Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029 Super Passionate

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Buick was upset; he wanted to ask more about it but Li Du changed the subject. He began asking about the distribution of the diamond mines around them.

There were in fact many diamond mines in the surrounding area as they were located in the border area between South Africa and Botswana. Most of the mines had been nationalized.

The salary for working in a diamond mine was low, and the work was really exhausting.

Besides that, the discrimination between tribes in South Africa was very serious. The tribe that Buick led was a small tribe named Gibra. The other tribes did not like to interact with them because they considered them sly as snakes as they handled snakes all the time.

In fact, Buick and his men in the Gibra tribe were very straightforward and passionate as Li Du observed.

They all knew that the workers could keep their diamonds thanks to Li Du. Hence they treated him really well. They served a feast of grilled snake meat and snake soup for lunch, and for dinner they served snake meat as the entree.

And during dinner, Buick told everyone that they would choose a good day after that night to host a festival for welcoming their important guest Li Du.

But the dinner was not very pleasant, as Scotty, the policeman with a Mahican haircut came back during the second half of dinner.

He made quite an entrance, driving a police pickup truck and with many prepared items his trunk. He gave things out to each and every family once he got back.

Li Du put down his bowl but Buick waved his hand and said, “Just keep eating. Don’t mind this bast*rd.”

“That’s right, Mr. Li, just eat, just eat.”

“Eat more meat and drink more wine!” the tribe people entertaining him kept calling out passionately.

There were other passionate arrangements prepared by the tribe after dinner. A few black skinned beauties were sent over to spend the night with the guests.

Li Du was shocked after seeing these women, and he quickly waved his hands and told them that he was traveling with his wife, so he should not be having relations with other women.

Buick understood. He nodded his head and said, “Fine then, just get one each for all your brothers!”

Brother Wolf and the gang all panicked. He immediately explained with full sincerity, “My wife died because of me. I have sworn to stay celibate my whole life for her!”

Buick gave him a thumbs up. “Good man. And the other brothers?”

“I’m impotent!” Big Ol said through his teeth.

“That’s too bad,” Buick said regrettably, “but don’t worry. We have a tribe doctor who has great skillsI’ll get him to fix you tomorrow!”

Godzilla was a quiet man but he was actually very smart. He said, “We Mexicans are very religious. We can’t have s*x with people from another religion.”

Buick could not say anything to that, so he looked at Lu Guan. Lu Guan was smart but petty-minded. He said, “I like men, I don’t like women.”

Buick chewed on his jaw, and there were a few strong black men coming over from behind him.

When he woke up in the morning, Li Du saw Lu Guan giving out a big yawn. He laughed and asked: “Hi, brothers, how was your lovely night? How did those handsome men treat you last night?”

Lu Guan quickly swallowed his yawn, and he looked like a toad that was being held by its neck.

The others were all laughing; only the little man Musa was dissatisfied. He mumbled: “Meh. Whay der woz nuthing for meh?”

He was very interested in the black beauties of the Gibra tribe, but Buick skipped him. He didn’t even ask for his opinion, and it made him very sad.

“That’s because you’re still a kid,” Li Du teased.

His answer hurt Musa’s feelings. He looked at Li Du and said, “I ahm angry, mahd! I wunt tel yu, yu did it!”

Sophie walked over from behind and heard him saying that. She asked: “What did Li do?”

Musa walked away unhappily. “Yu did it! Yu did it! I ahm not tellin yu, I ahm not tellin yu now!”

Li Du didn’t understand what Musa meant and he wanted to ask him. If he had hurt Musa’s feelings then he wanted to apologize.

But then Buick came out at the exact time. After seeing everyone laughing, he said, “Hey Mr. Li, you guys wake up real early.”

Li Du said, “I’m used to waking up early. We also still have some business to attend to. Actually, I want to bid farewell to you. I think we should leave today.”

Buick was nervous when he heard that. “Why would you leave in such a hurry? Is it because we didn’t treat you well enough? Oh, god of Gibra please forgive me, I will do better!”

Li Du quickly waved his hand and said, “No, no, no, you’re treating us very well. It’s just that we still have something that we need to do.”

Buick said, “It must be because we were not passionate enough. Maybe you are like the men from other tribes, you feel that we are cold-blooded like snakes . . . ”

After he said that, what could Li Du say? How could he still insist on leaving?

However, he still tried to make himself clear. “Chief Buick, you guys are very passionate, and I am really touched. But we really have business to attend to. How about we stay another day? Tomorrow, however, we must leave.”

Buick laughed. “Why don’t you leave after the festival? It will be held tomorrow and will most likely end in two days. It was supposed to happen today but we have to rebuild some houses today.”

He pointed at a part of his tribe and continued speaking. “The rain was too heavy this time, and some of the houses were ruined. So we have to rebuild them.”

“Rebuilding houses?” Li Du asked. “That will take at least a few days, won’t it?”

Buick shook his head. “Nope. We can finish them today. You can come and take a look. It’s different from the houses that you Americans build.”

Li Du laughed, “I’m Chinese. They’re Americans.”

“Then it’ll also be different from the houses you Chinese build.”

It was in fact different. The houses in the Gibra tribe were not modern concrete houses nor brick houses. They were not cottages that were commonly seen in America, nor were they mud-wall houses that were common in China about half a century ago. They were more like a combination of all these things.

First of all, they used wooden planks for the frame of a house. To make a wall, they nailed two pieces of planks together and then put two big pieces of planks opposite each other before setting them into the ground.

This type of wall was empty in the middle, it could not block the wind or shelter people from the rain. But the Gibra tribesmen poured silt and pebbles in the gap and used clay to patch it up, creating walls.

The houses in their tribe were very simple. After the four of mentioned walls and a weight-bearing wall, they added a roof and that was it.

That was why Buick said they could build the houses in a short period of time. The length of the project was indeed really short.

You got what you paid for. Houses that were built this way were not very durable. They could last for five or six years at the most, then they would have to be rebuilt again.

The rainfall this time washed away the clay on the walls, and it also washed away the silt in between the planks. Hence the walls could no longer bear the weight of the roof and had crumbled.

The tribe worked hard in rebuilding their new houses under Buick’s commands.

Rebuilding new houses was a major event for the entire tribe as they needed a lot of silt and planks. It was not possible to depend on just one or two families, everyone had to come out and help.

The house owners did not need to pay any construction fees, they only needed to prepare a big feast.

Strong men were assigned to stir silt, and experienced old men were sent to cut planks, as women and children were either busy preparing lunch or went out to collect pebbles.

The children in these tribes really had no fear, they could play with anything. Someone took a pail of water to mix with silt. Then there were children jumping into the mud to take a bath, or even playing around with the mud.