Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043 Trick Him

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For the first time, Li Du saw Hans with such an expression in his eyes.

The impression that Hans gave him since the beginning was of being cynical, free,
easy, generous, and enthusiastic. He was just like a wild horse who liked to live a
happy, enjoyable life. He liked to be good and to help others.
Thanks to such a character, he barely had any enemies and rarely hated anyone. This
showed he was much kinder than Li Du, who held onto grudges easily.
When two people participated in the auction, they would always encounter provocations
and would usually turn into enemies. The main problem was with Li Du, as Hans has no

Now Hans showed the other side of him, angry, venomous, disgusted. Li Du did not
know Hans could show such an attitude.

He looked over to a tall man in white, who was smiling at Hans.

Rad-Anthony stood next to this man in white and Li Du guessed at once that this man
was up to no good.

Conrad has been living in his shadow, for Li Du defeated him multiple times. Although
Conrad’s arms were crossed and he had a lively look on his face, the look in Li Du’s
eyes made him shiver.

Li Du glanced over at him and Conrad quickly shifted his gaze. That was obviously the
reaction of a guilty conscience.
Li Du had already taken the measure of this cowardly idiot, but this time around, Li Du
was not interested in clashing with the likes of him. He was more curious about this man
who caused Hans to become so perturbed.
Li Du looked at him with interest and asked, “Introduce me. Boss Fook? Who is he?”

Hans stared at the man and all of a sudden, he laughed.
The man, who was enjoying the angry and hateful emotions he obviously stirred in
Hans, found him laughing again. He was somewhat surprised and giggled: “Boss Fook?
Who? Give me an introduction, too.”

Hans said to Li Du: “Sly dog Merlot, my former partner in Los Angeles, is very good at
tricking people. He is the kind of guy who betrays his partner.”

Li Du could already guess the identity of this person, and Hans’ words proved him right.
It turned out that this was Han’s former partner who defrauded him miserably.
Li Du asked about the incident once, but as Hans refused to talk about the past, he
stopped questioning further. However, he always wanted to know what happened.
Now, his curiosity would soon be satisfied.
Merlot smiled and said, “Hey, Boss Fook. Give me an introduction. Who is this man?”

Hans did not want to play along. He said to Li Du: “Do you have your anti-wolf spray
and electric baton with you? I’d like to borrow them for a moment.”

Li Du guessed his intention and asked, “Do you want to be banished from the auction?”

“Maybe you could just go in there and take care of it yourself.”

Li Du held him back and said, “Just forget it, don’t lose your temper because of this

Hans shook his head and laughed. “Actually, I am not angry, man. I should thank him. If
not for him, I would not have returned to Flagpole City and would not have gotten a
chance to work with you.”

Merlot had been listening to the conversation, and when he heard these words, he
pretended to have come to a sudden realization. “Oh, is this your new partner?” he
Li Du nodded and said, “I am his new partner. Why? What do you have to say?”
Before Merlot could answer, Li Du went on: “You were brought in, weren’t you? One of
your idiot friends came to challenge us two days ago. You could easily end up in the
hospital, so you’d better think before you speak.”

A cheer came from a treasure hunter next to them. “Hey, Merlot, Boss Fook is now the
boss. He and Li are the kings of treasure in Flagpole City and have made millions!”

Merlot’s face turned a little stiff. He had never thought that Hans would turn out to be so
well off.
Li Du sneaked the JP Morgan Palladium card to Hans and winked. “Go, hit him in the
Hans shook his head and gave back the card: “No. I used to hate this bastard so much
that I wanted to hunt him down and kill him. But now? I’d as well move on and enjoy

Conrad was disappointed to see Li Du and Hans acting so indifferent., He gave Merlot a
look that hinted they both should just retreat.
He had thought Hans would surely lose his cool when he saw Merlot, because of their
previous conflict, and that way he would put Li Du down and kick him out of the auction
along with Hans.

Reality let him down, however.
The door of the warehouse company opened and the treasure hunters began to walk in,
with Li Du bringing up the rear. After Li Du looked at Conrad, he asked Merlot, “Are you
now partnering with Master Anthony?”

Merlot smiled and said, “Of course, the two of us are partners, just like you and Boss
Fook. By the way, I wanted to ask you a question. Are you married? Or do you have a

“I have a girlfriend. Why do you ask?”

Merlot came up, placed a hand on his shoulder and made a mysterious face. “Then you
have to be careful. Boss Fook enjoys his partners’ money and women.”

Hearing this, Li Du seized the opportunity and kicked his calf hard.

Merlot screamed in pain. He almost fell to his knees, holding on to his calf, and shouted:
“Fuck, how dare you hit me! Security, he messed with me! Damn! It hurts! My leg is

Li Du went up to him with an apologetic face. “I’m sorry, I am germaphobic. I can’t stand
strangers touching me. Didn’t your partner warn you about that? I had beaten him up
several times for touching me.”

Conrad did not react to Li Du’s words and seized the opportunity to shout for the
security guard: “He provoked my partner, drive him away from the auction!”
When the security guard came over, Li Du said, “I am germaphobic. They touched me

“Is that so? Did you touch him?” The security guard asked.

Merlot shook his head firmly. “No, I did not touch him.”
His expression was very convincing and his words sounded as though they were true.
However, the people around them were not blind, and everyone booed. The security
guard understood at once what was going on and said impatiently, “Don’t stir up trouble.
Get in and keep your heads down!”

Merlot and Conrad had no choice but to enter the warehouse company quietly.

Hans said, “I thought you would find a way to get them out of here.”
Li Du smiled. “Why bother? The warehouses in there aren’t that valuable, so let them
stay. Right, what the hell is going on with you and this Merlot?”

Hans spat. “He f*cked me over miserably. This f*cking bastard should die!”
Li Du spoke loudly, “Well, I will help you get your revenge today. I will find a way to
make these bastards regret they ever messed with us.”
Hans’ spirits rose and he asked, “Do you already have an idea?”

Li Du said with a mysterious squint, “Just watch the fun.”

White gloves opened the first warehouse. The auction was about to begin.