Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039 Trouble

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Back at the hotel, Li Du gave Tang Chaoyang a strange look.

Tang Chaoyang was puzzle. “There’s a problem with the bank card? There shouldn’t be.”

Song Biaozi stood up and said, “Is there’s a f*cking problem, I will crush the balls of Little Morgan!”

Li Du immediately waved his hand and said, “No, no, no. There was no problem with the bank card. The moneyis there. The thing that puzzles me is, who are you guys? How can you transfer so much money in such a short period of time?”

Tang Chaoyang smirked. “We’re just two ordinary people. What do you mean by transferring so much money in such a short amount of time?”

“You transferred more than 400 million dollars in just a matter of seconds, right?”

Tang Chaoyang shook his head. “How could it be? It took ten minutes, it’s just that you didn’t notice it.”

“Alright,” Li Du said, “then how did you get JP Morgan Palladium Card? Except for the head office of the bank, can ordinary branches issue such a card?”

Tang Chaoyang laughed. “I am a relatively important customer of theirs. I can recommend customers to get this card. You are the person that I recommended.”

Li Du was still very puzzled. “Then, what do you do?”

“Let’s talk about this later,” Tang Chaoyang said, standing. “We have overstayed our welcome. We will see each other again in the future. Remember to contact me when you have diamonds.”

Song Biaozi picked up the suitcase, placed it under his armpit, and casually walked out of the room. It didn’t seem like he was holding a suitcase of diamonds worth over 400 million dollars.

The two of them were very mysterious, and Li Du couldn’t even attempt a guess at their identities. They refused to introduce themselves and he couldn’t force them to.

Watching the two of them leave, Li Du took out a few cards that he got while he was working in the bank last time.

He gave one to everyone: Brother Wolf, Godzilla, Big Quinn, Big Ivan and Lu Guan. Each of them had one card.

Lu Guan was excited when he looked at this card. He couldn’t wait to check the amount of money inside.

Brother Wolf and Godzilla had one million each. Big Quinn, Big Ivan and Lu Guan each had half a million. This was the bonus that Li Du rewarded them. These people were shocked during their trip to Africa.

Li Du had almost been killed.

However, this risk had come with a great profit. Not only that he had earned more than 400 million dollars in cash, but he had also found a diamond mine. There were still some jewels in the black hole worth quite a lot more money.

Good was really unlucky. He had worked hard for so many years, using autocratic ruling to manage the miners to work day and night and gathering these diamonds.

He might have wanted to sell these diamond and then find a stable country to enjoy his old age.

In the end, all of them fell into Li Du’s hand!

Li Du called Hans and asked him to come to Los Angeles. He told him that he had some information on a warehouse that worth over ten million dollars.

Hans flew over as quick as he could. Li Du went to pick him up. When they met, he showed a shocked expression, “Oh my God! Li, are you Li?”

Li Du pushed away Hans’ hands that were touching his face and said, “Be polite. Stop touching. Of course, it’s me. What’s the matter?”

“How did you become so dark?” Hans was shocked, “My poor friend. Were you captured by a warlord and mined for them in Africa?”

He was just talking nonsense but he got half of it right. Li Du was indeed captured by a warlord.

After getting on the car, Hans asked with great enthusiasm, “You haven’t told me, which warehouse company has such a valuable warehouse? Which is it?”

“Wild Golden Hill.”

As soon as Hans heard this name, he frowned and said, “I know it. If we are heading there, we better be careful because that place is a slum!”

Li Du said, “Is it that unreliable? We will be going during the day, I don’t believe that people there would rob during the day.”

Hans said, “Very well, Li. I admire your disbelief in evil.”

They had to go to the warehouse company to gather information. The luxurious Bentley was driving on the road steadily, moving towards the address that was provided by Hans.

Hans took out a bottle of beer from the small refrigerator in the carriage. He analyzed for a while and said, “Whose car is this? Very luxurious. All of these are excellent craft beers. So awesome.”

Li Du said, “A bank lent it to me.”

Hans asked curiously, “Do you have a few hundred million in it? Is that why they lend you such a luxurious car?”

Li Du couldn’t help but gave a thumbs up. That was really accurate.

Previously, during the break, Hans checked the information of Wild Golden Hill. There were twelve warehouses participating in this auction. The time of the auction was during this weekend.

Hans said, “Fortunately, you contacted me in time. Otherwise, I was preparing to go to Australia.”

Li Du looked at the warehouse information and casually asked, “What do you plan to do in Australia?”

Hans said as if it was obvious, “To hunt for black gold abalone. It is spring in Australia, my friend. Water temperature is rising. I was ready for a great reward.”

Li Du was suddenly realized, right, there was this thing. He almost forgot.

For him, the most important thing in Australia was the gem mine on Seagull Island. Thus, it was not worth mentioning the profit of hunting black gold abalone that only worth hundreds of thousands to millions.

However, for Hans, this was a huge sum of money. He was expecting to do well in hunting black gold abalone.

The warehouse company was in a residential area on the outskirts of Los Angeles. This was a low-end residential area without any green belt, just a bunch of houses built together.

The road was damaged, the water in the drain was stinky. And there were some children fighting bare arms on the street.

The luxurious Bentley did not fit into the environment here. Li Du couldn’t bear to look at the street. The children outside were too poor.

The road was quite narrow. A truck was driving over from the opposite direction. The Bentley stopped at the side of the road and let the truck passed first. At this time, a few children curiously ran over and looked at the Bentley.

One of the children reached out to the car. Li Du thought he wanted to touch the car. In the end, he was holding a piece of stone and smashed it on the car.

The other children laughed and followed him. They took a stone and smashed it on the car.

Li Du was shocked. He opened the door and walked out. He said furiously, “What are you doing?”

The children dispersed in confusion. Li Du grudgingly checked on the car. There were scratches from the smash on the body of the car. The repair could cost a lot of money.

Money was not the main issue. The bank lent him this car. Now that the car had problem, it was hard for him to justify himself.

Li Du was depressed. A few black women and men came over with the children who ran away earlier. The seemed very angry. As they saw him, someone shouted, “Did you just bully our children?”

The few children were crying as they pointed at him, “He scared us, he bullied us.”

Li Du was extremely upset, he frowned and said, “Who bullied you?”

A black man pointed at him and yelled, “You think you can bully people as you wish just because you’re rich? Stop him! Have him pay for our lost!”

Brother Wolf got off from the co-driver’s seat. He made a fist and said, “Boss, go back inside. These bastards are looking for trouble. I will take care of them.”