Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054 Gift Time

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Porter’s words made Sean very dissatisfied, and he shouted, “Ha, really interesting, you
even know where the tiles of this villa are from? As if you were the owner of this
A girl with flaxen hair interfered and said, “Stop it, Sean, you’re looking for trouble.”
The girl looked at Porter and smiled, “Never mind what Sean said, Porter. I’m sorry for
the damage to the fountain. I’ll go with you to the owner of the villa and pay for the
Sean shrugged his shoulders and said, “Now, Ariana. I did it, and I’ll take care of it. You
needn’t mind. Porter and I will take care of this, won’t we, Porter?”
He looked at Porter with an aggressive expression.
Hans’ eyes were even more aggressive. “Dude, are you hosting the party or not? Or
should we now contact the homeowner to negotiate compensation?”
Sean had no intention of paying compensation. He saw that Porter was easygoing, and
wanted to manipulate him into paying for it.
After Hans spoke back, Sean looked at him carefully, thinking that he is not that easy to
handle. He picked up the wet microphone to continue hosting the birthday party.
And then there were birthday gifts. Everyone gave their present, and Ariana opened
A girl who seemed to be very close to Ariana took out a large box first. When Ariana
opened it, there was a tennis racket inside.
“Honey, I know you had wanted to change your tennis racket. Come on, try it. Is it
Ariana looked surprised, threw her arms around the girl and cried out with enthusiasm.
Porter was about to give his present when Li Du walked over and asked, “What have
you prepared?”

“A car. There’s something wrong with Ariana’s Beetle that needs major repairs. I will
give her a brand new Beetle.”
Hans smacked his lips and said, “It’s a nice gift, but not quite the right one, I think.
Someone once gave my sister a sports car and he couldn’t quite get her.”
Li Du rolled his eyes. I did not want to pursue your sister, OK?
“What do you think I should give her, then?” asked Porter nervously.
Just as Hans was about to speak, Li Du looked at the presents people had given Ariana
and said, “Does Ariana like sports? Is she an active sort of girl?”
In addition to the tennis racket from the first girl, there were also yoga mats, gym
memberships, sneakers and other gifts from the back, most of which were connected to
sports and exercise.
Porter nodded, “Yes, she does.”
“Then I have a nice present right here,” said Li Du.
He opened the black hole and pretended to take out some tickets from his wallet.
“Tickets to the Miami Heat, let me see tickets to the Christmas Game, tickets to the
Lakers. Oh, this is a monthly ticket, you give this to her and go with her to the game,”
said Li Du, handing him the tickets.
Seeing the tickets to the game, Porter said happily, “Ah, yes, this is just right!”
Hans was surprised. “Where did you get so many good tickets? This is a front row
ticket, we could not have bought it!”
“Remember how Lebron James came to see me?” said Li Du. “This is the ticket he gave
me at that time.”
Someone nearby heard his words and said, “Brag.”
Lebron James was one of the top five most famous and popular stars in American
sports. He played for a team in Miami this season but was extremely popular here as

Li Du was too lazy to talk to these minions.
Ariana’s friends gave her presents one by one, leaving Porter and Sean for the end.
Sean looked at Porter and pointed at him with his chin. “Hey, man, what have you got?
Come on, it’s not the key to the villa, is it? Haha!”
The laughter rose all around again.
Li Du frowned. What’s so funny about that? He guessed that something happened
before they came. What Sean said related to that.
When Porter was about to show the tickets, Hans held him back and said to Sean, “My
friend is our host today. According to the party rules, he should be the last one to give
his present. Why don’t you take out your present first?”
Similar to the last person to visit at a warehouse auction, the most important person at
an American birthday party was usually the last to give their gift.
Sean wanted to argue, but Ariana smiled and said, “Take it out, Sean, I can’t wait to see
your gift. I’m sure everyone feels the same.”
Some of the girls joined her in their cheers. It was evident that Ariana was very popular.
It was difficult for Sean to resist. He looked at Porter demonstratively and snapped his
The young man next to him carefully brought out a small golden box. Sean opened it,
revealing a layer of fine flannelette pad with a necklace and a pair of earrings on top of
The necklace and earrings were very beautiful. The necklace pendant was a fiery heart-
shaped gem, with glittering and translucent faint white streaks. It was like a cloud in a
sunset sky.
The earring pendants were a moon and a star. They were black, not pure black, but
black crystal with interesting-looking color spots.

Li Du was stunned. These looked familiar. The red stone was a fire opal, and the others
were black opals!
Upon seeing the jewels, the girls cried out,
“Oh, how beautiful!”
“Oh, is this an opal?”
“I can’t! I’m going to faint!”
One girl asked hesitantly, “Is this by any chance the Love of Ink jewelry series that
Harry Winston just launched this fall?”
Li Du was even more stunned. This was jewelry made by his own company? This Sean
sure paid a lot in order to impress the girl.
As a shareholder, Li Du knew well that the company’s opal jewelry was very expensive.
Moreover, fire opals and black opals were the most expensive of all. He estimated that
this set cost at least a hundred thousand!
Facing the excited public, Sean nodded with satisfaction and said, “That’s right, this is
the new collection by Harry Winston. Pretty, isn’t it? I like Harry Winston’s designs, you
Now he began to explain about the jewelry in an ostentatious manner.
Ariana, however, pushed his present away. She said earnestly. “This is beautiful, but I
can’t accept it. It’s too expensive..”
“It’s all right, Ariana. You see, the jewelry price is mostly because of the brand. I bought
this set through a relative who is a shareholder in Harry Winston, so I didn’t pay that
After a pause, he winked at the girl. “Besides, if Harry Winston had known it was for a
beautiful girl like you, they would have given you these jewels for free, because you’d
make them shine when you wear them!”