Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1081

Chapter 1081 Rise Of Temperature

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Li Du also felt that he was very popular at this time.
Felister took him out to a small in-prison restaurant. The environment was very elegant.
they were surrounded by flowers and green plants, and beautiful female prison guards
worked as waitresses.
During the meal, Felister said that Li Du was framed and sent to prison unlawfully.
There were no files opened on his case at all. It was all Chief Jones’ private doing.
Li Du refused to leave and demanded an explanation.
If Bartley Jones kept to the letter of the law and prosecuted them for opening gunfire in
public, Li Du and the others would most probably have to go to jail.
However, Bartley Jones sent them to prison bypassing legal procedure, meaning,
course, to frighten him and make him give back the money and the car he got from
Now he would have to pay for underestimating Li Du.
Felister had no choice but to ask Li Du to justify the prison administration in front of the
media and explain that the warden had no hand in the matter.
The media had lumped Jones and Felister together, believing that the police and the
prison were covering up for each other.
Felister was indeed out of luck, as this had nothing to do with him. Jones was the one
who contacted a deputy warden to send Li Du and the three others to prison.
Jones only wanted to scare Li Du and make him pay back the money and return the car.
Although this had nothing to do with Felister, what went on in the prison was still his
Now Felister wanted to extricate himself out of the case. Otherwise, he would no longer
be able to keep his position as a warden.
Things evolved quickly. In just one day, most of the media was already reporting on this
Without a doubt, Li Du and his companions were now acknowledged as the victims.
After the Chinese embassy in the United States found out about the incident, they
stepped in quickly and issued a direct protest to the White House.
This was beyond Li Du’s expectations. He did not expect the Chinese embassy to get

In fact, this was understandable. China and the United States were the two biggest
competitors in the world. The United States has always criticized China’s supposedly
faulty position on human rights, civil rights and freedom of speech. Now they weren’t
looking too good themselves. How could the Chinese Foreign Ministry let this
opportunity slip?
According to Li Du's estimation, Potter and the others would get him out within the day.
Things were happening rapidly, spinning out of Li Du’s control. Someone quietly
sneaked into the prison and left him a letter to urge him not to leave the prison and
make a big deal out of this matter.
The messenger was someone from the embassy. The embassy promised him that they
would not allow him to suffer in prison, and pleaded him not to rush out.
Sophie flew to Miami that night but it was past visiting hours. She had no choice but wait
until the morning.
Sophie could not help but laugh when she saw Li Du in a prison uniform. Then she
suddenly broke into tears, hitting the window and screaming.
Li Du pointed at the phone, trying to tell her that he could not hear her without it.
Potter Sophie, and it was the second time the two met. The last time they got together
was to buy Van Gogh’s famous paintings.
Potter promised him, “Li, don’t worry. I know a lot of people in Miami, and we will make
sure justice is served.”
Next, the prison organized a press conference to make an official statement about the
Li Du and the three others were the stars of the press conference. Li Du released a
piece of outrageous evidence: a recording of Caddy Lent threatening him.
“My uncle is the chief of Miami Police Department. You will rot in prison and get
sentenced to death!”
“Do you scums want to employ the law? Don't you know that the law protects powerful
individuals? Don't think about going to court, you will go directly to prison! I swear, my
uncle will send you to prison tonight!”
The reporters were beside themselves with excitement. This was sensational news.
Felister took a sigh of relief as he saw this, but he felt sorry for Jones, whose career
was over.

All the reporters were trying to get in their questions and talked in a disorganized way. Li
Du has fulfilled a promise, stirring up the American judicial system. He also said good
things about Felister, explaining that the latter was entirely innocent.
That was all he could do. As for how the media would report, he was frankly past caring.
Felister was very grateful. With this statement, the worst that could happen to him was
being charged with poor supervision and incompetent management.
In the evening, Li Du left his cell and Raymond thought he wanted to be alone, but a
crowd of eager admirers followed him along. Then, someone was kicked into the cell.
Raymond was astonished. : “Warden Craymont? What brought you here?”
Craymont was the deputy warden, and Felister locked him in without mercy.
This bastard wanted to return a favor and got himself sent into prison in the end. He
nearly got Felister into prison too.
Craymont sank onto the bed in frustration, holding his head in his hands.
Raymond saw this as a stroke of luck. He was already figuring out how to use this news
to get some cigarettes and instant noodles tomorrow.
This case exposed the dark side of the U.S. judicial and administrative system. It got the
attention of many people and has become the most spoken-of case in the United
The mayor of Miami, the governor of Florida, and important members of the parliament
joined forces, came to the prison to apologize to Li Du, and promised that the matter
would be dealt with strictly.
Therefore, Li Du no longer had to stay in prison.
Hans, of course, came forward to negotiate with the governor and the mayor. He
demanded compensation from the government and the judiciary.
Because they were only held for a short period of time, the government would not offer
them financial compensation, but has given the four of them an honorary citizen's
status. With this status, they could come to Florida to do business and pay fewer taxes.
In addition, Li Du got compensation for the car. Caddy Lent had driven off in his Ferrari
T sports car. He considered himself above the law and believed his uncle would take
care of this matter.
Now Li Du did not want this car. He said that the car was damaged and asked for a new

The Florida government and the judiciary had no choice but to quickly agree to his
The car only cost a few hundred thousand dollars, and he could sue Caddy Lent for his
financial losses. If this matter dragged on, the government would only encounter more
The two parties in the United States were in constant rivalry. Florida was Republican
territory and the Democratic Party never passed an opportunity to attack them. This was
more serious than the embassy protest.
Li Du agreed to leave the prison only when his conditions were fulfilled, and this matter
would be over.