Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031 Flanking

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The crowd of people, who were hunting pythons, were preparing to carry out the search in teams. At this time, someone drove over.

Li Du saw the police logo on the truck and knew who it was.

As expected, when the car stopped, a Mahican haircut appeared. Scotty was still wearing his police uniform paired with his leather shoes. He got out of the truck and said, “Hey, how could you not invite me to such activity?”

Buick glanced at him and said, “What’s the point of that? You’re no longer part of the Gibra tribe. You’re police now. Aren’t you supposed to confiscate things that we worked hard for?”

Most of the people hunting with him were people who had worked at the abandoned mine with him. They had all been persecuted by dirty cops. Thus, all of them began to jeer after listening to Buick’s words.

Scott glared at the crowd and looked at Buick again. “We are just doing our job. If nothing is illegal, then we”

“Alright, shut up. What are you here for?” young Charles impatiently asked.

Scott had brought another police officer this time. The police officer looked at Charles and said, “Kid, show some respect. Don’t interrupt. If your mouth is itchy, I can give you a couple of slaps to fix it.”

Charles’ neck stiffened. He was dissatisfied and said, “I did not commit any crime. Who gives you the right to”

Before he managed to finish, the police officer got out of the car and gave him a kick. The impact from the kick instantly dropped him to the ground.

The tribal people were furious and quickly surrounded the police officer.

The police officer was not afraid. He glared at them with his shady eyes and shouted, “What’s the matter? You wanna attack a cop? You wanna die in prison, right?

The crowd was extremely angry, but they did not dare act rashly. They only glared at him.

Scott tried to play the good cop and stopped the police officer. He said to him, “Let it pass, brother. For me, okay? Don’t lower yourself to their level. You should forgive them. They are good people, they just misunderstood the current situation. They have been blinded.”

The police officer spat on the ground and pointed to the crowd. “Listen up, people. For the sake of my good brother, Scott, I will let this pass. But remember, attacking a police officer is a serious crime!”

Li Du could not stand by idly and watch. The two of them were using their authority to bully Buick and his people.

He gave Brother Wolf a look and whispered, “Take care of them.”

Brother Wolf looked around. He took a few bullets out and then polished his dagger. After that, he snuck to the back of the police pickup truck and began to deploy.

Godzilla and Big Quinn covered him by slipping into the crowd to disturb the police officers.

Scott and the police officer dared to bully the people of the Gibra tribe, but they dared not to offend Godzilla and Big Quinn. Not to mention that the two of them were foreigners, but also due to their physiques, Scott and the police officer were so afraid that they were scared to move.

After a while, this conflict dubiously ended.

In the end, Scott shouted to the crowd, “Are you all blind? Don’t you understand the current situation? Why are you still following Buick? You wanna eat dirt with him? You all should follow me! I will lead the tribe to become rich!”

Everyone glared at him with cold eyes. Some were pouting, some were sneering.

“Alrightif I can’t convince you, I’ll use my strength to prove that I deserve my position of power!” Scott furiously spat. Then, he got in the truck with his partner. They started the engine and drove away.

Buick smiled at Li Du and said, “I apologize that you had to witness such a joke.”

Li Du shook his head and said, “That was nothing. Keep watching, the real joke is about to happen.”

As he spoke, he released the little bug. It entered the hood of the pickup truck and absorbed the time energy in the wires of the truck.

The police truck did not drive far before, ping, a muffled sound came from one of the tires. Then, a cloud of thick smoke started billowing from the rubber.

The police officer immediately stopped the truck. He and Scott got out to see the problem and at this moment, the rear tire of the truck caught fire. The red flame quickly turned into a raging inferno.

Scott was shocked. “F*ck, what happened to this motherf*cker? What the f*ck is going on?”

The other police officer waved at the crowd and shouted, “What are you looking at? Quickly come and help!”

Buick and his people shrugged their shoulders. Help my *ss. They were just enjoying the fun.

The flames grew very quickly, spreading from the tire to the carriage of the truck.

Scott became extremely enraged; he looked around anxiously and said, “Come on, let’s drive to a river. I know one around here. Let’s go!”

The two of them got back into the truck and rushed to get the engine started. However, they could only hear a muffled soundvooRRRR vooRRRR. The engine would not start.

Buick burst into laughter. “God bless! Their truck has broken down!”

Li Du didn’t expect Brother Wolf’s trick to be so powerful. It had actually started a fire. He thought Brother Wolf would only puncture the tire. He had assumed this punishment wouldn’t be enough, and that was why he had decided to destroy the wires of the trunk.

Evidently, Brother Wolf was crueler than he expected.

He turned him and asked, “How did you create such fire from just a few bullets?”

Brother Wolf said, “The ammunition was just a preparatory substance. The main substance was the aluminothermic agent. My belt has an aluminum buckle, and I scraped some aluminum powder from it. There was rust on the truck. You can ignite aluminum powder with rust because of the aluminothermic agent.”

The car was on fire and broken down. The two bast*rds ran out of ideas.

One of them was holding his head as he screamed, while the other one was crying out for help. “Hurry up and help us with the fire! If anything happens to the truck, we will be punished badly!”

Li Du shook his head and said, “You guys will be punished badlywhat does that have to do with us? I am a reporter, I will record all of this. If the Gibra tribe encounters any retaliation from your police station, I swear that the parliament of Johannesburg will receive some very interesting information.”

The crowd giggled and laughed as they left. The suffering that Scott and the police officer encountered swept away the grudges from their hearts. They became happy and excited.

Scott and the police officer were not idiots. After a short period of being anxious, they quickly thought of a way to deal with the situation. The two of them took out a shovel from the truck and started shoveling soil onto the fire to try and put it out.

This trick was very effective. The soil contained no special firefighting agent, but it was the most effective method to extinguish a fire caused by an aluminothermic agent.

Although they finally managed to extinguish the fire, the pickup truck was badly burned. It looked like the vehicle could only be scrapped.

Li Du thought that after this lesson, Scott and the police officer would back out of the awkward situation, and would obediently and honestly return to the police station.

In the end, they walked forward. Then, Scott ran over with a shovel and pick.

Li Du was fed up with them. He looked at Buick and asked, “What does that bast*rd want? Looking for trouble?”

Buick smiled. “No. He’s looking for a python. During the tribal celebration, it is a privilege to find the python and catch it. Do this, and you become the warrior of the tribe. As a result, you are in a very advantageous position to become the tribal chief.”

Li Du thought of the previous incidents and understood that Scott wanted to become the tribal chief of the Gibra tribe. This was another way for him to look for trouble with Buick.