hit myself when I’m angry, after all.

Its sharp claws aimed at Sophie’s arm and she didn’t react fast enough to avoid them, but Li Du quickly reached out and pulled her back in time.

Little Flathead scratched the air as it jumped out of the backpack. It stared at the Four Little Ones, and quickly rushed toward Ali.

Ali looked at it contemptuously and gave him a punch. The punch flung it directly into the ground.

The four little ones glared at it like tigers watching their prey. If they were looking at an average animal, the animal would have been frightened to death.

Little Flathead was no ordinary animal. It climbed up and rushed to Ali again, and even more ferociously than before!

Ali punched and Little Flathead was down again. It climbed up quickly and rushed to Ali once more!

Its fighting spirit shocked the four little ones. Little Flathead presented its family fighting beliefs: Once we start a war, either I will kill everyone or I will be killed by everyone!

As the saying goes, the mean ones are afraid of fierce ones, the fierce ones are afraid of reckless ones, and the reckless ones are afraid of those who are fearless of death.

Ali and his troops were the mean ones while Little Flathead was in the fearless of death category . . .

Ah Ow made a prompt decision and turned her head away to drop out from the war. She looked up at Li Du in irritation. Where the hell did this stupid fella come from?

Crispy Noodles carefully withdrew from the war too. Ah Meow wagged his tail lazily and wanted to withdraw from the fight as the situation wasn’t quite right.

However, Little Flathead did not give it a chance. It couldn’t defeat Ali so it turned and leaped at Ah Meow.

Ah Meow’s invisible claw was the four little ones’ top advantage. With one claw, he had Little Flathead doubting its life.

But even so, its fighting beliefs didn’t change and it continued to rush at Ah Meow. But, it did not pounce or slash its claws, but instead swung its tail at Ah Meow.

Suddenly Ah Meow was surrounded by a heavy, foul smell.

Ah Meow gave a bloodcurdling scream, choking up with tears as he stumbled away.

It was the advantage of the honey badger. Everyone knows that Honey Badger claws were invincible and that they were high-spirited. Only a few knew their tails had a dangerous gland that contained an odorous liquid for chemical attacks.

Generally, the honey badger only slowly secreted the smell to mark their territory. They only used it as a chemical attack when they were forced into a desperate situation.

Little Flathead was in a desperate situation.

Ah Meow fled and Little Flathead chased after him. Little Flathead seized the opportunity to claw forward

It was considered a sneak attack, but it was indeed very successful. Ah Meow fainted and was unable to defend his back. Little Flathead’s attack had sprawled him on his *ss.

Ah Meow turned around and kicked Little Flathead. Then, Little Flathead stood up and continued to chase unrelentingly. It did not lose its fighting spiritinstead, it became more valiant!

Ah Meow became afraid of the honey badger.

If I can’t deal with it, should I just hide? He climbed the tree next to the hotel alley and hid on top to sneeze.

Then, Little Flathead changed its target and shifted its attention to Ali.

Crispy Noodles and Ah Ow quietly sat by side. They looked at the baby kangaroo and considered their roles in the situation. It has nothing to do with us. Every injustice has its perpetrator and every debt its debtor. Please talk to Ali.

Little Flathead did exactly that. It couldn’t go up the tree to catch Ah Meow so it went after Ali who also couldn’t get on the tree.

The baby kangaroo doubted its ability to kill Little Flathead, but it wanted to because then the vigorous chase would end.

Ali could only helplessly seek help from Li Du, who flicked its forehead. It was merely reaping what it had sowed! Li Du, however, really couldn’t figure out a way to deal with the honey badger either. He tried bribing Little Flathead with some dried fruit.

But Little Flathead was too angry at this point and the fruit didn’t work. It ate the fruit and continued going after Ali. It could be said that the flathead with white hair and a cloak had spent its whole life at war!

Sophie thought for a moment and she went to get an electronic rabbit. She knocked Little Flathead from behind with the rabbit and put it on the ground. The rabbit started hopping around.

Seeing this, Little Flathead redirected its focus and went after the rabbit, pushing it on the ground. Then, it bit the electronic toy and tore it into several pieces.

Ali and the others were shocked at its psychoness.

After taking care of the rabbit, Little Flathead forgot about the previous conflict and walked back with his head held high.

Big Quinn was stunned. “Damn it, that’s a tough little bast*rd!”

Li Du looked at Sophie with surprise. “Wrong, Sophie is the tough one, all this while I never thought of a method like this to deal with the honey badger’s anger. I didn’t expect her to solve it.”

Sophie shrugged. “I am good at dealing with these children.”

After meeting Musa, they all thought he was a little person. Li Du introduced them to the presence of Pygmies and surprised them.

After spending two days in Durban, Li Du decided to follow Musa to look for diamonds as the weather was fine and sunny.

He had been teaching Musa to speak Chinese for the past two days. He was a quick leaner, intelligent beyond Li Du’s expectations, and his accent changed very quickly.

In the course of teaching, Li Du understood what was going on.

There were patches of rainforest in the northwestern part of the country, and this is where Musa’s tribe was. They started their journey from Durban and they had to continue to travel northwest. The diamond mine was located within the rainforest.

At first, Li Du wanted to rest in Durban. Compared to the military camps of Gourde and Remonin, Durban’s environment was paradise.

However, compared to Phoenix, the security in in all parts of South Africa was bad.

So he decided to take care of the diamond mine business as quick as possible and head back soon.

Also, according to the weather forecast, the weather would be fine in the coming week. However, in another week, the northern part of South Africa would enter their rainy season, and heavy rain would fall.

As the safety within South Africa was guaranteed, Li Du decided to take Sophie with him.

The Lion Hunter provided them with four cars, two SUVs, and two pickup trucks, which were loaded with food and tools to roam across South Africa. In addition, they also issued some documents to help them deal with issues such as reporters, credentials, and gun permits.