Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045 Bloodbath

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Li Du’s mad attitude at bidding, together with what Conrad had said combined to prove
only one thing, which was that they all acknowledged the situation regarding this
This made the treasure hunters very anxious and someone could not help but ask,
“Hey, man, what’s in there? What have you got?”
“Yes, let us know too.”
“We will not bid against you. We could never afford that. But spill the beans and we’ll
Li Du did not say a word, and Conrad sneered: “Inside there’s a pile of dung, but some
people think of it as gold. Fifty thousand dollars to buy a pile of dog poop. Hah hah hah
hah, you wait, he will soon regret it!”

Regardless of this, White Gloves was unbothered. He pointed cheerfully at Li Du and
said, “Is there a higher bid than fifty thousand dollars, fifty thousand dollars, fifty
thousand dollars?”
“Fifty thousand dollars going once, going twice, sold!”
Li Du waved his hand, and Godzilla had the warehouse locked.
Conrad walked past and stared at him. “I fooled you, you idiot. I tricked you. You’ll see.”

Li Du said calmly, “It is a designer timepiece in there!”

Conrad smiled disdainfully. “You are right, there are some branded watches in there,
but how many pieces of them? Getting secondhand goods with fifty thousand dollars?
Why don’t you make this your business?”

He said this in a heartfelt manner. According to the information he had, the watches and
machines in the warehouse were not worth forty thousand dollars. If one wanted to
make a profit, thirty thousand dollars would do.

Just now when he was bidding, he deliberately tricked Li Du into bidding higher, and
now his goal has been achieved. This was why he was so happy.
Before leaving, he patted Li Du’s chest blithely and said, “Watch out for your leg. The
news you overheard may not necessarily be true, and thieves will never get a good
Li Du’s foot slammed up again while Conrad was talking to him. His kick was too fast for
Conrad to avoid, and Li Du’s foot collided with his kneecap. Conrad hopped and
screamed in pain, clutching his knee.
The security guard in charge of maintaining order came over with a menacing look, and
Li Du helplessly spread out his hands. “I have just said so outside, I’m germaphobic. I
can’t control myself when someone touches me.”
Conrad screamed, “F*ck off, you f*cking bastard! Security, throw him out. He provoked
A security guard snapped at him, “You don’t touch others in the first place. So what if he
provoked you? You were the one who provoked him first.”
Li Du spread out his arms, looking at Conrad with an innocent expression. This got
Conrad swearing again. “F*ck you, you f*cking bastard.”
“Swearing can also trigger me to attack. It is just as provocative,” Li Du said.
Conrad stared at him murderously and limped forward.
Warehouse number 103 opened, and more wooden shelves appeared in front of the
Some treasure hunters were upset because the shelves were covered with dust-proof
satin and they could not see a thing.
Conrad looked at Li Du, and Li Du looked at the contents of the warehouse with
hesitation. He had a wolf-eyed flashlight in his hand and was trying to make use of it.

White Gloves raised his hands, shouting, “All right, everybody step over to see the end
of the official warehouse opening with a good price. I can tell you I’ve received a
message saying that this warehouse and number 102 are twin warehouses.”
Twin warehouse meant that the two warehouses belonged to the same family, and the
goods were often implicated.
However, the treasure hunters were not flustered by this news. They were not blind,
after all, and there was a visible connection between the two warehouses as the
wooden shelves inside were exactly the same.
“The same starting price of five hundred dollars, only five hundred. I dare say that this is
a very low price. So who is interested? Who has a higher bid?”
Because of Li Du’s and Conrad’s previous bids, the treasure hunters were very positive.
Unlike before, the pace of the bidding was very fast.
“Six hundred dollars, I’ll give you six hundred dollars!”
“A thousand dollars, look at me, a thousand dollars!”
“I want it! It’s time to risk it. Damn it, two thousand dollars!”
Conrad stood in front of the crowd with a cold expression on his face and did not move
at all, as if he wanted to come up with a trick.
Li Du smiled and looked at him, and loudly said, “Ten thousand dollars!”
At this moment, the treasure hunters were stunned. This price was insane, and most of
them did not have this much money.
Even if they had this sum of money, they would be afraid to make such a high bid,
which was too risky. They couldn’t afford to offer exorbitant prices without knowing what
was in the warehouse.
Conrad had his eyes closed. Li Du’s bid made him feel pressured.
“What the hell is in there?” A treasure hunter couldn’t help asking.

Li Du shrugged easily: “I don't know. I have money, and I am willful.”
The treasure hunters booed, mostly out of envy and hatred.
In fact, Li Du was only concerned with Conrad’s and Merlot’s attitude.
Merlot hesitated and whispered, “Do you want to bid?”
“Eleven thousand dollars!” Conrad nodded to the auctioneer and then answered Merlot,
“Of course I’ll bid!”
Li Du saw that he was hesitant about the bidding and decided to egg him on as he
planned at the beginning.
He placed some flying insects on a shelf to absorb the time energy in the pull rope that
held the silk scrub.
The time energy could put an end to the bid, accelerating the rope’s aging and making it
The satin cloth slipped and the watches hidden behind revealed its truth.
At this time, there were treasure hunters shining around with flashlights. When the
watches were exposed, the treasure hunters shouted with fresh energy, “Oh, all
Conrad’s gaze shrunk. He squeezed through the crowd and looked inside the
warehouse door to see the watches.
The crowd was bubbling with energy, and someone asked: “There are still a few
cabinets, are those all watches?”
“Do you want a bet? It’s all watches. Patek Philippe, that’s Patek Philippe!”
“What if it’s not? What if it’s all empty in there?”
Conrad looked at the cupboard, listening to the words of the treasure hunters. He bit his
teeth and said to the auctioneer: “Twenty thousand dollars!”

He believed that the warehouse watchman had not deceived him and that it was full of
watches worth hundreds of dollars each.
Li Du shouted with a fanatical expression, “Fifty thousand!”
The two men’s bidding war officially launched.
“Sixty thousand dollars!”
“Eighty thousand dollars!”
“A hundred thousand!”
“A hundred and fifty thousand!”
“Two hundred thousand dollars”
Other treasure hunters were stunned. They wanted to participate in the bid but found
that there was no space at all.
The Gods continued to fight and the little devil walked away.

Li Du decided to increase his bid. His bidding posture was very tough, and everyone
who paid attention to him could see that he was not bluffing. He was determined to win
this warehouse.
Similarly, Conrad was also determined to win, he was firm in his attitude. His emotions
were driven by Li Du. In the end, the two started a bloody battle.