Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1067

Chapter 1067 Beach Fight

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When he heard this, Li Du was shocked. Who could be so arrogant?
He looked back and saw a familiar face he had seen not long ago. It was Shawn!
Yes, Shawn, the young man who gave Ariana imitation jewelry but had his wrongdoing
revealed by Li Du. Li Du didn’t expect to meet him here. What a small world Miami is.
Shawn was topless, and his well-built, muscular, tattooed torso was exposed. He strode
forward with a face full of hatred and an aggressive look.
Li Du casually glanced at him and smiled. “You didn’t run away? Are you waiting for
Harry Winston’s legal affairs team to deal with you?
Shawn said scornfully, “You won’t scare me, I have asked a lawyer about this matter.
Harry Winston would only file a lawsuit against counterfeit manufacturing companies
and vendors. Customers would not be involved. That means I’m fine.”
He looked at Li Du with a fierce and shady smile and went on. “However, you are in
trouble. How dare you come to my territory! Besides, I asked about you, and you are a
treasure hunter. Stop pretending to be a shareholder of Harry Winston!”
Li Du looked around at the luxury sports cars, and then back at Shawn, pretending to be
amazed. “Here is your territory? How stingy you are. You have so many sports cars,
and yet when it comes to picking up a girl, you would actually buy her fake jewelry from
a street stall.”
His voice was very loud, and the crowd could hear what he said.
Street racers loved to hit on girls, and had a reputation as womanizers. However, they
admired the ability to conquer a woman without cheating or violence. Such
underhanded tactics were unworthy of a true street hero.
After hearing what Li Du said, a good-looking lady contemptuously said, “Hey, Shawn,
you are such a disgrace. You truly have no balls!”
“Haha, trying to seduce girls with fake jewelry? Good job, kid. Your friends have so
much to learn from you!” someone else mocked.
With his behavior ridiculed and his name dragged through the mud, Shawn grew red in
the face and argued, “Don’t listen to this Chinese guy’s bullshit. Can you believe a
goddamn Chink? They are all liars! F*cking liars!”
Li Du was furious, but replied with a flat face, “Oh really? Then, who said this?”
He nudged Brother Wolf, who was good at imitating voices and accents. Quickly
catching on, Brother Wolf said, repeating Shawn’s words exactly, “I have asked a

lawyer about this matter. Harry Winston would only file a lawsuit against counterfeit
manufacturing companies and vendors. Customers would not be involved. That means
I’m fine.”
The crowd snorted at him, and many people taunted Shawn by turning their thumbs
down or brandishing their middle fingers at him.
Denial was futile. Shawn hated himself for accidentally spilling the beans just now. All
he could do now was divert the topic. He went up to Li Du, meaning to push him, and
swore, “F*ck you, Chinaman!”
Brother Wolf made a move to step between them, but Li Du stopped him. He used his
ability to slow down time and easily dodged Shawn’s hand. Then he grabbed
Shawn’sarms, twisted him forward and tripped him down.
Shawn tumbled and fell on the ground, landing flat on his face.
The crowd broke into whistles, applause, and hissing. They just loved to watch such
exciting scenes.,
“Wow, Shawn, you are done.”
“Didn’t you always say you had a Taekwondo black belt? Why are you so terrible?”
“Hya hya. This must be Chinese Kung Fu!”
Shawn got up, miserable and furious. He grabbed a handful of sand and clenched it in
his fist. Then, he roared, “You dare to bark? Boys, strike him dead!”
His three cronies did not have enough time to react to the situation because everything
happened way too fast for them to understand what was going on.
When they saw that Shawn was badly beaten and on the ground, they followed his
command. They extended their clenched fists and gritted their teeth as they angrily
rushed at Li Du.
Brother Wolf swung his arms, quickly took a step forward and kicked one of the boys in
the belly. He flew up high and fell down.
The other two roared and took a swing at him. Brother Wolf avoided them easily and
punched them in the stomach. Both of them crouched on the ground, gasping and
As the noise got louder, it attracted more passersby who wanted their share of the
Brother Wolf easily knocked down those three thugs. The crowd was impressed by his
outstanding agility and fighting skills.

“This is a real master!””It’s amazing, I love this bastard!””Hey, man, what’s your name?
Mind introducing yourself?”
Shawn was stunned. He had thought his cronies could defeat Brother Wolf while he was
trying to deal with Li Du in order to regain his honor. Who knew that none of them would
even make it through one round. All were knocked down so quickly.
He was scared too, and immediately withdrew his fist, which he was aiming at Li Du.
However, the most important thing for a street survivor was respect. Money could be
earned back and women could be replaced, but not respect. Once lost, it would be very
hard to regain.
Shawn knew he couldn’t quit. He clenched his teeth, pointed at Li Du and said
ruthlessly, “If you are a man, don’t get help from others. Why don’t we have a one-on-
one battle?”
Li Du scornfully said, “Who do you think you are? Why should I bother fighting with you
when I have a bodyguard?
Shawn was furious and said, “Do you think you’re so clever to have a bodyguard?”
He took his phone out of his pocket and made a call. Soon after, over ten tough-looking
guys rushed over.
After his gang came, Shawn was pleased and smiled proudly. “You only have one
bodyguard, whereas I have hundreds of friends. Are you sure you want to take up this
Li Du waved his hand, and the Rolls-Royce drove over. As the door opened, a tall,
brawny and muscular man came out of the car.
Godzilla took off his top as he walked, exposing a strong chest and sturdy abs. Just by
looking at his body, one could see that his combat power must be incredible.
The tough-looking boys suddenly stopped walking and stood still. They just stared at
Godzilla as if he were a Titan.
Li Du smiled as he looked at Shawn. “Believe it or not, I can call over ten more strong
fellows like this one here.”
Looking at Godzilla, Shawn got scared, but he still had to maintain his honor. He
pretended to be disdainful, and spat scornfully, “Go ahead and call up your men, I am
going to fight alone without help from my boys. Come on, I will take on all of you alone!”
These words were impressively hot-blooded. The crowd showed their appreciation and
gave Shawn a round of applause to express their support.

Li Du smiled. “Don’t brush me off with words. You just wanted a one-on-one fight with
me, didn’t you? Alright, let’s fight. However, I don’t like to fight without a purpose. So
let’s have a deal, whoever loses has to go one round on the beach, naked. What do you
Shawn hesitated. Just now Li Du easily knocked him off, and he was clearly the better
fighter. Shawn had no real confidence in defeating him.
However, he had ridden a tiger and now it was hard to get off. It was impossible for him
to yield. He was the one who called for a fight in the first place. Thus, he had no choice
but to clench his teeth and say, “Alright, bring it on!”