Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035 Ah Meng

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Li Du was worried the people of Musa’s tribe would convey the information. He was not certain how much was in the diamond mine reserves, but it was certainly not a small amount.

Not only did it contain diamonds, but it was also a high-quality mine. Unexpectedly, they were able to find diamonds on the surface of the mountain.

It was a stroke of great luck that he’d managed to find such a diamond mine.

Luckily, he was soft-hearted and had saved Musa. If this was his reward for the good deed, then Li Du would be willing to be a warm-hearted and charitable person for the rest of his life.

Musa told him that two people from his tribe had passed away, and the rest of them were hunting.

Li Du believed that it was unlikely for them to disclose this information. Musa agreed and said that they did not know what these diamonds represented. In his opinion, these were tokens to exchange food in Remonin’s territory. Otherwise, these were useless to them.

He also told Li Du that these stones were ugly. They brought these back to the women in the tribe to be used as accessories, but the women in the tribe threw them away.

An uncut diamond could not present its unique beauty!

Regardless of the poor lighting at night, Li Du took a flashlight and strolled through the mountain to check the surrounding geography.

He had to find a way to take control of this place. As long as he managed to own this diamond mine and Seagull Island in Australia, he could be carefree for a few lifetimes.

There was a small canyon next to the mountain. Although it was referred to as a canyon, it was actually a depression. The landscape here looked strange and the pattern of this depression was also very strange.

There were trees and stones on the walls of the gradual depression and in the surrounding area. The whole of the depression became rather shiny whenever light was present. Some areas were even fluorescent. When the torchlight touched different parts of the landscape, a brilliant radiance appeared.

These can’t be all diamonds, right? Li Du wondered.

He squatted down to have a look. He found that the reflections were not diamonds, but ordinary stones with smooth surfaces.

The appearance of the stones and the landscape here were different than the surrounding area. He collected a few stones so that he could show them to some experts later to identify.

The sun rose on the next day. They continued to investigate the conditions of and search for diamonds on the mountain.

Li Du found a tree that had two overlapping trees on the mountainside. He did not know what type of species was it because the tree was full of bird nests!

From the top of the tree to the bottom of the tree, there were all sizes of bird nests hanging from the branches. Countless birds flew among the nests.

These birds were known as southern masked weavers and liked to live in groups.

It just so happened that their food was short in supply, so Li Du asked Brother Wolf and Godzilla to find some eggs.

In this aspect, Ah Meow was the expert. As he saw Brother Wolf and Godzilla start looking for eggs in the nest, he gracefully jumped on the tree. He opened his mouth and picked up the eggs, then sent them down one by one.

Little Flathead was an omnivore, so it liked to eat anything. When it saw the eggs, it ran over, grabbed one with its tongue and ate it delightfully.

Ah Meow was very displeased; he wanted to smack it. But as he considered Little Flathead’s brainless character, he did not make a move and angrily let it be.

Sophie picked up Little Flathead and smiled. “We found a diamond mine. Now we can prepare to return home, right? What about the honey badger?”

Li Du had been in a good mood ever since discovering the diamond mine. He said, “What can we do? Just adopt it. Raising four or five is the same as raising one or two anyway!”

Sophie grinned. “Are you sure? This kid has a pretty bad temper. Adopting it might hurt you in the future.”

Li Du didn’t care and said, “Let’s worry about that later. It’s good luck. You see, we’ve only had it for a few days and have already found a diamond mine . . . ” He drifted off, staring at Little Flathead in deep thought.

The honey badger really had brought him a lot of fortune. When he first adopted Flathead, he got a lot of diamonds and jewelry from Good’s office. Now, he had discovered a diamond mine.

This might be just a coincidence. However, it was reasonable to say that the animal had brought him good luck.

Brother Wolf and Big Ivan went around to check the condition of the landscape and to find people to ask about the whereabouts of their current location.

During the journey, Musa had led them to wander all over the place. Li Du and his group had lost their sense of direction.

The were no residents around here. No tribes. It was just a piece of desolate land outside the city.

Mobile phones had no signal in this kind of place. Brother Wolf, through astronomical and time observations, was able to estimate their latitude and longitude. However, this data was very rough indeed.

In the end, they had no means of accurately determining their location. Brother Wolf climbed the highest hill and surveyed the surrounding landscape. He was planning to go back and compare it to the original map to determine their specific location.

Since they had found the diamond mine, they packed their belongings and prepared for the return journey.

The return journey was much smoother. Brother Wolf used a compass as guidance and they tried to travel in a straight line so that it would be easier for them to determine their position.

Finally, they ran into a group of pedestrians and found out that they were now within the administrative zone of Mapungubwe National Park.

No wonder there were so many mountains and forests here! North was one of South Africa’s largest national parks, the Mapungubwe National Park.

They discovered that the hill where they had found diamonds did not have a name. The surrounding area, however, was called ‘Amengda.’ In the native language, it meant ‘the place where Raytheon lives.’

Li Du laughed after thanking them. Sophie asked curiously, “Why are you laughing?”

“I am laughing because I just thought of an excellent name for the honey badger.”

Sophie immediately asked, “What do you want to call it? Amengda?”

“Simpler, let’s call it Ah Meng!”

Ali, Ah Ow, Ah Meow and now with the addition of Ah Meng, all began with A. The name was easy to remember and very appropriate.

Little Flathead was really fierce. Therefore, Ah Meng was a very suitable name for it.

There was finally a cellphone signal, so Li Du immediately contacted President Cole and said, “If a foreigner wants a contract for the right to own a mine in South Africa, what are the procedures? How do you process this?”

Cole was surprised. “What did you find?”

Li Du said, “I haven’t found anything yet, but I have a clue. I want to consult you. Help me contact someone who is reliable. I want to buy a region.”

Cole could tell that he might have achieved his promise of finding diamonds.

But Li Du did not say explicitly state this. Cole understood that he was simply being cautious so was not bothered by this. “That’s not a problem. I will immediately help you contact a team.”

Li Du hired cars to send them back to the border where they had entered the forest. Their cars were still hidden, and thankfully no one had found them. But after multiple heavy rain showers, they were experiencing some issues.