Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040 Huge Amount Of Fake Product

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As brother Wolf said, these people were looking for trouble.
Seeing Brother Wolf get out of the car, the native people were not afraid, but his body
size had a subtly powerful effect on them. They did not dare to treat him arrogantly like
they treated Li Du.
The women among the crowd threw a tantrum, attempted to scratching Brother Wolf’s
face, and shouted.
“Son of a bitch, how dare you bully my kids, have some compassion!”
“Go to hell, foreigner, you stinking bitch!”
“Take the money! Get the hell out of here! Hit him!”
Brother Wolf was no gentleman at all. Not stopping to consider whether the one in front
of him was a man or a woman, he swung his hand, grabbed a fat lady and threw her
into the crowd. He swung his fist and dashed forward to beat the offenders down.
Li Du shouted, “Catch them, I have already called the police! Let them pay for it! Fixing
this car would cost at least a hundred thousand dollars!”
Seeing that Brother Wolf was good at fighting and that Li Du was about to call the
police, the people who were trying to scam them got scared. They turned to run away,
not even giving a second thought to their own children.
Li Du did not actually call the police, which was useless and would only add more
trouble for him. How could these poor people afford to repair his car?
The beaten-up native women did not quarrel any more. They got up and ran away. The
few children who were not sure of the situation ran away in fear
The incident on the road made Li Du lose his sympathy for the local people.
There was something hateful in the poor people, and no one was to blame for the
depravity of the majority of those who lived in the slums, except themselves.

The Wild Golden Hill warehouse company was located in an area inside the slum.
Unlike any warehouse company Li Du had seen before, this one resembled a prison. It
had a tall wall and wide building, the steel door was securely locked, and there was a
pack of German Shepherds howling.
The upper part of the wall was topped with barbed wire. The wall itself was covered with
spray paint graffiti, and the barbed wire was torn in pieces. Some parts of the wall were
stained with something black that looked like dried blood.
Needless to say, all this was to guard the place against neighboring slum dwellers.
The Bentley stopped. Li Du released the little bug into the warehouse company to find
the eighth warehouse auction first.
Here the warehouses were placed separately. Each warehouse door had a number and
was very easy to find. The little bug found the eight warehouse and flew in.
It was a medium-sized warehouse with a lot of furniture, but all of it was broken. It
looked like a recycling warehouse for a furniture factory.
There was not a thing to attract the little bug inside, and it did not find anything either.
After Li Du did a superficial search, he made the little bug come out and went into the
next warehouse.
He saw four warehouses in a row, all of them of little value. Only the third warehouse
contained some musical Instruments, which seemed to be well preserved and could be
sold for some money.
Entering the fifth warehouse, Li Du first saw a wooden shelf, like in a bookcase, and
then some machines. A silk hanging covered the wooden shelf.
The little bug flew through the silk to the shelf to take a look. There were a few watches.
They looked well preserved and were possibly worth a lot.
However, Li Du’s goal was a ten million level warehouse, and the value of these
watches could not possibly reach that.
With an easy background check, any watch in the world worth more than a million
dollars could be found on the Internet and was ranked in the watch industry.

Li Du looked online, and there was nothing about these watches.
Then the little bug flew into the next warehouse, and Li Du ‘s spirits rose: it was full of
shelves like a bookcase, and there were silk hangings on the outside to hide the
contents like in the previous warehouse.
The little bug flew in to take a peak and as Li Du had guessed, it was all full of watches!
Like in the warehouse next to it, there was little space on the wooden shelves. However,
all that space was full of watches, just like a display window in a shopping mall.
The watches were quaint but brand new, like watches that had been sitting on the shelf
for a long time, and that someone forgot to sell.
There were two kinds of cabinets inside, one to keep the regular watches, and the other
to keep the pocket watches. Some were silver and some were gold.
Looking at the logo on the watches, Li Du saw Patek Philippe, A. Lange&sohne,
Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, Jaeger, Van Cleef & Arpels, Roger Dubuis,
and others. There were a few brands that Li Du did not recognize, but they were all top
world branded watches.
Thinking of Tang Chaoyang’s words, Li Du was almost certain that the ten million
warehouse was this one.
A single watch may only be worth a few thousand or tens of thousands of dollars, but
there were many watches. The total value could really reach tens of millions!
The little bug browsed among them and then found that some of the watches were
decorated with gems. Li Du s thought those might be gold diamond watches.
Gold diamond watches were the most valuable of all, but as he looked at them, he
suddenly felt something was wrong.
The little diamonds looked beautiful, but to his professional eye, they didn’t seem like
diamonds. They were not as shiny as diamonds.

Good imitation diamonds could look very much like the real thing, shiny, transparent
and sparkly, but an expert would be able to tell the difference.
Li Du has been dealing with diamonds for some time. He was considered an expert and
could tell fake from real.
Feeling that something about the diamond was wrong, he used the little bug’s ability to
reverse time.
The past came into his view. In a building, some machines were running and watches
were being made.
When the watches were done, someone took them away, and then engraved the logos
of Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and all the rest!
Seeing this, Li Du almost cursed.
He was deceived, these were fake watches, not the world’s top luxury brands as he
thought before!
A fake watch would not be valuable, and would not contain any precious metals or
gems. At most, a fake watch would only be coated with silver or gold and studded with
cheap diamonds.
All the watches in this warehouse were cheap fakes, including the pocket watches, and
it looked like they were made in India and not in the United States.
This kind of watches was not valuable. There were hundreds of pieces in the
warehouse, and the total would not amount to more than a few thousand dollars.
Li Du was dejected and despondent. What made his situation worse was that he
estimated that the warehouse next to this, which he saw previously, probably contained
all fake watches too.
However, he had a faint hope that perhaps some of the watches were genuine.
He let the little bug fly back into the warehouse, reversed time and checked again.
However, the result was disappointing, they were all fake!

The two warehouses were owned by one company. The back one was filled with fake
watches, and this one had a few machines.
The machines inside were used to make fake watches. They were well maintained and
looked usable.