Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1071

Chapter 1071 Dark Miami

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Brother Wolf fired a pistol. The young boys who were about to fight quickly fled after
hearing the gunfire.
Although guns were common in America, many people would control themselves and
would not shoot easily, as they were thoroughly trained in this aspect.
Although Caddy Lent roamed around the streets, he only rode for pleasure, rather than
seizing territories, selling drugs, etc. His gang usually did not touch guns at all.
Though there were occasional conflicts among racers, those would never be resolved
through guns. The majority of them relied on fists, or at most fought with baseball bats.
Brother Wolf was different from them. He was born in a military family and had received
an honorary title. Therefore, his gun was an everyday weapon for him.
Besides, he had no choice but to shoot now.
Caddy Lent knew the capabilities of Godzilla and Brother Wolf. That was why this time
he gathered up a large group of people to take revenge.
Not even Hercules could contend against so many. There were only four people in Li
Du’s party. They could beat eight to ten people, but not even they could hold their
ground against thirty or forty.
Brother Wolf had no choice but to terrify these people by shooting in the air. He only did
that in order to protect Li Du.
The tactic was very effective. The youths were frightened and fled ignominiously,
including Caddy Lent.
However, Li Du and his friends would be in trouble when the police came.
These young boys argued that it was someone from Li Du’s party who shot. Moreover,
there was no chance for Li Du to hide his gun now.
Too many people saw the gun, and the bullet was probably embedded in the ceiling of
the basement parking lot. With multiple witnesses and material evidence, the police
would not leave this matter even if they could not find the pistol.
Most importantly, there was a surveillance system in the basement parking lot. Hence,
Brother Wolf could not get out of this matter, whereas Li Du could not hide the gun in
the black hole space.
When the police came, they immediately confiscated the gun and cuffed the four of
them, including Li Du. This was no more than he expected. Despite that, he would not

let Caddy Lent off the hook. He pointed at his adversary and said, “Officer, these people
wanted to kidnap us. My bodyguard couldn’t help but fire a pistol in order to defend us!”
The police officers looked at the group of young boys in leather jackets, none of whom
looked particularly trustworthy. They went up and slapped the cuffs on them as well.
Caddy Lent made a leisurely call and then handed the phone to the leading policeman
and said, “Someone wants to talk to you.”
Li Du realized something wasn’t right. He secretly took out his phone and turned on the
recording mode.
As soon as the policeman hung up, he took a cold look at Caddy Lent and said, “Don’t
cause any trouble.”
As he waved his hand, the policemen stepped aside. Caddy Lent led out his young
men, who dispersed in a rush.
He proudly walked up to Li Du and patted his face. “I told you, I am a judge”
Li Du gave him a kick. Caddy howled and stumbled down to the ground.
His kick was too fast. There wasn’t enough time for the policemen to respond. Caddy
was already down on the ground before they knew what had happened.
Li Du quickly raised his hand and said, “Sorry, officer. It was a reflexive move. You guys
saw he was the one trying to attack me.
A policeman came over to him, gave him a punch, and said in a stern voice, “Behave
Li Du took the punch head on. Brother Wolf and Godzilla were furious and wanted to
fight back.
Li Du quickly said, “Don’t move, I am fine!”
Caddy Rendt managed to stand up with the help of the red-haired girl. He shouted at Li
Du, looking fierce, “You arrogant twat! You’re way too cocky! Fuck you, Chinese bitch.
Let’s see how long that will last when you are in prison!”
Li Du and his friends were already in the police car while Caddy Lent was chasing
behind and shouting with rage, “My uncle is a police chief. He’ll make sure to get you
behind bars! Get ready to die in prison!”
Li Du secretly took out his phone and activated recording mode again. He turned back
to Caddy and said, “No police officer has the authority to sentence us!”
Caddy Lent laughed. “What a naive idiot. Do you really think garbage like you is going
to get protection from the law? Don’t you all know the law will only safeguard influential

officials? Don’t think of going to court, as you will all be directly sent to prison! I swear
my uncle will send you to prison by tonight!”
Li Du frowned. He had miscalculated this time. He knew Caddy would come and
confront him, but he never knew this fella had such an influential background, let alone
connections in the police.
All four of them were taken to the police station without making any transcript. Then
they were sent to Miami Prison by a police van.
Li Du was shocked and howled at the policemen, “What you guys are doing now is
illegal, it’s an unlawful practice!”
One policeman ignored him with a mute face, while another shrugged and said, “We are
just obeying the orders, what can we do? All the best to you, Chinese man. Please don’t
die in prison, otherwise, nobody is going to right your charges.”
Hans said with a bitter face, “This time we are all screwed up. In an ordinary case, they
would have interrogated us at the station first, but instead, we are directly sent to the
prison. Damn it, I’m trying to think of ways to keep some evidence. Once we get
discharged, we are going to contact the media and get these bastards in trouble!”
Godzilla was very experienced in these matters. Yet, he helplessly said, “We don’t have
a chance of keeping any source of evidence. They will inspect every inch of us, even
into our intestine.”
Li Du was in a rage and said, “The Miami police is defying all laws and regulations.
They didn’t even go through court and sent us directly to prison!”
Godzilla replied, “All cops in the States are the same, places like Arizona and Texas are
even worse. If a prisoner irritates them, they will do the same thing, send them to prison
because the prisoner has no ways of keeping the source of evidence. It is impossible to
fight against cops.”
Brother Wolf was full of remorse. “Sorry, boss, if it wasn’t me..”
“Cut the crap,” Li Du shook his head, “If you hadn’t fired the pistol, we would probably
have been dead by now.”
Godzilla said, “Boss, please remember my words. Keep a low profile when you enter
the prison. If we aren’t in the same cell, you have to find a way to make a good
impression on your prison guard so that he would protect you.”
“Are prisons in the States really like what we have seen in movies?”
Godzilla shrugged. “Not necessarily. It might be even scarier than that.”

Hans was relatively calm, and said, “Don’t worry, we will not have any trouble as long as
we behave ourselves in prison. Caddy Lent still wants to get his money back from us, so
he will not kill us yet.”
Li Du nodded. “I’m not afraid. It’s unlikely we should get killed in prison because of such
a little thing. We’re not in a third world country, after all.”
After what he had been through in Africa, he was now able to see all matters in
Before being sent to prison, they had to go through drug examination, past criminal
history cross-questioning, disease testing, etc.
After going through five or six hours of procedures, Li Du finally got his set of prison
uniform, and then the four of them were sent to a cell.
By this time, all their personal belongings had been confiscated.
Li Du did not care about that, however. He had so many things in his black hole space.
Caddy Lent and the Miami cops didn’t know they had messed with the wrong guys.