Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097 Repression

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America’s police department did not have a good reputation. There were often news
reports of police officers accidentally wounding or even killing people.
Cops looked tough, but sometimes they were weak, as in the case of encountering the
very rich.
In the United States, racial tension contributed to clashes between the police and
various ethnic minorities.
Li Du was Chinese, but he was also a very wealthy, influential man, the kind who had
just sent a police chief to prison.
In the United States, even the most arrogant journalists, let alone an ordinary cop, dare
not provoke the rich and powerful.
If Li Du were just an ordinary Chinese and dared to talk to the police the way he did, the
police would certainly not relent and would take him back to teach him a lesson.
However, he was not someone ordinary, but a multimillionaire who had just
demonstrated his strength and status.
The African American cop dared not provoke him. At this time he was very angry but
also helpless. He could not display his anger to Li Du, so he subconsciously looked at
Luo Qun, wanting to take out his anger on her.
Then he realized that whether they were lovers or not, Li Du and Luo Qun had a close
relationship. No matter how they were connected, he got into trouble because of his big
The police officer knew that the fact was that Li Du had handcuffs on his hands while he
had done nothing wrong. If this went out, he would be doomed.
So he hurriedly mellowed down his tone and said, “Mr. Li, there was obviously some
misunderstanding between us. I hope you don’t get angry and we can talk about it,
Li Du knew the means to deal with these people. He had to face them in a tough
manner, since being a polite gentleman would not work.

He looked at the policeman and said, “Misunderstanding? Perhaps. Come on, let’s go to
the police station and clear up the misunderstanding. I hope you can explain to your
boss why you handcuffed me.”
The cop said helplessly, “Mr. Li, you framed me. I did not handcuff you”
“The handcuffs were on your waist. Do you suggest I took them to handcuff myself?” Li
Du sneered.
The cop was furious and said, “Well, that’s what you did! Aren’t you the one who
handcuffed yourself?”
Li Du had been too fast for him. Before the cop knew what was happening, he grabbed
the handcuffs dangling from his waist and handcuffed himself.
Now if outsiders saw him, they would naturally think Li Du was the victim of an unlawful
Li Du was furious. “You went too far, officer! You handcuff me to humiliate me, and now
you want to frame me, saying that I put the handcuffs on myself. Do you think anyone
would believe that?”
This was the catch, and the cop knew it: tough what he said was the truth, no one would
believe him.
To make matters worse, his colleagues all knew that he discriminated against Asians.
He was biased against all Asians, especially the Chinese.
If Li Du walked in handcuffed into the police station, the cop knew his colleagues would
think he was looking for trouble with Li Du and arrested him for no good reason.
However, he didn’t have any evidence in his favor. There was no camera and only one
He looked for help from Luo Qun, and Luo Qun turned to talk to Li Du. Li Du interrupted
her, and said, “You cooperate with me, and I will certainly make your partner behave
better to you.”
Luo Qun wanted to speak, but stopped and finally nodded.

The black cop was worried and said, “Rose, you know he set me up, and you have to
help me. I really didn’t mean to bully your friend!”
“Didn’t you just say we were lovers?” sneered Li Du.
The policeman gave a pitiful smile and said, “Sorry, I’m sorry, Mr. Li. I was just joking.”
Li Du said, “You may be joking, but I am not. You handcuffed me for no reason and
threatened me. Besides, injuries might appear on my body at any time. You will pay
dearly for those.”
The cop was frightened, and hurriedly said, “Don’t, don’t do that, Mr. Li! I’m so sorry,
please let me go!”
His mind was suffocated with frustration. It had always been him putting people into
trouble and bullying others. Now he had a taste of his own medicine.
Li Du was unconvinced and said with a disdainful look, “You are waiting to be stripped
off this uniform, and you are still so arrogant? You have guts!”
The cop instinctively stepped back, clenching his fist, and begged, “Sorry, Mr. Li, I just
said things. It was all bullshit, I like to talk bullshit, really sorry, I actually provoked you.”
“Did you only offend me?” asked Li Du.
The policeman was stunned and finally understood. He quickly looked at Luo Qun and
begged, “I’m sorry, Officer Rose. I treated you very badly just now. I used to treat you
very badly. I’ll change, I’ll definitely change, please let me go.”
Luo Qun was scowling, still silent.
The cop gritted his teeth and shook his legs as if to kneel.
Luo Qun was cold on the outside and kind on the inside. She looked violent, but as long
as she was not dealing with criminals, she was always very soft.
She put her hand on his and said slowly, “Chris, I forgive you.”

The cop wanted to cry at this. If he had known, he would behave himself from the
Li Du shook his head and said to Luo Qun, “You are so kind. This guy will always
trouble you and bully you. You should get him out of your team and change partners.”
The policeman was scared by these words and shouted, “No, no, Mr. Li, this is a
misunderstanding. I used to work undercover in a gang. I have some bad habits.
Actually, I like…no, I respect Officer Rose.”
Li Du interrupted him and said, “I don’t care what happened before. About next time?”
“In the future, I will respect Officer Qun more, I will be a qualified partner, I will never
treat Officer Luo Qun wrongly, never, I swear!” The policeman quickly raised his hand.
Li Du said, “I hope you remember your promise, boy. Believe me, I can deal with you
now and in the future. And if I place my hands on you again, I will never stop halfway!”
With that, he stretched out his hands, and the policeman hurried to uncuff him, saying,
“I’ll never dare to do so again. I’ll always respect Officer Rose from now on.”
“With that in mind,” Li Du said, flexing his wrist, “I know you hate me and Officer Rose,
but if you want revenge, you might as well try.”
The black policeman’s face was sad and he shook his head again and again. “No, no, I
would not dare to.”