Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1044

Chapter 1044 Wild

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The first warehouse had a bunch of furniture that was awaiting repair works. It was neatly and looked spectacular.

The treasure hunters were dissatisfied and started to pout, complaining:

“What is this? Alright, a load of trash, who would want that?”

“Would still have to hire a good furniture repairman after buying this. Buddies, if you are bidding for this, better think of what you can afford.”

“Whoever wants it can take it, I’m moving on.”

Li Du smiled. You guys are looking down on this warehouse? Then you will be even more disappointed with the ones to follow!

A treasure hunter who was familiar with Li Du’s capabilities came over to say hello. “Hi, Boss Li. I heard that you visited Africa a while ago. How was it?”

Li Du said, “Not too bad. You should take a trip to South Africa as well. This season is very suitable for diving, it’s absolutely stunning.”

The treasure hunter scoffed, “Where would the money come from? We are not like you. You earn big bucks at every auction. Speaking of which, what have you laid your eyes on here?”

Initially, Li Du was not exactly well liked in Los Angeles and faced a lot of resistance. After all, Boll and York were still in prison because of him.

However, as Jesus and Magic Hand had a close relationship with him, the resentment of the other treasure-hunters had gradually faded away. Or rather, they did not want to provoke anyone who was friends with Jesus and Magic Hand.

Once people overheard that someone asked Li Du for information about the auction, many gathered around and began to listen attentively.

Li Du continued to grin. “This warehouse is not that bad. The others might not even be able to match up to this.”

The treasure hunters heaved a collective sigh. Some of them got ready to leave.

Seeing that, Merlot was surprised. “Hey, who said this Chinese dude is such a great expert? How is it that he got you all convinced? He’s just a country bumpkin, isn’t he?”

Los Angeles was a top globalized city. The local treasure hunters naturally had a certain amount of pride. Typically, they would look down on treasure hunters who came from other places.

Merlot, a local in Los Angeles, was clearly aware of that mentality.

Conrad laughed coolly. “He has some ties with Jesus and Magic Hand. So all these idiots think he’s good. Personally, I don’t see any of it.”

Merlot had some suspicions and said with hesitation, “Buddy, you wouldn’tget me to provoke someone I shouldn’t, right?”

He began to have misgivings. He had just returned to Los Angeles after staying in the east for a while. He was not exactly up-to-date with the local situation.

If he had known that Li Du was a friend of Jesus and Magic Hand, he would not have agreed to Conrad’s request. He would not have accompanied him here to agitate Hans.

Realizing that he had said the wrong thing, Conrad quickly changed direction. “He has nothing to back that reputation. Don’t worry, though. We can see that from the information he gave. Did you hear what he just said?”

Merlot nodded. Conrad laughed coolly, “He is spouting nonsense. He doesn’t know anything at all. There are two more warehouses after this, and those have the good stuff!”

That was one of Merlot’s reasons to team up with Conrad. Hearing these words, he perked up, “You’re sure? There’s no issue with the information?”

Conrad said arrogantly, “Are you doubting the connections of the Anthony family?”

Merlot hastened to say, “No, no, of course not.”

White Gloves raised his hand. The auction began.

Li Di had no interest in the furniture. However, he had already conducted another round of careful examination. He was sure that there was nothing really valuable in any of the warehouses.

Four warehouses had been auctioned off. He had checked those out without finding anything of real value.

The fifth warehouse, also known as number 102, was the first watch warehouse. It contained counterfeit watches and their production equipment.

That warehouse was open. However, as the cabinet was covered in cloth, the rest of the people were unable to see the watches inside it or the machinery behind it. Hence, not many were interested.

That warehouse was very important to Li Du. It was one of the most crucial parts in the execution of his plan.

Again, he let out the little bug to search carefully in there. e found nothing new. Calling Hans to his side, he started whispering. They were ready to carry out their plan.

Li Du realized that, while he was whispering to Hans, Conrad and Merlot were also speaking to each other in hushed tones. In addition, Conrad had been keeping his eyes at the cabinet all the while.

He gave Lu Guan a look, hinting him to get closer to Conrad and Merlot and eavesdrop on them.

Lu Guan promptly walked over, saying, “Important news, there are watches in there, all branded!”

Li Du stopped in his tracks. Did Conrad just get information about the warehouse?

Soon after Lu Guan spoke, one of the treasure hunters near Li Du walked silently over to Conrad. Approaching Conrad and Merlot, he whispered something to them.

As he heard the treasure hunter’s words, Conrad’s face changed and he glared at Li Du.

Li Du quickly realized that this treasure hunter was probably planted by Conrad to hang around him and spy on him.

He had underestimated Conrad. After all, Conrad had been shadowing a treasure tycoon in the ten million club since he was young. Conrad had long experience with the auction world. He would be no stranger to such tricks.

However, what just happened was actually in his favor. Li Du had been trying to think of ways to get Conrad to take the bait. In the end, he realized that he already got Conrad hooked.

Conrad knew that the two warehouses stored watches, but he could not know that they were all counterfeit!

White Gloves started to call for bids, “Okay, those who are interested in the contents of this warehouse, get close to me and let me see you guys. Without further ado, let’s start the bidding. The starting bid is 500 dollars. Did you hear? 500 dollars”

The treasure hunters began to complain, “500 dollars? 500 dollars for a few cabinets?”

“Damn unlucky. Wasted my petrol and time for nothing.”

“Who would take the chance? There might be valuable things hidden in the cabinet, haha.”

Li Du raised his hand promptly, “1,000 dollars!”

The treasure hunters stopped their humming and looked at Li Du in shock.

Conrad stared at him too, angry and frustrated.

Noticing Conrad’s look, Li Du felt more confident.

White Gloves pointed at him said, “Okay, 1,000 dollars, this buddy just went up to 1,000 dollars in a jiffy. He’s obviously a smart lad. Anyone willing to bid higher?”

Conrad nodded, “2,000 dollars!”

White Gloves was happy. Two bids, each doubling the previous one! The auctioneers liked such scenes of competitive bidding.

Without hesitation, Li Du shouted, “10,000 dollars!”

The treasure hunters inhaled collectively. The door of the warehouse was still open. Someone tried to take a peek inside, curious about the contents.

The corner of Conrad’s lip twitched before he called out, determined, “11,000 dollars!”

“20,000 dollars!” Li Du bid.

Conrad said with a darkened look, “21,000 dollars.”

Li Du continued to up the price by a crazy margin. He looked at his opponent, challenging him, and called out, “40,000 dollars!”

Conrad glared at him fiercely “41,000 dollars!”

Li Du responded, “50,000 dollars!”

Seeing that, Conrad spat and laughed coldly, “50,000 dollars! Get ready to lose your money!