Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085 Ali Snatching The Wife

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Little Bug had transformed Ah Meng. Ah Meng’s eyes became a lot brighter. It was a
kind of special, brilliant light, unlike their usual expression.
Its intelligence was somewhat awakened. In addition, it became very attached to Li Du.
Ah Meow tried to get close, but Ah Meng turned back and scratched his face, forcing
him away from Li Du’s arms.
The little ocelot was furious but could do nothing. All four of them knew that Ah Meng
was a hotheaded fool. Whoever messed with it would be in trouble for several days.
Ah Meow helplessly retreated and pulled his claws back in.
He didn’t want to worry about going to the toilet and having to guard against a hidden
mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl for the next few days. Ah Meng was really
capable of doing such a thing. His vengefulness terrified the four little ones.
Ah Meow walked away resentfully. In the past, he was the only one who scratched
another’s face. When has he become subdued?
Ali went up to him and touched his head with its paws. But Ah Meow pushed it away
and growled a few times. His crumpled round cheeks became like little buns, a
disturbing expression to look at.
This annoyed the little kangaroo. I came to comfort you, and what did I get in return?
It glared at Ah Meow resentfully. Suddenly, it realized that it was the biggest among the
animals now.
Now that Ali was over one year old, it had become a half-grown kangaroo. As it stood
up, it reached about 120 or 130 cm, a lot more than the other four little ones.
As Ali stood tall, it had many thoughts going through its mind. Suddenly, it could not
restrain itself.
The little kangaroo has been learning boxing, and it had a short temper. As it grew
older, it turned from a young joey to a big roo and had become ruthless.
After Ah Meng, Ali was the one the hounds in the yard feared most. This was because
Ali was extremely fierce. It would beat them to such an extent that they would need a
few days to recover.
As Ali looked at Ah Meow, it felt that the leader who used to bully it was actually so tiny.
He was even shorter than its legs.
Why do I always have to surrender to him? A question popped out in Ali’s mind.

Why? Why do I have to back down? I am the biggest among them. I’ve learned boxing. I
am quite powerful. Why am I not the leader?
It had this epiphany on how to straighten things out with the other three little ones.
It looked at Ah Meng. This little brat. Why is everyone afraid of it? Is it because it’s
crazy? Is it because this hotheaded fool just bites anyone it catches?
Only the strong could rule and the ones with the bigger fists would have greater power.
Ali suddenly understood the true meaning of this. As it pondered this, its blood began to
I want to become the leader. I have to deal with the other four Uhm, forget it. That
honey badger, that crazy fool. Never mind. It’s not worth my while to lose sleep, food,
and sanity just to become the leader.
Ali made a big wish in his heart. And it decided to make it come true!
Li Du put Ah Meng down and then turned to the four little ones. This made Ali feel
uncomfortable because it was the last one to be hugged, which made it want to be the
leader even more.
Back in Phoenix, Li Du first had to deal with the purchase of the island in Australia. He
had the money in place for the purchase. He was just waiting for the island purchase
team to complete their work. Then he could pay the money and have the island in his
Hans was seldom home. He only got together with the others once. Most often, he
would drive in the brand new Rolls-Royce, the one with a skull painted on it.
Li Du had wanted to repaint it, but it would cost over ten thousand dollars. This price
was absurd.
In addition, he rarely drove that car. Hans would usually take it. Therefore, he decided
not to repaint it since Hans was not bothered anyway.
He saw that Hans always went out early and came back late. He asked Hans, “What
were you doing out there? Were you using the charm of the Rolls-Royce to get one-
night stands?”
Hans was so annoyed that he coughed and spluttered. He glared at Li Du and said, “I
was handling some business!”
Li Du doubted that. “Business? Aren’t you going to Australia?”
Hans was preparing to go to Australia to handle the black abalone matter. If he were
going, Li Du would like him to handle the purchase of the island as well.

“I am not going yet. I have some business here,” Hans replied sulkily.
Li Du was still skeptical. “Why are you driving this car? Are you trying to pick up a rich
Hans raised his leg and aimed a kick at him. Ah Meng, who was playing with a ball at a
distance, rushed over and eyed him menacingly.
Messing with Li Du was the same as messing with Ah Meng. It would kill for Li Du no
matter what!
Hans resentfully lowered his leg and said, “Fine, I am not as shallow as you think. I am
going to handle my business. You will see how great I am when it is done.”
Li Du did not bother about him. He looked at Ah Meng, who was next to him, and felt
that something was wrong. The four little ones were always ready to confront his
enemies. However, when Hans made a move earlier, they did not come over to attack
He decided to check on the four little ones. Since he came back, he noticed that
something was strange.
He was right. Ali had made its move.
Ali did not only train for boxing, but it had also learned fighting tactics. It knew that it had
to deal with the leader in order to take its place. So it had to fight with Ah Meow first.
Once it did that, Ah Ow and Crispy Noodles would succumb as well.
Thus, it launched an attack on Ah Meow.
Ah Meow was enjoying a sunbath under a tree. Winter weather was approaching but
fortunately, it was warm in Phoenix. The sun was comfortable and pleasant as it shone
onto the cat’s body.
He was having a nap, enjoying the warm sunshine. Taking advantage of that, Ali rushed
over in a sneak attack.
In the end, its attempt was futile. Due to its body structure, the kangaroo couldn’t bend
over. It could only punch straight in front of it.
Ah Meow was lying on the ground, so trying to hit him was a waste of effort. Even after
a few tries, Ali just couldn’t reach him.
The surprise attack had failed, and Ah Meow was not hurt. Neither did he react to what
Ah Meow felt that Ali was throwing punches behind him. He felt strange and turned
over. What is this idiot doing behind me?

Ali sensed a taunt in Ah Meow’s expression and furiously thought to itself, “Still think
you’re the leader, huh? I’m about to get rid of you, yet you’re still so arrogant?”
It changed its tactic and used its tail to support its body. Then, it lifted both its feet and
kicked at Ah Meow.
Ah Meow was prepared. As it launched the attack, Ah Meow quickly reacted. He
jumped up as if his four limbs were springs, and dodged Ali’s feet.
As he jumped up, Ali was extremely happy. It finally had the opportunity to use its best
attack, the forward punch!
Ali raised its paws and threw a punch at Ah Meow.
However, there was a delay and Ah Meow fell back to the ground. His limbs were
swaying nimbly. His long body resembled a snake as he moved around and dodged
Ali's attack once again.
Ah Meow kept deflecting attacks from Ali. He understood what was going on now. This
bastard is actually attacking me. This is rebellion!
Ah Meow dodged the punch and whipped out his claws. The ocelot's speed was
incredible. The kangaroo just couldn't keep up.
Ali saw a flash before its eyes and felt a sudden pain in its forelimbs. At the same time,
each strand of the kangaroo’s fur began to flutter.
It felt that the situation was far from good and wanted to stop attacking. However, this
was already beyond its control.