Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042 Good Partner

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The day before, Li Du had purchased pepper spray, an electric shock baton, and a stun
He had wanted to prepare himself for any kidnapping or robbery that could happen in
the future. After all, he was now rich, with more than four billion US dollars as private
It just so happened that those items he bought were put to use no more than a day
With Time Deceleration, Carl’s movements instantly slowed down and Li Du whipped
out the pepper spray at a leisurely pace. He sprayed it on Carl’s face very thoroughly
and meticulously.
Just like graffiti artists in impoverished slums, Li Du did the spraying with utmost
seriousness, paying special attention to Carl’s eyes, nose, and mouth.
As the spray contents got into both Carl’s eyes, they rapidly turned bloody-red.
He no longer cared about punching Li Du, but instead retracted both his hands and
threw them over his eyes, yelping, “Ow Ow Ow, f*ck! F*ck! F*ck! Oh, F*ck! I’m dying
from the pain! It hurts so bad!”
As Carl’s mouth was hanging open in a shriek, Li Du took the chance to spray a bit
more in there as well.
Carl was enraged. Instinctively, he waved his fists, trying to get at Li Du. He yelled,
“You’re dead! Bastard! Ahhh! Woooo, wooo!”
As the pepper spray in his mouth kicked into action, he was soon unable to say more
and only became more distraught.
Li Du continued using his ability of Time Deceleration and avoided Carl’s punches
easily. He hid the pepper spray and brought out the high-voltage baton.
Carl’s face reddened. The pepper spray was very potent and had irritated his skin
Overcoming the pain, Carl forced his teary eyes open, determined to beat up Li Du in
his anger.
Blinking his teary eyes through the stinging pain, he saw a black baton that was emitting
sparks held near his chest.

I’m a goner, he thought. Then Carl’s huge bear-like body shriveled before he screamed
and fell to the ground.
Looking at his high-voltage baton, Li Du said, “This toy is just like what they promised. It
can overturn a rhinoceros in ten seconds, and an elephant in twenty. It’s good!”
Standing before him, Conrad and one of his people looked on, stunned.
Brother Wolf and Hans started laughing at the same time. Looking at Conrad, Hans
gloated, “Hey, Mister Anthony, you’re going to be doomed!”
Carl was on the ground, writhing like a worm.
Stepping over Carl, Li Du walked towards Conrad and said slowly, “Mister Anthony,
choose one.”
Hearing that, Conrad whimpered in fear for a few seconds. Then he took two steps
backward and called out, “I dare you! Chinaman, I dare you to touch me! You can try!”
Li Du shrugged and said to the rest of the people, “You guys heard him, he told me to
try. I won’t hold back now.”
Saying that, he reached towards Conrad’s chest with the high-voltage baton in his
Conrad screeched in panic, “F*ck!”
However, Li Du was only scaring him. He laughed, “Haha, now who’s the one acting like
a sissy? What a scaredy-cat.”
Realizing that he was unhurt, Conrad was relieved. He faked a tough look and said, “Li,
I was just joking with you”
“There can’t be jokes between men,” Li Du interrupted him. “However, I only use my
weapons on men. You are a sissy. Messing with you would only soil my weapons.”
He looked over at Brother Wolf and said, “Go get him.”
Seeing Brother Wolf’s clenched fists, Conrad was scared out of his wits. He quickly
retreated and shouted, “Aren’t you afraid of soiling the hands of that German dude?”
Brother Wolf did not talk much, but he said, “Goddamit, you should have kept your big
fat mouth shut!”
He darted forward to get hold of Conrad and drove two punches into his stomach.

Conrad followed in Carl’s footsteps and fell to the ground as well. His body writhed like
a huge prawn as he started groaning.
The one man left had not said or done anything, and Li Du did not want to stoop to the
level of his opponents by harming him.
He walked over to their car and lifted up the front hood. Then, he struck the insides with
the high-voltage gun a couple of times.
The electrical circuit of the car was busted. If Conrad and his gang wanted to leave,
they would have to engage towing services.
Li Du and his group drove off. Only after making sure that they had really left, the one
man who remained unharmed moved to help Conrad up.
“Alright there, Conrad? What do we do? Call the cops?” he asked.
Conrad gritted his teeth, “Call the police? No! Goddammit, I still have some balls! Merlot
is back in Los Angeles, right? Find him for me. I will deal with that idiot Hans Fox first!”
Li Du had been feeling troubled as he did not discover anything that was worth ten
million at Wild Golden Hill warehouse company.
However, the appearance of Conrad had greatly lifted his mood. Conrad had gone
knocking for punishment, much to the happiness of Li Du.
However, if Li Du had not been equipped for self-defense, there would have been more
trouble that day. Carl Wood was a professional wrestler and would not have been easy
to deal with.
That episode was a reminder for him to be extra careful, especially with that crook
Conrad. He guessed that Conrad must have kept an eye on him. Otherwise, they would
not have just happened to bump into each other in Los Angeles, which was not a small
Although he had not managed to find what he hoped for in the warehouse, Li Du still
had to attend the auction.
He had confidence in Tang Chaoyang, and ultimately got the impression that the
information Tang Chaoyang offered was largely true.. There must have been something
that he had not discovered and he would need to return to search again.
It was a sunny weekend at the end of September in Los Angeles.

Autumn in Los Angeles was truly beautiful. The sky was a clear blue, studded with
pieces of pristine-white clouds.
The streets were breezy from the wind that blew from the Pacific Ocean. There was a
faint air of humidity and the temperature was warm with a tinge of freshness a typical
example of autumn weather.
In the morning, Li Du and Hans started the car towards Wild Golden Hill.
That warehouse company was well known in Los Angeles. However, as the company
was not considered huge, not many treasure hunters came to join in the auction.
Previously, Li Du had been famous in the warehouse auction circle in Los Angeles.
However, in the past year, he had been busy searching for precious stones and stopped
being active in auctions. Hence, the treasure-hunters in Los Angeles had forgotten
about him.
Once he got off the car, not many people noticed him as he loitered around the
warehouse entrance. Only a couple of black men looked at him menacingly.
Those people were poor locals. They engaged in robbery and extortion. As the Chinese
often had cash on them, were timider and less likely to pursue grievances, they were
often targeted by these thugs.
Li Du was not afraid. I had dealt with warlords before, so what are these little bullies to
Hans got off the car shortly after, and when the surrounding treasure-hunters noticed
him, they all looked at him with a strange look.
That made Hans wonder, “Hi, buddies, have you never seen a dashing man here to
attend the auction? Or don’t you guys know me anymore?”
“How would we not know you, Big Fox, my good partner? Long time no see, but you are
still thick-skinned like in the good old days,” a low voice rang out.
Recognizing that voice, Hans’ smiling face froze as he turned his head around slowly.
Gritting his teeth, he said, “Merlot Saisons!”