Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1069

Chapter 1069 Exchange

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This was a Ferrari. Although Li Du had no interest in cars, he knew this one as it was
very famous in America. It was Ferrari of the California T series.
As for the price, it had about the same value as his new Rolls-Royce Phantom, starting
at roughly $350,000 to $360,000. The purchase price for both cars would usually be
Compared to his Rolls-Royce, this Ferrari had gone through more wear and tear.
Clearly, this car has been in use longer. According to Li Du’s first impression of Caddy,
this glamorous magnificent-looking car could have some internal technical problems.
A new Ferrari T would cost $400,000 to $500,000. Caddy said he wanted to buy his
watch for $100,000 and then offered his car in exchange.
Even Jefferson, the second generation to wealthy entrepreneurs, learned to bargain in
business too. Yet Caddy was very straight and frank with him. Either he was not as
clever as Jefferson, or there was something wrong with his car. Perhaps it was not even
worth $100,000.
Li Du quickly went through all these thoughts and managed to figure out a trick that
would help him get to the truth.
He pretended to hesitate. “You wanted to spend a hundred thousand on a watch? Plus
this car? How much is this watch worth? You must be kidding me!”
Caddy wanted to correct him and say he never meant to pay a $100,000 in addition to a
sports car. However, as he heard Li Du’s latter words, Caddy realized that he was too
pushy, which was making the other’s party wary.
Thus, he went on and said, “Haha, indeed, this watch is very valuable as it is produced
by Patek Philippe. However, as far as I am concerned, it is especially dear to me
because it reminds me of my uncle.”
Li Du continued to put him off with doubting words and in the meantime placed the little
bug in front of the sports car and activated the time reversal ability.
If Caddy was willing to pay $100,000 in addition to his sports car, it meant that the car
was worthless, or at the very least had to have some problems.
Time reversal had activated and, the car’s history was revealed.
This car’s past was full of troubles and misfortune. It went through many accidents soon
after it left the factory. It had been involved in multiple crashes, with or without other

In short, the interior and exterior of this car had been replaced in a large part, and even
its engine was overhauled.
Li Du wasn’t very familiar with cars, but he knew that once the engine had been
overhauled, a car was doomed.
However, it did not matter much. As long as a Ferrari could be started and remained in
seemingly good shape, a wedding company would be willing to pay a $100,000 for it
and use it as a wedding limousine.
After a few rounds of negotiation, the final agreement was reached. Li Du exchanged
his watch for Caddy’s sports car, with an additional payment of $100,000.
Caddy was a cautious man. As soon as they reached an agreement, he requested to
examine the watch.
Li Du removed the watch and passed it to him. “Go ahead and inspect the watch while
my boys and I inspect your car. If there isn’t any problem, we will close this business
Caddy got a bit anxious after he heard this. He carelessly examined the watch and was
certain it was the same one he remembered. Then he said, “In fact, there is nothing to
inspect. Let’s get straight to business, sign a contract and get the transfer of vehicle
ownerships done.”
He knew more than Jefferson in this aspect. After all, he was a professional street racer.
He did not only deal with hundreds of cars every year but also had a few friends who
worked in the motor vehicle industry.
It usually took up two days to process a Rolls-Royce ownership transfer, but for a
Ferrari, it required less than a day.
The process was finished at noon. Soon after his arrival in Miami, Li Du became the
owner of two luxury cars.
After signing the final contract, both shook hands with a contented smile on their faces.
“Thanks for helping me to retrieve my uncle’s watch. Thank you very much,” Caddy
smiled happily.
Li Du was very pleased too. “It’s my pleasure. I never expected a watch could be worth
that much.”
They quickly packed up and went their separate ways.
A pretty red-haired girl was moved. “Mr. Lent, your relationship with your uncle is so
profound. You were willing to pay so much just to have a watch that reminds you of

Caddy showed an odd expression and asked, “My uncle? Since when do I have an
The crowd got confused, and the red-haired girl said, “You just said that your uncle
once gave you a similar-looking watch, didn’t you? You traded for this watch in memory
of your uncle, didn’t you?
What she said made Caddy laugh. He grabbed the girl and kissed her. As he lifted his
hand to display his watch, he said, “Damn my uncle! I bought this watch because it’s
worth millions! That stupid Chinese dude didn’t even realize its value. He just wore it like
any old watch.”
His cronies were stunned. Someone said in a stunned voice, “Millions of dollars?”
Caddy nodded. “Yes, this is a Trossi-Leggenda. The president of Ferrari once wore it at
an F1 competition. Every racer should know this.”
When Li Du had taken off his clothes, Caddy noticed this legendary watch at a glance.
He then contrived some ways to have a few rounds of close inspection. Afterward, he
was certain of the authenticity of this watch. It was once a famous watch in the racing
world, but then it went missing.
Caddy once heard some older racers discussing this watch. According to them, it was
worth four or five million dollars. Yet he managed to get it for $100,000 and a scrapped
and beaten sports car. What a deal!
He was very proud and told the boys the legendary story of this watch. Everyone was
surprised and kept praising Caddy for his sharp sight and clever business skills.
Gloomy Shawn said, however, “Master Lent, things may not be so simple. If this watch
is so valuable, that damn Chinese fellow must have known.”
Caddy gazed at him. “What do you mean?”
“That Chinese guy is very cunning. He is very close to the president of Harry Winston,
Inc. If he was wearing this watch, his circle of friends should have been able to
recognize it even if he couldn’t,” Shawn said.
Caddy’s face changed. “He knows the president of Harry Winston, Inc.? Damn it, why
didn’t you tell me earlier? Don’t tell me he is the treasure hunter!”
“Shawn is right. He drives a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Since when can a treasure hunter
afford such a luxury car?” someone interrupted.
Caddy waved, “It is not necessarily true. He just got this car. When we talked about it
just now, he told me he got it from Jefferson in exchange for Banksy’s graffiti.”

He asked some questions about Li Du’s identity and some information relating to the
Li Du managed to answer without a flaw. Caddy knew Jefferson because he was also a
street art lover, despite being the second generation of rich entrepreneurs. That was
how they knew each other.
Caddy secretly called Jefferson for verification. Indeed, Li Du obtained his Rolls-Royce
through the exchange of a graffiti from a warehouse.
The red-haired girl said, “Let’s stop all these discussions. There’s a Patek Philippe
franchised shop here in town, so why don’t we bring it over there for expert appraisal?”
“Sia is right, let’s do it!”