Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032 Lets Do It

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The car had gone dead. That made Scotty flustered and angry. Some of his anger came
from the position of the chief.
He needed to vent his anger, and after he caught up with the crowd, he yelled fiercely, “I
will definitely be the one to find the python! The one who manages to catch the python
will be me!”
Buick looked at him with distaste. The rest of the people seemed to share his sentiment,
but nobody dared to provoke Scotty.
That was the power of authority. Scotty was a local police officer backed by an
organization with massive authority. Buick and his tribe did not dare to provoke them.
Li Du did not care and looked at Scotty, saying, “Right, it’s all about you. You are the
spirit of all things, the missing piece in history, you are a treasure left behind by
civilization. You are limited edition, you are an endangered species, you are the son of
God, you are light you moron!”
He spoke quickly but his pronunciation was clear and everyone could hear him clearly.
No one missed the sarcasm.
The crowd started laughing and Scotty’s face turned red with anger. He howled, “Yellow
man, don’t think that I am afraid of beating you up just because you are a reporter!”
Godzilla rubbed his fist and said, “You try making a move.”
Faced with Godzilla, who was two heads taller than him and many times stronger,
Scotty lost his courage. He took a step backward, pointed at Li Du and said, “You will
regret provoking me!”
Li Du said carelessly, “You will regret attending this celebration event.”
Scotty laughed coldly. “I will regret it, huh? I see that you guys must be afraid. You guys
are afraid that I will find the python. Oh, perhaps you are unafraid because you do not
know. But they do.”
“Know what?” Li Du asked. “I have no idea what nonsense you are spouting.”
Lu Guan shrugged. “I know. If I’m driving the police car and the car goes dead, I would
also be spouting nonsense out of fear.”
The police car failing to start was not a small matter. From the reaction of another police
officer, it was easy to see that he had been snobby, but this time he seemed to have
lost his wits.

Scotty’s expression changed for the worse and he took out a pair of spectacles, saying,
“Keep up the tough talk, wait till I find the python, then I’ll see what you say!”
Seeing his glasses, Buick frowned. “Brothers, hurry, go find the python!”
The rest of the people called out to acknowledge his command and split up.
Buick said to Li Du, “I know this must seem odd to you, Mr. Li. It is actually very simple.
Scotty is good at hunting snakes. His father had been the best hunter in our tribe. He
inherited his father’s talent and his unique tools.”
“What unique tools?”
“It’s that pair of glasses. Scotty’s father had made them. I do not know how he did that,
but they can make it easier to notice the movements of pythons,” Buick said.
Brother Wolf brother, “It’s simple, they are made from magnifying glass. However, if
used too long, these glasses will cause damage to the eyes and brain.”
Buick asked, “What is magnifying glass?”
Li Du found that hard to believe. In China, even children as young as three years old
would know what a magnifying glass was and how it worked.
However, this ignorance was understandable. The Gibra tribe interacted with the
outside world and had access to electricity, but they had no television, no formal
education, and most certainly would not have come across a magnifying glass in their
daily life.
Hence, as they had never come across it, naturally they did not know what it was.
Li Du gave them an explanation of how a magnifying glass worked. Buick said
thoughtfully, “So something like that would be very useful when looking for diamonds,
“That’s right,” Li Du considered this for a moment. What Buick said made sense.
It was not an easy feat to find pythons in the wild. They searched for close to two hours
and still could not find anything. They only managed to capture a few poisonous cobra
After some searching, Scotty suddenly bent and took a shovel to search among the wild

Someone noticed him and blew a whistle. A few people began to search in the vicinity
as well.
Buick’s face changed. “He found something.”
Li Du did not want Scotty to find something before them. He let out the little bug to swim
speedily in the mud nearby, searching for signs of a python.
Realizing that everyone had moved to search near him, Scotty stood up and laughed
coolly. “Ha, want to take advantage of me? Don’t even think about it, you guys will not
be able to win!”
Li Du smiled with disdain. “What if we do? What if we manage to find the python
“That’s impossible,” Scotty said confidently.
Li Du said, “Let’s make a bet.”
Scotty showed him the middle finger. “Who would want to make a damn bet with
Li Du, “If you find the python first, I will give you fifty thousand US dollar. You can buy a
pickup with fifty thousand, right?”
He knew that Scotty would definitely agree to make the bet with him. That was because
the stake was exactly what Scotty needed.
Indeed, Scotty’s eyes lit up upon hearing his words. Li Du said again, “If we find the
python before you, then what? You would give us fifty thousand?”
“Fifty thousand dollars?” Scotty was stunned. “I do not have so much money.”
Li Du had been waiting for that response. He said, “Then let’s make an arrangement. If
we win, you will have to give us that pair of glasses and at the same time promise that
you will never return to the tribe.”
Scotty hesitated. Although he ha no formal education, he was not dumb. He found Li
Du’s supreme confidence odd.
The other police officer reacted as though he found a lifeline. He said to Scotty, “Make
the bet, brother! Haven’t you always said that you are an expert at hunting snakes? You
will definitely win!”
Scotty said softly, “Something doesn’t seem right”

“So what? You will definitely win, right?” The police officer urged. “If we win those fifty
thousand dollars, we can be accountable to the bosses. Otherwise, you know what will
Scotty flinched and, persuaded by his partner, gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, I will
bet. But with the conditions changed. I will bet against you personally. Do you dare?”
Li Du showed his hesitation. The second police officer jeered. “Ha, you don’t dare,
right? Yellow people are all timid little things, weak sissies!”
Hearing this, Li Du was enraged. “Who said I’m afraid? How would I know if you will
stick to your promise?”
Scotty said, “I swear, I swear by the Gibra God!”
Buick nodded, indicating that such an oath was binding.
Scotty glared and said, “Okay, let us start the competition.”
“No need to,” Li Du interrupted and pointed to a dense bush not far away. “The python
is there, the competition has ended.”