Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1066

Chapter 1066 Car Race

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Li Du said impatiently, “We don’t doubt your sincerity, but we have our own car, we do
not need yours!”
Hans stopped to think for a while before he offered a solution. “This car is worth three
hundred thousand, you say? We will test the car, and if there are no problems, perhaps
we can seal this deal.”
Jefferson said, “Feel free to test the car!”
Brother Wolf was an expert in this area, so he picked up the keys and started the car.
Li Du reconsidered this. If the car was really worth that much, then it would be fine to
accept the deal. It was almost guaranteed they could sell it off. It would be the same as
receiving cash.
After Brother Wolf tested the car, Hans, went to take it for a test drive as well.
Li Du and Jefferson were left alone, and Li Du could not help but ask, “You haven’t even
driven two thousand kilometers in this car. Aren’t you sorry to part with it?”
Jefferson replied easily, “I have no interest in it anyway, my dad was the one who
bought it for me. I had wanted to buy an Aston Martin, but Dad would not allow it and
insisted on a Rolls-Royce. He said that a businessman should carry himself like one…”
Li Du felt that Jefferson’s dad was right. In the business world, driving a sports car just
didn’t look the same as driving a luxury car.
However, looking at Jefferson, Li Du could not see any sign that suggested he was a
Jefferson obviously had deep-seated resentment towards his father. Seeing that he had
a sympathetic listener, he began to complain about his father to Li Du.
“I have absolutely no interest in business, especially not seafood business. I want to be
a great street artist, just like Banksy. I want to make art.
“As for going up the godd*mn fishing boat, I want to kick something whenever I see a
boat. Every time I agree to go onboard, it’s only because there is no graffiti on the boat,
so I can create it.
“Don’t look down on me, buddy. It’s only because my allowance has been cut,
otherwise, I would easily agree to pay five hundred thousand for this painting. I wouldn’t
even mind paying six hundred thousand dollars. I would definitely not be stingy”
Li Du listened to Jefferson silently, without voicing his thoughts or interrupting.

This was just like Li Du had imagined the second generation of a rich family. They have
no money of their own, but still see themselves as superior to others. That was much
unlike Peter, who had no problem paying ten million for comics!
Additionally, he was certain about another thing that this young master was not cut out
for doing business. If Jefferson’s father wanted him to take over the business, it would
go bust.
There was no problem with the car. Indeed, it was a really good new car. Accepting the
car in lieu of three hundred thousand dollars was to their advantage, as the Rolls Royce
could fetch up to three hundred and fifty thousand dollars with the right buyer.
Following this, they stayed in Miami for another two days to transfer the car ownership.
After the car ownership procedures were completed, and after they received the
remaining two hundred thousand, Li Du handed over the graffiti work to the young
Li Du and his group had reaped many rewards from their Miami trip. Not only had they
earned close to ten million in cash, but they also gained a luxury car that was almost
Hans was keen to keep the car for himself.
Li Du said, “You want to drive a Rolls-Royce?”
Hans reached out to caress the car’s bonnet ornament, The Spirit of Ecstasy. Just as he
was about to touch it, the ornament retracted back into the hood.
He said, “Every man has had the dream of driving a Rolls-Royce one day. Besides, we
need a car that befits our status. Remember, Li, we are now members of the Million
Dollar Club!”
This reminder roused Li Du’s feelings and tempted him.
So what if he had a diamond under his belt and could afford to buy a small island? The
warehouse trade was where Li Du had first struck his fortune.
This time last year, their dream was to join the Millon Dollar Club. Today, although he
had a few million, that dream still lingered in his mind.
After the car ownership transfer was done, they had to think about how they would
transport the car back to Phoenix.
Hans wanted to drive the car back to Phoenix, but Li Du disagreed. Miami was in the
Southeast and Phoenix was in the Northwest. A drive across the United States would
be too taxing for the car.

It seemed that Hans held an interest in luxury cars. Seeing that Li Du was unwilling to
drive the car back, and feeling himself that it was impractical to do so, Hans could only
request to take the car out for a spin in Miami before they left.
That was something Li Du could accept. He was willing to go for a ride in the luxury car
but felt that it would be unwise to drive all the way to Phoenix.
There were racetracks in Miami, near the coastal region of the beach in the south. That
was where the topless activities had taken place before.
They drove over to that area. The racetrack was a straight, long highway. At the end of
the highway was the sea. Hence, most cars would not drive there.
Of course, the highway had been initially constructed for the purpose of sightseeing. Its
goal was to boost coastline tourism. However, the highway eventually became popular
among car racers, who used it heavily.
Miami had strict laws on car racing. However, racing on those highways by the sea was
not heavily regulated. That was because there were few pedestrians and ordinary cars
on those highways. Most of the drivers were part of the racing gangs, and they did not
affect ordinary people’s lives.
Besides, car racing was just like gambling and prostitution it was impossible for an
entertainment city like Miami to put an end to it. Hence, it was best to leave car racing
as it was, in a less populated part of the city. That would provide a place for reckless
youths to engage in this activity.
In addition, the highway by the coastline was safer. Both sides of the highway were
lined by soft sandy beaches. The repercussions of a car going out of control would be
less severe and could be better managed.
Overall, all the reasons rendered that seaside highway as heaven for racing gangs. The
authorities were lax in carrying out law and order. As long as there were no major
problems, the authorities did not care much about what anyone did.
Hans chose to drive over there because he had heard of the seaside highway. Now that
he had a luxury car, it would be unbearable for his showy self not to try to race there.
Li Du felt that it was more as if Hans had set his eyes on the local ladies. A nice car
attracted beautiful women, and a racer could easily get a pretty girl by his side.
They drove onto a wide highway lined with pure white beaches on both sides. Not far
off, waves rose and hit the seashore. Further ahead, the sand and the foam of the
waves merged into one color. It was a magnificent sight.
However, they could not hear the waves from where they were. Their sound was
drowned by vrooming engines. Whether on the beach or on the highway, there were
cars everywhere.

These were all sports cars. Some were branded, while some were self-modified. It was
only then that Li Du realized there were actually so many different brands of sports cars.
Among all the different brands, there was only one Spirit of Ecstasy. Quite predictably,
there was no sign of any other Rolls-Royce there.
The luxurious Rolls-Royce attracted many people’s attention. Some youths, clad in
sleeveless tops and with gold chains hanging down their necks, flipped the finger at
them as they drove by. Others squatted down, making vulgar movements, and some
even threw sand at their car.
Li Du could not be bothered with those people. He pushed the car door open and got
out. Since Hans was the one who wanted to come here, Li Du left him to deal with those
Soon after he got out of the car, someone suddenly rushed over towards him, calling
out, “Hey, despicable man, you have landed in my hands! Get ready to suffer!”