Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096 Make Trouble

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A police car came towards them at high speed. Other than Luo Qun, Li Du has never
seen other police officers driving at such a speed.
When he first met her, she used to drive at the same speed. Ah Meow almost died of
fright when Hans steered the flying car to avoid her.
When Luo Qun got out of the car, Li Du popped out his head and nodded. Seeing this,
Luo Qun fastened her belt and came upstairs.
They had not met for a period of time and did not expect to meet again in this case. Li
Du originally just wanted to call the police. Phoenix was so big, different police
departments covered different sites, and he realized Luo Qun may not be responsible
for this area.
As it turned out, Luo Qun has just been transferred to patrol the city of Phoenix.
From this point of view, she did not do well in the new role. Patrol police may look
impressive, but in fact, it is a hard job.
It is kind of like the traffic police in China on their road duty. It is cool to watch them
shout and stop people on the road. All drivers have to listen to them. It is the same with
patrol officers who drive around the Phoenix suburbs and even the countryside. So
much driving around is tiresome.
Luo Qun had a new partner, a young African-American officer who looked very laid
back. As she rushed into the hotel, he lingered behind.
Soon, there was a loud noise upstairs. Someone appeared on the balcony of the
second floor, hastily pulling on a shirt, and seemed to want to jump down.
Luo Qun’s partner didn’t care. He was inside the hotel.
Li Du nodded, and Brother Wolf put down his coffee to get off.
Princeps just managed to muster up the courage to jump off the balcony. Then, just as
he was getting up and ready to run, he came face to face with a Bigfoot. He felt faint.
Luo Qun opened a window to look down and directly jumped off the second floor.

Li Du, who was in the car, gave a thumbs up. Luo Qun was clearly braver than
Princeps, who was timid and hesitated when he jumped down.
Luo Qun grabbed hold of Princeps and quickly handcuffed him. She took him, along
with the heavily made-up girl who had been in his room, into the police car.
Instead of helping, her partner rolled his eyes in the background, looking discontented.
Li Du touched his chin and said, “This guy annoys me.”
Brother Wolf put down the coffee, assumed a cold expression and made to get out.
Li Du quickly caught him and said, “Where are you going?”
“Deal with him,” Brother Wolf said in a murderous tone.
Li Du rolled his eyes. “Shit, don’t you carry out this type of order.”
Brother Wolf laughed. “I’m kidding, I’m not stupid, why would I make trouble for you?”
Li Du rolled his eyes again. Since when did Brother Wolf start joking?
Luo Qun came over and knocked on their car’s window. He said, “Office Luo, long time
no see. Did you like my tip-off?”
After she glanced at him, Luo Qun said with a straight face, “I heard you were in jail in
“Yes, but now the police chief who arrested me is in prison himself,” chuckled Li Du.
“You are a mighty man,” said Luo Qun, curling her lips.
Li Du said, “I don’t offend those who do me no harm, but if someone messes with me, I
dig his grave. OK, you go and work, we’ll chat later.”
Luo Qun’s partner got impatient and shouted, “Hey, Rose, don’t dawdle over there. If
they have a problem, we will arrest them. If not, then let’s leave quickly.”
Luo Qun wanted to leave, but Li Du suddenly stretched out his hand to grasp her wrist,
and said, “Wait a bit, now. Your colleague seems very annoying.”

“What are you doing?” asked Luo Qun.
Li Du said, “Stand here. I will teach him a lesson.”
Luo Qun let him hold her wrist but frowned. “Don’t mess around,” she warned.
Her partner grew more and more impatient. After a few growls, seeing that Luo Qun
was not coming back, he marched up angrily and said, “You’ve met a paramour? Or are
you deaf? I was calling you”
When he got near and saw Li Du holding Luo Qun’s wrist, he smiled maliciously and
said, “Hey, I see I guessed right. So you just saw a naked man and already had some
ideas? As your partner, I’ll be happy to play cops and robbers with you, if you know
what I mean.”
Li Du got out of the car and asked disdainfully, “Is this really your partner? Are you
telling me he’s a cop?”
“Hey, fella, show me your driver’s license. You insulted a police officer. That’s a serious
offense, you know?”
Li Du threw his wallet at him and said, “Here, you can look for the driver’s license, but I
think you want to put me in jail? Come on, don’t be so soft. If you don’t catch me, you’re
a son of a bitch.”
The cop was angry. He came up and gave Li Du a push. “So you are a Chinese too.
This is the first time I’ve seen a Chinese like you. You are”
He looked closer and suddenly felt that Li Du looked familiar.
Li Du said expressionlessly, “Let me introduce myself. Du Li, a treasure collector of
Phoenix. Just got out of jail a while back, but let me warn you, the man who put me in
jail is behind bars right now. He’s the police chief of Miami.”
The cop recognized him. The case was recent, there was still press coverage of it in
Phoenix. As a local cop, he had heard all about it.
The policeman gasped, more than a little discombobulated.

After the incident, they discussed the matter in the police department. The incident
served as an example, warning them to deal honestly and not look for trouble. Most
importantly, low-ranking officers had to be careful when treading around important
He remembered his chief’s words: “Even if these people really committed a crime, we
are helpless against them, and if they did not commit a crime, we had better stay away
from them.”
At that time, the police were very curious about the identity of Li Du, a Chinese that
could provoke half of the United States media to call out and had the justice system on
his side, which was extraordinary.
The chief told them enviously that Li Du had great American wealthy family and tycoons
behind him, people with terrifying power.
The policeman shivered as he thought of it. He looked at Li Du’s open wallet and saw a
JP Morgan palladium card before he could see his driver’s license.
Now his heart fluttered worse.
Li Du came up and took the handcuffs away from him in a flash. He handcuffed himself
and said, “I will go to the police station with you. You arrested me. I could not wish for
The policeman was so worried that he shouted, “What are you doing? You put the
handcuffs on yourself, I did not arrest you!”
Li Du said, “Tell this to my lawyer, or I should say, my lawyers. You’re going to be
famous, officer. You’re going to be famous all over America.”