Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091 Something Lost Something Gained

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As there were too many people participating in the auction, the auction of the twenty-
two warehouses stretched over two days.
Li Du did not make any bids for the rest of the warehouses, as he did not see any value
in them.
However, the treasure hunters from Flagstaff had made good money tracing behind Li
Du. While Li Du did not care about profits of a few thousands or tens of thousands,
those treasure hunters did. If they were able to take down a warehouse that was worth
more than ten thousand, they would be celebrating for days.
The treasure hunters from Arizona and other cities looked on at the Flagstaff treasure
hunters in envy. The Flagstaff treasure hunters had been following Li Du around, and
the latter quietly offered them guidance.
The treasure hunters from other cities were able to bid for the warehouses. However,
they were uncertain of how much they should bid. If their bids were too low, they would
not win. On the other hand, if they made a bid that was too high, they would lose
That was exactly the area in which the Flagstaff treasure hunters benefited from Li Du’s
guidance. Turis and the rest not only managed to take down warehouses but were also
able to make profits.
As the saying in the warehouse auction industry goes, taking down a warehouse was
nothing worth shouting about, making profits from it was what mattered.
As the auction went on, more people flocked around Li Du.
Turis, Dickens, and others were proud of themselves for joining the company of Li Du
and Hans. They spoke and laughed loudly, chests puffed out and heads high, enjoying
the attention and envious looks from others.
When more people joined them, Turis and his gang stopped them and warned them not
to block Li Du and Hans’ view.
Some of those treasure hunters felt that it was unfair and said, “Hey, we are also friends
with Big Li and Big Fox. We are all good friends, so why are you guys stopping us from
chatting with them?”
“That’s right. Big Li and you guys are friends. However, now it’s time to do business,
and it requires privacy. It’s better to keep a distance, even between friends,” Olly
Some of the treasure hunters queried, “Then why aren’t you guys keeping a distance?”

“That’s because Bi Li and Big Fox are from Flagstaff, same as us. Isn’t it a given that we
would be following them?” Olly said self-righteously.
A local treasure hunter retorted instantly, “Big Li and Big Fox have now settled down in
Phoenix, so they are now treasure hunters from Phoenix.”
The two groups started to argue and Li Du said to Hans, “Go and stop everyone, why
did they start quarreling?”
Hans said, “There’s no hurry, let’s wait for a while. Let me enjoy this for a bit. Haha, I
have been looking forward to this moment ever since I became a treasure hunter.
Today, this time has come.”
When the auction ended, the crowd dissipated and people started to pack up the items
in the warehouses.
Hans went forward to make the payment. They had not spent much on warehouse
number 7, as it cost only eleven thousand dollars.
Once they opened the door to the warehouse, Godzilla and Big Quinn got down to
business and moved out the items one by one.
In another warehouse along the same row, Princeps and the treasure hunters from
Tucson also started to pack up.
Princeps purposefully made his way over to Li Du and his gang and said, “Hey, Big Li.
Do you want to have a look at my warehouse and give us some pointers? After all, that
warehouse was what you had your eye on.”
Li Du looked at him coldly and said, “Brother Wolf, get him!”
Brother Wolf dashed towards Princeps, scaring him away.
The other treasure hunters around them erupted into laughter. However, the Tucson
gang looked on with darkened expression. They were embarrassed by Princeps’
Brother Wolf and Big Ivan helped as Godzilla and Big Quinn did the work. Meanwhile,
Hans supervised them, not leaving much for Li Du to do. Hence, Li Du strolled over to
take a look at warehouse number one.
Seeing Li Du, the Tucson gang frowned at him. “Hey, why are you here?”
Li Du replied, “Your boss invited me so sincerely just now, so can’t I come over to take a
There were many people in the Tucson gang. As they were all experienced at auctions,
they had packed up the warehouse very quickly. The things inside had all been

organized in different piles and moved out. Someone took down the cloth bag and upon
opening it, brought out a brand new Taser gun.
Seeing the gun, Princeps laughed loudly, “X-26 taser gun? Fantastic! I like this thing.
Find a suitable buyer, and it can be sold for five thousand!”
“This is the X-26X, the model with the highest power,” a treasure hunter said excitedly.
He knew Taser guns very well.
That pleased Princeps even further. Raising the gun and aiming it at Li Du, he said,
“Then it can fetch ten thousand?”
“More like one hundred bucks,” Li Du laughed in disdain.
Princeps was just trying to agitate him. That gun was not that valuable. How much was
a Desert Eagle worth?
“How do I use this gun?” Princeps continued to toy with the Taser, pointing the muzzle
at Li Du. “Is there an electrical dart? Can it kill? Does it mean that there would be no
repercussions for me if I shot someone?”
Princeps was just talking, he wouldn’t dare to shoot Li Du.
The treasure hunters in Arizona were all aware that Li Du had the best fighters with him
at the auction. The combination of Brother Wolf, Godzilla, and Big Quinn was sufficient
to scare anyone.
If Princeps had shot Li Du, he would probably be beaten up by his three bodyguards.
Perhaps he would become handicapped for the rest of his life.
Princeps toyed with the Taser gun but did not find anything else that was valuable in the
Everything had been packed and organized. There were many random items, some of
which could be sold, but not for a high price.
Most of the items were trash and not only would not fetch any money but would cost to
dispose of.
Princeps’ face started to darken and he called out, “Look carefully, look carefully, it can’t
be. There must be something valuable in this warehouse, find it for me!”
He could not believe that the warehouse Li Du was so intent on taking down had
nothing more valuable than a Taser gun.
The treasure hunters started searching again but found nothing else.
Anxious, Princeps dropped the Taser gun and went to search himself. He was just as Li
Du and everyone else saw him. Princeps had become the leader not because he had

good foresight. In fact, his foresight and experience were no better than any other
regular treasure hunter’s.
Hence, even though he did the work himself, Princeps did not find anything worth tens
or hundreds of thousand like he had expected to.
Princeps had been very confident and had held high expectations for the warehouse.
After all, Hans had bid up to fifty thousand dollars!
A treasure hunter from Phoenix walked over and offered Li Du a glass of fruit juice,
saying, “Big Li, have a drink.”
Taking the glass, Li Du said in a low voice, “See those tables by the side? Help me get
them. I will give you five thousand dollars. It doesn’t matter how much you pay, I will still
give you five thousand dollars.”
At that point, Princeps and his people were all occupied with looking for valuable items
and had not noticed what Li Du was doing.
The eyes of the Phoenix’s treasure hunter lit up. He exchanged a few gestures with his
friend and the friend nodded. Then the two of them started their act.
“Hey, Carter, have you packed up the warehouse? What were the gains?”
“We managed to get a couple of chairs, but there’s no table. It’s not a complete set. It
would be good if there were a few tables to pair with the chairs.”
“Need tables? Get here quickly. D*mmit, we are in luck. Look here, Princeps has some
“Princeps, how about selling these tables to us? We would be able to pair them up as
sets of furniture.”
There were five tables in their warehouse. They looked like the small wooden tables
commonly seen in prison cells. The tables were not of good workmanship and were
worth little.
Without giving it much thought, and after a short negotiation, Princeps sold the five
tables for five hundred dollars to the treasure hunter named Carter.
After paying up and taking the tables, Carter immediately made the deal with Li Du.
After a hi-five, Li Du handed him five thousand dollars with a big smile.
He lost something but also gained from somewhere else, so his luck was really not bad.