Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1070

Chapter 1070 Go

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A watch had been exchanged for a sports car and a hundred thousand dollars. Hans
asked, “The watch you were wearing was a fake, right? That was the imitation watch
that Old Charlie gave you, right?”
“That’s right,” Li Du smiled and nodded.
Old Charlie was a top watch imitator. That Patek Philippe was a fake crafted to
resemble the real piece very closely. After Old Charlie had seen the real piece, he even
modified the fake watch to make it look more like the real deal.
Hearing Li Du’s answer, Hans said at once, “Let’s hurry and leave Miami. We can go to
another city to complete the ownership transfer of the car, and take a plane from there.”
Li Du asked, “What happened? What’s the rush?”
Hans exclaimed, “You ask what happened? We have cheated that poor bloke. Let’s
leave quickly. There are no kind souls making a living on the streets of Miami. After he
finds out that the watch is a fake, he will definitely make trouble for us!”
Li Du could not care less. “Then let him come for us. Anyway, I have the contract in my
The sky had turned dark. They would have to stay in Miami for that night.
Just like Hans, Li Du felt that Caddy Lent would look them up and make trouble after
realizing he had been fooled.
Hence, he decided not to stay in Porter’s villa. Otherwise, they would also get Porter
involved once Caddy Lent found out that they were living there.
After Hans heard this, he said, “If you know there will be trouble, why not flee Miami
quickly? Staying here is very dumb, do you know that?”
Li Du responded, “Listen, there is no problem with the contract. I have not fooled or lied
to Caddy Lent. He was the one initiating the deal. He can look us up and make trouble,
but we are not in any danger.”
Hans said, “That makes sense. However, you also think that he will try to make trouble
for us. So why wait for it to come?”
“It’s not that I am waiting for trouble to knock on our doors,” Li Du said. “I’m just worried
that if we leave the city so quickly, it would lead Caddy Lent to think that there is a
problem with the watch. He would get people to follow us. Once we meet on the roads,
wouldn’t that be worse? There is police in the city for keeping law and order, but how
about outside the city?”

That was the reason why he was unwilling to leave Miami for other cities.
Caddy Lent and his gang were top racers. If they felt there was a problem that same
day, they would definitely be able to chase and catch up with Li Du. There was no law
outside the city area and they would have to fight.
Staying in Miami was a better option as the police in Miami could support them. With the
police around, Caddy Lent and his gang would not dare to do anything overboard.
If Caddy Lent did not realize that the watch was fake that night, Li Du and Hans could
still make it out in time the next morning.
Li Du got Hans convinced, and so they found a hotel near the police station to stay for
the night.
Despite this, however, a bunch of young people sauntered over just as Hans and Li Du
returned to the hotel after dinner. The youths were led by Caddy Lent, with Shawn
tagging along behind.
Caddy Lent wore a furious look and his eyes were icy cold. Meanwhile, Shawn was
visibly excited at the hope for revenge.
The watch was fake!
When the Patek Philippe expert gave them that result, Caddy Lent almost flipped the
store’s counter.
Then, he mobilized his connections to find Li Du’s location. After all, it was not difficult to
trace a Rolls-Royce and a Ferrari.
After learning the location of Li Du’s hotel, Caddy was quick to bring his people over.
Then he found out from the hotel receptionist that Li Du and his company had gone out
for dinner. Hence, they have been staying at the carpark, awaiting Li Du’s return.
Li Du’s company of four had driven the Rolls-Royce out to dinner, leaving the Ferrari
Seeing the sports car he had been robbed of, Caddy Lent was enraged.
The watch expert had told him that although the watch was a fake, it was a high-quality
imitation, delicate and handmade. It was worth one to two thousand dollars.
However, that sum was nothing compared with one hundred thousand and a sports car.
Seeing Li Du and his group, Caddy’s eyes had turned red. He waved his hand gravely
and his underlings immediately went forward to surround Li Du’s party.

Calmly, Li Du dialed 911 and called the police. Then he passed the phone to Hans,
went forward and said, “Big boss Lent, this is such a coincidence. We actually bump
into each other here.”
Caddy Lent laughed coldly and, gritting his teeth, said, “Such a coincidence?! Haha, you
don’t say!”
Keen to take revenge, Shawn called out, “Big Boss Lent, why waste your breath on
him? Buddies, let’s kill him!”
As he shouted, Shawn dashed forward. Brother Wolf took a huge stride to meet him.
Then, at the speed of lightning, Brother Wolf struck out one of his legs for a kick.
Shawn hastened to shield himself with his hands. However, it was a trick move. Brother
Wolf retracted his leg and threw out his other leg, aiming at Shawn’s chest. That sent
Shawn flying.
“Ahh!” Shawn called out in distress as he fell to the ground.
The rest of the street gang were determined to get into action. Caddy raised up his hand
to stop them. Glaring at Li Du, he said, “Good, very well, China dude, you can really
Li Du held up his hands, “Your people are the ones who want to hit me, I am only
defending myself.”
Caddy said, “You know very well why my people want to beat you up. If you don’t want
more trouble, give me back my car and my money. I will also return your junk.”
Taking out the watch, Caddy threw it over. Li Du did not catch it and the watch fell on to
the floor. The crystal surface broke. That watch was now worthless.
Li Du said, “I don’t have anything of yours that I’m aware of.”
Hearing Li Du speak like nothing was the matter, Caddy was angered and hollered,
“Don’t act like a goddamn idiot! One hundred thousand dollars and my car, give them
back to me!”
“On the basis of what?” Li Du asked. “We had a fair deal. You want to break the deal
now? Can’t do that.”
Caddy took two quick steps, wanting to punch Li Du. However, seeing Brother Wolf by
Li Du’s side, he stopped in his tracks.
Pointing at Li Du, Caddy said, “You cheated me, you fooled me with a bloody fake
watch! You will pay for this, I swear I will make you pay!”

Li Du replied, “What fake watch? I don’t know what you are talking about. You liked my
watch and said that it reminded you of your late uncle. I was moved by your sentiments
and agreed to trade with you.”
“Don’t spout nonsense!” Caddy could take no more. “Just tell me, goddamn sissy, are
you going to give me back my money and my car?”
Li Du said, “If the judge sentences that I must.”
Caddy snorted, “Judge? You’re naive, this is my goddamn territory! In my territory, I am
the judge! Go, guys, kill them!”
Dozens of youths rushed forth to kill. Hans said hurriedly, “I have called the police”
There was no use for the police now. Li Du called out, “Save yourselves, go!”
Bang! A shot rang out!