Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1068

Chapter 1068 Another Car

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Seeing that Li Du and Shawn were about to fight, the car racers got excited.
Someone came forward to organize the crowd of spectators. He told them to take a few
steps backwards, and a fighting arena was drawn up. Another person shouted, “Place
your bets, place your bets” and took out an IPad to make records.
The youths participated enthusiastically:
“I’m betting on Shawn, five hundred dollars!”
“I’m putting my bet on that Chinese buddy, he knows Kungfu!”
“Hey, Chinaman, you must win, I bet eight hundred dollars on you!”
Li Du took off his jacket and assumed his combat position. Then he wriggled his index
finger, taunting Shawn, and said, “Sure, if you want to die, I will bury you. Don’t blame
others for your death.”
Shawn glared at him menacingly, taking slow steps in his direction. Then he aimed a
punch at Li Du.
Shawn’s punch was meant to test Li Du. It was a ‘pathfinder’ move in boxing. Although
the punch looked strong, its purpose was just to test the opponent’s reaction for speed
and power, and help Shawn plan his next moves in the fight.
However, Li Du did not leave him any chance for that.
With Time Deceleration, Li Du moved quickly. First, he avoided Shawn’s fist. As Shawn
raised his right arm, Li Du took the opportunity to punch Shawn’s exposed right armpit.
Punching Shawn with his right fist, he wrapped his left arm around Shawn’s neck and
forced him down. Then, raising his leg, Li Du gave Shawn a powerful kick with his knee.
Slam! “Ah, f*ck!”
With a muffled scream, Shawn held his face in both hands and staggered down. Li Du
hesitated for a moment and sent a flying kick after him.
Shawn called out in pain again. Then, he fell onto the sand and could not stand up
again for a while.
The surrounding youths were just about to cheer, but their voices went mute. Many of
them were stunned. “This, this this, that’s it?”
The guy who had been holding onto the IPad collecting bets was even more shocked.
He had yet to close the bets and the fight was already over.

Li Du picked up the jacket that he had thrown down onto the sand. Looking at Shawn,
he said, “Hey, buddy, don’t pretend to be dead. Come, come, time to begin your nude
Shawn was still recovering from the kick. He sprawled on the sand for some time before
he regained his consciousness.
When he came to his senses, he realized that he could not get up. He pretended to
have fainted from the fight and remained resting on the beach, not moving.
He knew that if he really walked around the beach without any clothes on, he would be
the laughing stock of the city. He could forget about making a living on the streets.
However, Li Du did not want to let him off just like that. Like he had said earlier, that
bastard brought this upon himself, and now it was too late for regret.
Li Du walked over and kicked Shawn. Frowning, Li Du said, “Come on, stop acting, get
up now.”
Shawn did not move an inch and continued to act as if he had fainted from the blows.
Luckily for him, Shawn had a good relationship with other racers. He had some friends.
Seeing what had just happened, a red Ferrari drove over, its engine roaring. A
bystander said, “This is getting interesting. Is Land Leopard Caddy Lent here?”
A few moments later, a blonde youth got out of a car. He walked to Li Du’s side and
said, “Alright, buddy, you’ve won. He has fainted. Give me some face. Consider this the
end of it.”
Li Du stopped smiling. “Do we know each other? Why should I give you face?”
That caused the bystanders to erupt into laughter. “Caddy, there’s no use for your face
The blonde youth was riled up by Li Du’s words. The mocking from the bystanders
made him even angrier.
He was just about to lash out but stopped short when he saw Li Du’s left arm. His angry
face instantly morphed into a smile.
Caddy grinned and grabbed onto Li Du’s shoulder. He said, “Indeed, we do not know
each other. Now let us make an introduction. My name is Cade Lent, leader of Miami’s
Land Leopard Car Racing team. Pleased to meet you.”
Li Du exchanged a handshake with Caddy. However, as Caddy had grabbed onto Li Du
with his right arm, he stuck out his left hand. Hence, Li Du could only reach out his left
hand for the handshake.”

That was unacceptable in regular settings. However, that was not an issue in street
Caddy eyed Li Du’s left wrist before he broke the handshake. Then, he walked over to
Shawn and kicked him. “Get up.”
Shawn had been peeping through partially closed eyelids. Seeing that Caddy had
arrived, he thought that help was finally at hand. Hence, Shawn obeyed and stood up.
In a low voice, Shawn said awkwardly, “Big boss Lent.”
Caddy’s face darkened and he said, “You have the audacity to call me big boss. Does
Land Leopard have a useless deadweight like you? You should admit your loss. Go, run
along the beach naked.”
Hearing that, Shawn was dumbfounded.
That was not what he had expected. Shawn had thought that Caddy Lent smoothed the
matter over with Li Du.
Shocked, Shawn asked without thinking, “Boss Lent, what are you saying?”
Caddy responded impatiently, “Are you deaf? I told you to go and run along the beach
naked. Hurry! You should do as you said and admit defeat. Go!”
Shawn was on the verge of breaking down. He called out, “No, Big Lent, I can’t do
“Shut up!” Caddy interrupted him. He waved his hands and pushed Shawn. “Don’t be a
sissy. There are no weaklings in Land Leopard. If you want to stay in the team, man up
and stick to your word!”
Shawn was in a dilemma. In the end, he had no choice. He removed his pants and ran
along the beach with a dead look on his face.
The crowd laughed and cheered. There were more people watching now, and they
whipped out their phones to record the moment.
Caddy returned to chat with Li Du. He appeared to be very hospitable and warm, as
though they had become good friends.
Li Du had formed a good impression of Caddy. Although he was Shawn’s boss, he had
not sided with his underling. He acted fairly.
After a while, Caddy started to shift the conversation to the topic of watches. In a casual
tone, he asked, “I noticed just now that you are wearing a Patek Philippe watch. Where
did it come from?”

Hearing that, Li Du recalled how Caddy looked at his wrist previously. He understood
right away what Caddy must be thinking.
The fellow must have recognized his watch and was interested in it. No wonder he was
so warm towards Li Du and even helped him punish Shawn.
Although he now understood Caddy’s motives, he did not let it show. Li Du replied
blandly, “Oh, this. I’m involved in warehouse auctions. I got it at a warehouse last year.
As I did not have a watch, I kept this one.”
Caddy nodded, “I see. I once had a Patek Philippe watch just like this one. However, I
happened to lose it. It was a gift from my late uncle.”
Saying that, Caddy shook his head again, wearing a look of melancholy.
Li Du patted his shoulder. “Cheer up. Sorry that my watch brought up sad memories.”
Caddy responded, “It’s okay. I have gotten over his death. But I just wanted to take the
liberty to ask, if I offer you a good price, could you sell this watch to me?”
He went on, sighing, “Every time I remember how I lost my uncle’s gift, I feel sad. I’m
sure you understand.”
It was just as Li Du had guessed. He smiled and asked, “How much are you willing to
Caddy said, “The price of a high-end Patek Philippe watch is around one hundred
thousand US dollars. I am not poor, brother, I can give you one hundred thousand!”
Just as he said that, he shook his head. “No! Since you are here, it shows that you are a
car lover. I can give you a good car, my favorite sports car!”
Caddy pointed behind him, at the red sports car that he had arrived in.