Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1086

Chapter 1086 Heart Gone Dead

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After Li Du left the house, the scene changed.
Ah Meow was clawing in all directions, and Ali’s front limbs had been scratched and
were trembling.
Following that, Ah Meow suddenly turned around and climbed up the tree. Then, like it
was performing an airborne stunt, it jumped off the tree and scratched Ali’s head with its
Ali yelped as some of its fur was ripped off and scattered in the air.
Upon touching the ground, Ah Meow jumped forward. With all its paws on Ali’s body, it
climbed up at lightning speed. Once Ah Meow climbed onto Ali’s back, it scratched with
all its might.
The kangaroo was in excruciating pain. Its head and back were its most vulnerable
areas. If this were a martial arts novel, those areas would have been the deadliest pain
points. A strike to those areas would greatly reduce its ability to defend itself.
Ali was hurt and in a flurry as it rolled on the ground in pain.
Ah Meow had unleashed the battleground tactics that it had used back in the woods.
Members of the tiger cat family were agile and quick. Their speed was indescribable.
Using that speed, Ah Meow circled round Ali and clawed at it continuously.
At every angle, Ah Meow stopped for a second and then jumped fleetingly. It put up its
paws and kept clawing at Ali at top speed.
Li Du could not bear to watch any longer. Walking over, he shouted, “What happened,
what happened? Ah Meow, why are you bullying your little brother?”
Seeing that Li Du had come over, Ah Meow stopped attacking. Ali took the opportunity
to hide behind Li Du.
In the first two rounds, there had been opportunities for Ali to strike. After that, Ali was
not even capable of defending itself, let alone attacking Ah Meow.
It admitted defeat for that round. Ali was at the very least wise enough to sense that the
disparity in their abilities was huge. It no longer harbored the idea of a revolution to
become the big boss.
Ah Meow glared at it before sticking out his tongue to lick his paws, which were red and
sticky with Ali’s fresh blood.
Ali sighed and looked at Ah Meow. As Ah Meow glared at it, it kept its tail between its
legs and continued to sigh.

Ah Meow climbed up the tree and, placing its front limbs on a branch above, called out,
As long as I live, you guys will never take over my position!
That was just like the power of a king!
As Ali had lost to Ah Meow in the tussle, he stopped retaliation. After, Li Du brought Ali
away to tend to its wounds. It now resembled a zebra, with its entire body scratched
beyond recognition like a piece of abstract art.
Sophie’s smile disappeared and she asked, “How had it provoked Ah Meow? Ah Meow
wouldn’t flare up easily.”
Li Du said sadly, “I have no idea.”
Ah Meng looked at Ali with disdain. Although Ah Meng had not seen what had
happened, animals were very sensitive. Hence, Ah Meng could sense what took place.
Ali was big, with tough muscles, and yet it had been beaten up to such an extent. It felt
truly humiliated. If Ali were part of the flathead family, it would have been exiled for such
poor performance.
Sophie disinfected Ali’s wounds and then applied medicine. The medicine was very
effective and quickly stopped the bleeding. Very soon, the wounds no longer hurt.
Ali felt extremely embarrassed. Depressed, it hopped off in the backyard to find a corner
to be by itself.
As its wounds healed, it forgot about how much it had hurt earlier on. The happenings of
that day had been a disgrace. Now, it knew that Ah Meow was very powerful and
understood that it would never win over Ah Meow. Hence, it turned to target Ah Ow,
who was playing on the lawn.
Mexican wolves looked like Huskies and had a similar character.
At the lawn, Ah Ow was innocently digging a hole. Ali fixed its gaze on Ah Ow for a
while and came to the conclusion that it would be able to take her down as she was
distracted. If Ali could not be the big boss, it would settle for second or third place.
Hence, its expression darkened as it hopped towards Ah Ow. Ah Ow noticed Ali and
moved away to make space. She even invited Ali to dig the hole together.
Once it was close, Ali suddenly drove a punch at Ah Ow.
Ah Ow had not expected that. She jumped backward and looked at Ali, baffled. Then
she opened her mouth and barked, “Ow uuuuuuuu!”

Ali rushed forward at Ah Ow and gave her another punch. It even used its tail to hit Ah
Ow, throwing her to the ground.
The series of attacks had been successful. Ali was ecstatic. Seems like my tactics are
still very powerful!
As it flexed its hind limbs, the muscles on its lower body looked more pronounced. Its
arm muscles looked very well-defined, and its chest resembled two huge bombs that
looked like they were about to explode
Finally, Ah Ow realized that Ali had ill intentions. Her Mexican Wolf fighting spirit had
been summoned and as she stretched out her neck towards the sky, she howled. Then,
she pounced towards Ali.
Ali rolled its eyes and continued to throw its punches. However, a gust of wind blew and
before its punch managed to find its target, Ah Ow had pounced on him. Like a cannon
ball, she gathered all her strength to try and throw Ali off its feet.
Fortunately for Ali, both its legs and tail formed a triangular frame that helped to keep it
stable. This saved it from being flipped over. However, the push had sent him backward
for quite a distance.
The distance was solely due to Ah Ow’s impact. Kangaroos had no ability to retreat
Seeing that its attack was successful, Ah Ow kept going. Additionally, the wolf’s natural
propensity for battle helped her discover Ali’s vulnerable area. She did not have to
attack Ali face-on anymore. Instead, she knocked it down from its side.
Slam! That was another mighty push.
This time, Ah Ow pounced upon Ali from its side, bringing it down in no time.
Ali was stunned. Godd*mn it, how is she so fast to attack?
After Ah Ow drove her to the ground, she opened up her mouth to bite down on Ali’s
However, Ah Ow’s mind interrupted its killer instincts. She did not bite down on Ali but
only snarled, scaring it.
Ali tried to get up but Ah Ow’s paw pinned its head down. Then Ah Ow opened her
mouth to hold Ali’s tail in between her teeth. Then, as if it were a dead dog, Ah Ow
dragged Ali by its tail and started to run around the lawn.
Ali had landed itself in a tragic situation, an even worse one than being scratched all
over by Ah Meow!

Previously, when Ah Meow taught Ali a lesson, only the two of them knew what
happened. However, now that Ah Ow was dragging Ali around the lawn, Crispy Noodles
and the dogs were also looking.
Ali stretched out one of its legs, wanting to push Ah Ow away. However, Ah Ow had
bitten down on its tail very cleverly. Ali was unable to move to reach Ah Ow.
Mexican wolves had the innate habit of dragging their food into their nest. At that point,
Ah Ow’s instinct had been awakened.
Besides, canines also had the tendency to pull snow sleds. For Ah Ow, dragging Ali
now was just like pulling a snow sled.
Dragging Ali, Ah Ow ran here and there, around the trees, through the garden, around
the shelter. Ah Ow was running about with no particular goal.
Li Du had been enjoying Sophie’s piano playing. By the time both of them became
aware of the situation and stopped Ah Ow, Ali was already exhausted and distraught.
Ali laid on its stomach with its tail and butt in the air. Tears rolled down from its eyes,
and it felt truly bitter!
“This pose is too humiliating,” Sophie quickly pulled Ali up.
Ali felt that its heart was dead. It refused to get up. Cannot get up now, get up for what?
Get up to be embarrassed?
Li Du felt that Ali was very pitiful. Its body had been red with fresh blood and now it had
become green from being dragged through the grass. Its head was also green like it
had grass on its head instead of fur.
Crispy Noodles walked over to peer at Ali curiously. Ali shied away and retreated a
couple of steps. Dare not provoke this time. It was too afraid to try to challenge the
positions of its seniors now!