Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051 Big Client

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The collection culture in America was unique worldwide. Since the country had a short
history, they did not have anything like antiques or artifacts. Thus, their collection culture
was more applicable to their modern lives.
Comic collection was one very important branch in the American collectors’ world.
Everyone knew that the otaku (nerd) culture was well-developed in Japan, but the
American otaku culture was very advanced as well.
Moreover, not only nerds collected comic books in America. A few generations of
Americans had grown up on comic books, and it was part of their culture.
For example, in the famous American drama series ‘Big Bang’, there were many comic
books, garage kits, and peripheral products shown on screen, as the four male leads in
the drama were comic lovers.
Li Du had come across this type of collection culture before, so he understood how
much Americans loved their comics. Yet it was shocking that a comic book could be
sold for over a million dollars!
Hans looked through the comic books, searching for those that might be worth a lot.
They had gotten quite a number of comics that were worth some money among all the
old books. Apart from the few that were worth millions, there were some worth a few
hundred, a few thousand, or even up to ten thousand dollars.
These comics could be auctioned on eBay, but the most expensive ones required a
different approach. They had to look for comic enthusiasts to take over.
Li Du and Hans thought of the same person at the same time – Pastorife Porter, a rich
young man whose background was unknown. This man loved collecting everything
related to the otaku culture.
The two men felt a little depressed as they thought about him. “If we had known, we
wouldn't have left Los Angeles!”
Hans called Porter on the phone, and after he hung up, Li Du asked, “How was it? Is he
“Of course, this fella is very interested,” Hans said optimistically. “And there's another
piece of good news for you. We don't have to be upset. Although we didn't find out how
valuable these comic books are back in Los Angeles, it’s no big deal.”
Li Du asked, “What do you mean, no big deal?”
Hans said, “Porter isn't in Los Angeles, he's in Miami. So it wouldn’t have mattered
whether we had discovered the value of these comics bin Los Angeles or in Phoenix.
We would still have to take a flight to deliver them.”

A business deal that was worth up to a million dollars could not wait any longer. They
only stayed for a day before buying another ticket to fly over to Miami.
Miami was located in the southeastern state of Florida, the famous land of sunshine.
The first thing that became famous in Florida was not its beaches, coconut trees, or
pretty ladies in luxury cars, but the ‘Eternal Fountains’.
In the year 1513, the Spanish explorer Ponce de Len received orders to search for the
fountain of crystal that could make people immortal, and so he arrived at the Florida
Some more Spanish explorers arrived after him. They didn't find the fountain of crystal,
so they decided to look for gold instead, but of course, there was none.
From that time onwards, Florida began to gain worldwide recognition globally, even
though it began with a tragedy.
There were quite a few native tribes living in Florida before the Europeans came. The
native residents had lived there for eleven thousand years before the Spaniards arrived.
After the Spanish colonists took over, the indigenous people had nearly all died out
within two centuries.
The Spanish had brought war, killings, and diseases with them.
In the 18th century, Spain and England had begun a war to fight for Florida. They both
wanted to take over this piece of the new world, but in the end, it became part of the
United States.
In the year 1845, it was announced that Florida was joining the United States of
America. All the developers and investors planned to turn this marsh peninsula into
agricultural land and a vacation spot.
During the 20th century, Henry Flagler, the railway tycoon, developed the Florida East
Coast Railway, which facilitated the development of large canals. In the following
decade, real estate in Florida had improved exponentially. Thus, modern Miami was
born, transforming from a swamp to a big city.
While they were on the plane, Hans was excited. “This is such a great time to go to
Miami, Li. Miami has possibly the prettiest fall season in the whole of the United States.
You’ll love it, I’m sure.”
Li Du shook his head and said, “The prettiest fall isn’t in Miami.”
“Where, then?”
“In my hometown,” Li Du said passionately.

Hans showed him a middle finger. “You’re an idealist.”
However, the curvy blonde lady who was sitting beside them was touched by Li Du’s
words. She asked with deep interest, “Where is your hometown? I completely agree
with you, the seasons are always most beautiful in our own hometown.”
At once, Hans nodded solemnly. “Yes, it’s true. You can’t help being attached to your
home country. I always dream that I'm sitting alone in the lavender field back in my
hometown, with my Labrador resting next to me”
He was showing the passionate side of him, and it made Li Du nauseous.
The blonde lady did not buy it either. She said, “Judging from your accent, I take it
you're from Arizona. Where is that lavender farm in Arizona?”
Hans blinked and said, “Actually, my ancestral home is France. Provence, France.”
The blonde lady stared at him with soft doe eyes, and said, “What a coincidence! I am
from Provence as well. Gallery South of Provence, to be exact. What about you?”
Hans inhaled deeply and said, “I'm tired, you guys go ahead and chat.”
Li Du couldn't help but laugh out loud.
The blonde lady, who introduced herself as Elize, was indeed from France. She was
touring around the world and her next stop was Asia. She saw that Li Du had the look of
an Asian, so she wanted to ask him for some information.
Both of them had a lot of fun talking, and by the time the plane landed in Miami, Elize
didn't want to lose touch. She gave her number to Li Du.
Hans winked at Li Du, hinting him to go after her, as this lady was clearly willing.
Li Du quietly showed him a middle finger. He thought that Hans was clueless when it
came to personal matters.
After getting off the plane, they were welcomed by Miami's warm breeze and bright
sunshine. The pace of life in Miami seemed very different from other places in America.
They rented a car and began driving toward the southern beaches. As the car drove
along the road, Li Du could feel the difference between this city and others he had
Wherever he looked, he saw tanned pretty women, many of them Latin by the look of
them. Many of the local men had Havana cigars in their mouths, and there were many
Cuban style discos full of people dancing along to Bolero songs.

There were many gallery artists on the streets as well. They strolled around with easels
on their backs. Sometimes the people who were sunbathing on the beach would wave
them over to pose for a portrait.
There were many restaurants in the area as well, Caribbean diners, Cuban diners,
Argentinian, Haitian, and many other ethnic cuisines. There was everything, in fact,
except the standard Western-style diners that Li Du was used to seeing in Arizona.
The southern beaches of Miami were reportedly the most beautiful in the whole of
America. As the car went along the coastline, they saw the pristine white beach and
turquoise warm sea.
Porter was staying in a private estate located in the area. Hans gave him a phone call,
but nobody picked up.