Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1098

Chapter 1098 Digging Own Grave

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Princeps was in the car, and he saw Li Du with the police, but he was not sure about
what both sides were doing.
He was staring at Li Du and the two police officers, vaguely understanding that the
arrival of the police was not a coincidence. They came after receiving a tip-off, and the
person who reported him was Li Du!
When he saw Li Du was handcuffed, he was elated. He thought Li Du had committed a
crime too and would be arrested as well. However, Li Du was released soon.
He knew that the policewoman who had arrested him was of Chinese descent. He
thought it must be thanks to this policewoman that Li Du got off. They were probably
abusing their power.
The police car and Li Du side were at some distance away, and what he saw was not
very clear, so he was just guessing.
Li Du must have followed him here and found him looking for a prostitute, then he called
the police so they would catch him. Li Du must have not been completely innocent
either, which was why the male police officer wanted to arrest him, but the female police
officer interceded, and the bastard got away with whatever it was.
With this in mind, Princeps gnashed his teeth in hatred. He jammed his fist into the seat
of the car and shouted in a hoarse voice, “Damn Chink! I swear I’ll make you pay! I’ll
make you regret what you did to me!”
He took out his phone, snapped some pictures, squinted and began to think about how
he could use them to get revenge.
The two police officers came back. The male police saw the damaged seat and
frowned, “Behave yourself, you son of a bitch, don’t force me to treat you the hard way.”
The policewoman wanted to drive, but the policeman hurriedly smiled and said, “Officer
Rose, you sit and rest, and I’ll drive. I’m good at driving.”
Princeps’ eyes were bloodshot. He stared at the two, wondering how to deal with them.
The police car pulled away and a pickup truck followed.

This was the Tucson gang. Of course, they didn’t want to mess with the police. Although
they were gangsters, they could only bully the honest treasure hunters, and there was
still a big difference between them and other gangsters like Tomahawk.
The Tucson gang followed because they were going to bail Princeps. After all, he was
just whoring. It was not a major issue, and the bail fee would not be too high.
The police car siren blared all the way to the downtown Phoenix police station, and the
black cop pulled Princeps out like a dead dog by his collar, saying, “Behave yourself
and follow me.”
Princeps did not stand firm when he came out of the car. The cop gave him a kick
again, pointed to his nose and swore, “Dirty bastard, don’t give me trouble, stand
This treatment enraged Princeps, and he decided to pay back.
They entered the police station to give a statement first, and Princeps admitted the
truth. He could not deny his guilt because there was proof.
As he answered the officer’s questions, he sneaked around to check on the police
officers’ coming and going.
When he saw a middle-aged policeman coming out of an office with a sign saying
Police – Commander & Chief, he suddenly jumped up and shouted, “I want to make a
report! I want to expose someone’s wrongdoing! Chief, there are police officers abusing
their power!”
The black police officer who was writing the record was startled by his sudden reaction,
and said angrily, “Be quiet! Sit down!”
Princeps didn’t care. He took out his cell phone and got into his photo gallery. He
handed the phone to the police inspector who approached him.
The black police officer looked over his shoulder and saw the photo of Li Du in
handcuffs. He was shocked.
The police inspector frowned and asked, “Chris, what’s going on?”

Chris, the African American cop, said honestly, “Chief, don’t listen to this son of a bitch.
Officer Rose and I ran into an acquaintance when we arrested this bastard, and we
played a little joke on him.”
He looked at Luo Qun and winked, which meant, I had apologized. Don’t get me in
The chief looked at Luo Qun and said, “Rose, is that what happened?”
She stood up straight and said loudly, “Yes, Sir. Chris told the truth. The man’s name
was Li Du. We met by chance and played a joke on him.”
Chris wiped the sweat from his forehead and nodded.
The inspector frowned. “Li Du, that’s a familiar name”
“The Miami scandal,” Chris quickly reminded him.
The police inspector quickly threw the cell phone back to Princeps, and said to both Luo
Qun and Chris, “You have to stay away from this guy, dammit. I just got the news that
he has some connections in the Congress as well., This is dangerous, he is out of our
After hearing this, Luo Qun was puzzled. Li Du used to rent her house in Flagstaff City.
She knew Li Du’s situation very well. How would he have any connections with the
Chris heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he had been honest before. Otherwise, he
would be doomed this time.
But now Princeps is doomed, Chris swore to himself.
Princeps was stunned. He shouted aloud, “No, no, I’m sure that Chinese guy did some
crime, and this cop here used his authority to seek personal gain!”
The police inspector was fair enough and checked the record. Once he did, Princeps
was in trouble.
He was Jewish and his face changed at the sight of Princeps’ nickname. “Ha, is this
bastard a fan of Hitler? Shave his beard. This is America, not Nazi Germany!”

Princeps struggled and shouted, “You are violating my civil rights”
Chris went up to him, punched him, and said, “Sit down. It looks like you’re too
comfortable giving your statement here. Rose, take him I mean, Officer Rose, please
help me take him to the trial room.”
Princeps struggled and shouted, “I won’t go, I won’t go”
Chris gave him another brutal punch, silencing him.
When the transcripts were completed, members of the Tucson gang applied for bail for
As they went to pay, the policeman said, “The fee is one hundred thousand dollars.”
The Tucson people were shocked, “How is this possible? He just called a hooker, why
would they charge him one hundred thousand? Isn’t twenty thousand enough?”
“I’m following the rules. Your friend is a neo-Nazi and is considered as a potential
danger to society, so the bailing price is higher,” said the officer.
The members of the Tucson gang looked at each other, knowing they had to find a way
to raise more money.
Eventually, having raised the hundred thousand, they bailed the sullen Princeps, who
was released from the trial room at the police station.
Several people went up to meet Princeps. When they saw there was no mustache
under his nose, they all looked surprised. “What did they do to you, boss?”
Princeps’ pent up anger exploded as he shoved several men and shouted, “Shut up!
What took you so long? Why were you so slow to bail me out?”
One of the officers snapped, “If you want to fight, go out. You’re disturbing the police.
Are you sure you want to do that?”