Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059 A Chaos

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Looking at different designs on the wall, Li Du shook his head and said, “It’s awful to
have a house here. Oh, God. Everything is a mess!”
The avant-garde artists did not just paint on the wall. Over time, most of the walls had
filled and there was no space for new graffiti.
Hence, some people found a way. They used white paint to spray over the graffiti, and
then painted fresh graffiti over that.
This was kind of like using correction fluid for rewriting when Li Du was in primary
school. However, the objective was different.
Potter smiled. “When you live in Wynwood, you have to be prepared for this. The locals
are not annoyed by this kind of things. It makes the place where they live a famous art
exhibition in America.”
Li Du sighed. “I need to improve on my sense of art and culture. Comics are a type of
art, graffiti is also a type of art, even rap songs are a type of art.”
As he said this, he could not help but shake his head. In his opinion, gold, silver, and
cash were art. There was nothing to say, he was just an ordinary person.
Many artists of various ages and backgrounds participated in the event. Although the
event was held every month, it would attract many fans every time.
Li Du was making his way through the crowd. It was not easy to move around in this
place. Some people were moving forward, while others were coming from the opposite
direction. There were alleys on both sides of the street, and more people would come
out of those from time to time.
Hence, the street was extremely hard to navigate.
Li Du kept walking. Coming towards him were a few couples carrying bags, talking and
laughing. Both parties met face to face and stopped with a look of recognition.
“Hi, Li!”
“Hello, Kristen!”
Kristen Tina was a sweet girl who loved to smile. He was glad to meet her once again.
Li Du hadn’t seen her since leaving Los Angeles last year.
It appeared that the two of them were destined to run into each other. They had met
many times in unexpected places.

This time, they couldn’t help but laugh and clap almost at the same time. “What a
coincidence. We actually meet here again.”
Tina smiled, which made her eyes crinkle like two crescent moons. She said in high
spirits, “Seems like God wants us to meet. What does it mean?”
Li Du thought for a moment and said, “Maybe it means that we were siblings in our
previous life?”
Tina gave him a playful punch and said, smiling, “No, it means that you owe me a lot
from a previous life. Of course, it could also mean that I owe you something.”
A beautiful dark-skinned woman next to Kristen Tina interrupted and said, “Why don’t
you two stay together in this life? If you owe each other so much from a previous life,
you can now make up for it in this one.”
The joke went a little over the line.
Li Du hesitated to reply. A handsome smart-looking man hastened to say, “Ha, who can
be sure that this is really a coincidence? Maybe someone has been following you,
Tina ignored him. She turned back and gave the dark-skinned woman a friendly punch.
Then she smiled and said, “No, Li already has a partner in this life. I think you and
Sophie were meant to be.”
She knew about Sophie. Li Du had never hidden the fact that he had a girlfriend.
The handsome man felt a little embarrassed. He could not be mad at Tina, so he only
glared fiercely at Li Du.
Li Du felt helpless. He happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This
handsome guy was clearly interested in Tina and misunderstood Li Du’s relationship
with her.
However, Li Du did not care much. He hadn’t seen Tina for a period of time. It was a
very nice surprise to come across a friend in an unexpected place like this.
Li Du had no interest in anything beyond friendship with Tina. However, in terms of
friendship, he had a different sense of feeling about her.
The two of them were really destined to meet. This could not be considered a
coincidence anymore. They had met four times without any planning. The probability of
something like this was comparable to winning the lottery.
Now that Li Du had met Tina, he decided to delay going to the warehouse company. He
swept his eyes over the surroundings and said, “Is there a coffee shop around?
Perhaps we should go and have a chat, it has really been a long time.”

“Yeah, I missed you,” Tina said happily.
The handsome fellow was unable to bear this. He said, “Let’s not stay here and waste
time. Aren’t we looking for some famous graffiti?”
Tina shrugged her shoulders and said, “Bob, the graffiti is not going anywhere. In fact,
there’s no Banksy’s graffiti here anyway. Why are we rushing, then?”
The handsome Bob opened his mouth as if there was something he wanted to say.
However, he could on the ground.
Tina gestured, “There’s no coffee shop here, but there’s a bar. This should be quiet
enough. Follow me.”
The crowd opened before the lovely ladies, who led the way. Li Du and the others
followed behind.
Bob was also behind. As he realized that it was noisy around and no one could hear
him, he squeezed closer to Li Du and said fiercely, “Kristen is my girl. You better back
off. Otherwise, I am going to smash you into a banana sauce.”
“You had better calm down,” Li Du said.
Bob made a fist and said fiercely, “After I knock your teeth out and cut off your tongue,
you will not be able to talk like this anymore.”
Li Du looked at him inexplicably and said, “Are you mad? Kristen and I are just friends.
If you are her boyfriend”
Bob immediately interrupted, grinning madly, “Just friends? Who is going to believe
that? Four to five coincidental meetings? Motherfucker, think this is God’s arrangement?
You must be secretly following Kristen all along!”
This piece of work was unreasonable. Li Du had no energy to spare for him. He kept
quiet as he figured out a way to take care of him.
He looked around and found a police car parked in front of the street. Two strong-
looking police officers had German Shepherds with them as they were keeping an eye
on public security. Li Du looked at Bob again and saw that the zipper on his backpack
was open. He thought of an idea.
As they walked into a crowded place, he gave Brother Wolf a look and said, “Create a
Brother Wolf said, “That’s too easy.”
He grabbed a scarf from a stall on the roadside and covered his face with it. Then, he
hid at the roadside, lifted his arm and pressed his finger. Bang!

A gunshot was fired!
It was a huge mess. The scene was chaotic. People were screaming and rushing to
escape the scene. “Someone opened fire!””There are terrorists!””Help! There's a
sociopath who wants to kill us!”
It was simple and brutal, but it served the purpose. He changed his mind. As the
flustered crowd ran into Bob, he took out a gun from the black hole and stuffed it into
Bob’s backpack. At the same time, he took out a small bag of narcotics and put that into
Bob’s bag too.
The gun was from Good’s underground arsenal. There were many kinds of weapons in
the black hole, but they were for defensive purposes.
As for the narcotic, ever since he returned from South Africa, Li Du considered these
drugs and poisons as a piece of must-have equipment, a necessity for home travel.