Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Enter The Great Beast

After leaving the detention room, Li Du asked, "So what should we do now? Take him with us?"

Hans replied, "I think so. You heard from the hottie who lives with you. He is not a grumpy villain; he even volunteers in the community sometimes.

"I volunteer in the welfare housethose who share the same noble interest give me a good impression."

Li Du nodded his head. He thought it was reasonable to post bail to release him. Although he was a bulky man, he didnt seem dangerous.

The Chinese believed that a person's face was shaped by their personalities. Godzilla was well-featured, his gaze clear and gentle. He seemed like a nice guy who was easy to get along with.

"Come on, lets post the bail. It is another big expense."

According to the American system of the separation of powers, the police must gather evidence after the suspect was arrested. They have no rights to judge the suspect as the trial is the jurisdiction of the judiciary.

From gathering the evidence by police to handing it all over to the court, the process took a long time. In this circumstance, if the suspect didnt want to stay at the police station, he could be released by paying the bail.

Of course, not everyone was allowed to be released on bail. Those who may cause serious danger had to remain in custody.

After paying the bill, the suspect could leave the police station. As long as he was on time to appear at the trial, the bail would be returned.

In other words, if Li Du and Hans paid the bail for Godzilla, as long as Godzilla appeared at his future trial, the bail would be returned to them.

Rose brought them to an office and they were greeted by a fat policeman. When he learned that they wanted to bail Godzilla out, he got them a bill.

Li Du nodded and glanced at the bill. The bail was 15,000 dollars.

"Officer, according to the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution, for those bailable offenses, excessive bail ought not to be required. We think this figure is too much," Hans said, putting the bill on the table.

"This guy has no property, no car, and even no social insurance. He might be running away to evade justice," the fat policeman said.

"The Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution mentions that judiciary should decide a reasonable bail amount after considering the suspects financial status I dont think that bulky man would be willing to lose $4,000 for acquittal, so that should be a reasonable bail" Hans argued.

Hanss performance was like a lawyer; his resounding words were very powerful.

The fat policeman shrugged and made a call. The bail changed and became 4,000 dollars.

While passing the bill, he said, "You can pay in cash, real estate, or even a relatives property."

The bail would be confiscated by the police station if the suspect didnt appear on time at the trial or against the command from the judiciary.

Hans nodded to show his understanding. After the introduction of rules by the fat policeman, Hans gestured toward Li Du to pay.

"Sh*t, me again?"

"Uh, I dont have enough money. Ive been going out too much with Natalie. We spent a lot."

Rolling his eyes, Li Du swiped his credit card and 4,000 dollars was gonebut here was a helpful subordinate for their cause. He felt good.

Soon enough, Godzilla was being brought over to them by Rose.

While he was sitting, this bulky guy already looked magnificent. He looked even more macho when he stood up in front of them.

Li Du was five foot nine inches tall; he was considered an average guy. He had to look up while facing Godzilla. "I think you are taller than six and a half feet."

"Six foot eight," Godzilla sniffed.

"Too bad you dont play for the NBA."

Godzilla smiled without saying a word. It seemed like he didnt talk much.

Hans was trying to make him speak, so he asked Godzilla why didnt he play basketball.

Godzilla stretched out his hands and said, "I played once, but my wingspan is too short. I didnt play well. My coach said I was too nave to play because I was clueless about strategies. "

His arms were indeed short. Li Du further understood why he was called Godzilla: he had short upper limbs as well.

There were stains and perspiration on Godzillas clothes. His collar and sleeves were torn. Hans said, "Well pay you the wages for two-weeks in advance; 3,000 dollars. Get yourself some nice clothes."

"Salary of 2,000, with food and accommodation, okay?" Godzilla replied after hesitating for a minute.

Hans looked at Li Du. Li Du nodded and said, "Whatever you prefer."

"We are going to grab some food before getting him some clothes. Godzilla didnt have enough food in the police station."

Li Du was going to bring him to a western restaurant. Godzilla shook his head. "Boss, just get me some fast food."

"This is our first meal. Fast food doesnt make any sense," Li Du said reluctantly.

"As long as it fills my belly." Godzilla smiled in an honest way.

What an honest man, Li Du whispered in his heart. They arrived at a fast food restaurant. Godzilla immediately went to the counter to order.

"Can I have ten Big Macs, five large Cokes, and a bucket of nuggets? If its alright, can I also have five black pepper steaks." He ordered the food while he was looking at the both of them.

"Just order yours, we have had our lunch," Li Du shook his head and said.

"No, they are all mine," Godzilla said warily.

Hans found a spot to sit, while Li Du stayed back to pay. "Alright, bill please." Li Du took out his wallet.

"Sir, that will be 140 dollars in total, " the cashier smiled and said.

"Boss, did I order too much?" Godzilla whispered.

"Oh, its okay. Dont worry about it. How many meals do you eat a day?"

"Four meals."

Li Du choked and said, "You eat this much every day?"

Godzilla shook his head. "How could I?"

Li Du was relieved.

Godzilla continued, "I had some food in the afternoon. Normally, I need five more burgers."

Hans looked like he was going to throw a tantrum. "Sh*t, I dont know which coach said you were simple-minded. You are f*cking smart. I should have just given you 6,000 dollars per month!

Li Dus eye twitched; he thought that the bulky man was not that innocent.

"According to his normal appetite, he can eat 500 dollars in food per day. It means we have to pay his salary for ten thousand something dollars."

The bulky man lowered his head and said, "I can eat less."

"Dont worry about it. As long as you work hard, I assure your belly will always be full," Li Du smiled and said.

"Thanks, boss. I cant promise anything but I proof through my action. You can just watch it," Godzilla patted his chest.

Concerning about his future, he became talkative.

"I hope so," Hans mumbled.

"Dude, I cross my heart and I will not eat my words," Godzilla said.

"Why the h*ll did you call him boss and call me dude?" Hans scowled.

"Inspector Rose told me boss was the one paid my bail. He also treated me the meal, not you!"

Hans became exasperated, saying, "D*mn it, I am your boss too!"

"Call him Big Fox. You must address him respectfully."

"Yes, boss," Godzilla nodded.