Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052 Naive Rich Man

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When the call failed to go through, Hans looked worried. He pushed the door open and
paced outside the car, frowning.
Li Du thought it was nothing and said lazily, “Just call again, why are you in a rush?”
Hans stared at him and said, “Shit, I’m afraid something had happened. It’s a business
that cost millions!”
Tang Chaoyang was not wrong. The valuable comic book here could be worth for
Li Du did not care much about the money. It was only ten million dollars. Besides the
huge amount of money on his bank card, the diamond mine he owned and the opal
mine he was about to own cost hundreds of millions!
There was no need to say this, however, so he looked at the beautiful scenery outside
and asked, “What could possibly happen?”
Hans muttered, “What if the information gets out and someone steals that boy Porter’s
cell phone, gets our coordinates and then comes to grab our comic book when we call?”
Brother Wolf touched his belt and said, “He would have to open the tank to snatch it.
Don’t worry, I can handle it.”
The trip to Africa had made him cautious, and he now carried a gun wherever he went.
Of course, carrying a gun was not the same as using one. For example, when they were
in Los Angeles, they faced Carl, a boxer hired by Conrad. Brother Wolf did not use the
gun even to win the fight.
However, if someone came to rob them and the situation got serious, Brother Wolf
would have to pull out the gun. The most important thing for him was Li Du’s safety. To
keep Li Du safe, he was more than willing to do whatever it took to solve problems.
While they were discussing the matter, Hans’ phone rang. Seeing that it was Patrick
Porter who called back, he hurried to answer.

Porter’s voice was as gentle as usual, but this time it was a little hoarse. “Hi. I’m sorry,
Mr. Fox, but I was at a party. It was a mess. I didn’t hear my phone ring.”
As soon as he knew Porter was all right, Hans cheered up and asked, “That’s fine, are
you at a party now? Then we can talk another time.”
With a self-deprecating laugh, Porter said, “No, I’m not welcome here anyway. Come
on, you guys can come over here so that I would not look lonely.”
They started the car and they drove to the address Porter had given them.
Judging from the phone call, the young master seemed to be in a bad situation.
On the way, Li Du said, “When we reach the party, be quiet, boys. The man who makes
Master Porter so unhappy must be one of the big shots. We should not provoke him.”
His eyes were fixed on Hans, to whom his words were mainly addressed.
This social elite party was bound to attract many beautiful girls. Judging from Hans’
usual behavior, he would be quick to get into trouble with pretty ladies around.
On the plane, for instance, if Li Du hadn’t restrained him, he would have flirted with
Elize, the French girl.
Hans understood the hint and said moodily, “Do you think I’m stupid? This is about tens
of millions. Rest assured, I know very well what to do.”
“God bless you,” Li Du pursed his lips.
Porter gave them the address of a Cape villa, a large house on the cape of the south
beach, deep in the clear blue sea. It was surrounded by the sea on three sides and had
a breathtaking view.
The villa was not large, but the scenery was outstanding. There were large areas of
white sand, coconut trees, deep blue sea, and white waves rolling on the beach, like a
slice of soft crystal jelly.
After they drove past the car park in the flat area behind the villa, Li Du found Porter
idling around on the grass in his electric balance.

Li Du and the others came out of the car. Porter happily approached them and said,
“Welcome to Miami, guys. Long time no see.”
Hans gave him a big hug and said exaggeratingly, “Of course, of course. I miss you so
much, my good friend. I wish we could meet more often.”
Porter seemed touched by his enthusiasm and put an arm around his shoulders. “Have
a good time in Miami, then. Let’s play together. I’ll be the host.”
Hans was just talking. Seeing that the young man seemed to take him seriously, he felt
a little embarrassed.
“You aren’t participating in the party?” asked Li Du.
The music in the villa was so loud that they could hear it thudding from where they
stood outside, along with cheering, shouting, and piercing laughter.
Porter shook his head. “I don’t like it. I’m not used to it. I can’t join in,” He shrugged,
looking helpless.
Hans was puzzled and said, “Didn’t you organize this party? If you don’t like it, why host
Li Du thought he knew what was going on and smiled. “You have no choice, do you?
Are the guests connected to your family’s business partner?”
Porter shook his head. “No, I don’t know most of them at all.”
Even Li Du was puzzled now. He had thought that Porter was hosting the party to
strengthen his ties with some second-generation rich people.
“Then why are you having this party?”
“I’m doing it for a girl. Well, it’s her birthday party,” said Porter a little shyly.
Now things looked a lot more understandable.
Hans put his arm around Porter’s shoulders and said, “Do you like her? You want to go
after her? So how can you stay outside now? God, let me save this lost lamb!”

Li Du glared at him and said, “Have you forgotten what I told you? Don’t mess around
Porter stopped him and said, “That’s all right, Li. If Big Fox can help me, that’s great. I
don’t know how to get along with girls.”
Hans shook his head. “If I had this villa and the financial resources you have, damn it I
could even pick up Scarlett Johansson!”
“I shouldn’t have used this villa. Ariana thought I rented it. She thought I was too proud,
too wasteful, and didn’t like me,” said Porter miserably.
Hans started, amazed. “Don’t tell me the girl does not know your identity!”
Porter shrugged. “She doesn’t. She’s a graduate student at the University of Miami. I
met her on the internet.”
Hans could not help but smile sadly, and said, “Are you playing the game of the rich guy
going down into the populace? The poor try to pretend they are rich to pick up girls. You
obviously are super rich, but you want to act like a poor guy?”
Porter argued, “Not a poor guy, a middle-class guy, a hardworking comic book store
owner. Anyway, I don’t want Ariana to be with me because of the money.”