Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Mechanical Storage

In the middle of May, two days after Godzilla joined them, an auction was held by a storage company in Phoenix. Li Du and the others rushed there to participate the auction.

Godzilla lived in Hannahs house. Hans asked Godzilla to sleep in his room while he cleaned up a small spare room (which was more like a hovel) and made it as his bedroom.

"How long have you been living here? Two days or two months? Look at all the stuff that I have done for you. You dont even bother to call me boss! "

"Thanks, Big Fox, " Godzilla, who was driving, answered briefly.

"Big Fox, anything good in these units?" Li Du asked. He was lying on the back seat. Ah Meow was snuggling into his belly. They were chilling.

"There is a lot of good stuff, such as a 198-inch LED advertising display in one of the units. I bet we could sell it for 100,000 dollars."

They returned to stay at the Steampunk Hotel. "Where did you get a Tyrannosaurus Rex?" Bedes asked in surprise upon seeing them.

"This is not a Tyrannosaurus," Hans laughed. "This is Godzilla. "

Behind the bar, the cute bartender looked stunned.

If Hans hadnt tell Li Du, he would have thought that the girl bartender was a handsome guy. He wore a tuxedo every time they met.

In fact, the cute bartender was Bedess sister named called Nicole. Li Du thought this was a sweet name.

Godzilla slept in the master bedroom; he had to sleep diagonally so that he could stretch out his body.

After unpacking their luggage, they drove to Memorial Storage Co. to examine the situation of the storage units.

There were only four storage units in this auction. For a big market like Phoenix, four units were considered quite a small amount. If they wanted to get them, they would need to work harder.

After the car entered the storage company, Li Du got out to examine the units. Hans and Godzilla stayed in the car.

"Why did he go in for?" Hans asked.

Godzilla shook his head and continued eating his French fries happily.

"Arent you curious about it? Call me ;boss, and then I will tell you the answer."

Godzilla shook his head again, continued eating his French Fries. He was content.

"Sh*t!" Hans was frustrated.

"Do you want to check out some hotties? I know where you can find hotties with big boobs, long legs, and who are good in bed. "

Still, Godzilla shook his head.

"You dont even like women?"

"Of course I do. But, I dont like to waste my money," the bulky man finally spoke up.

"Then, how do you solve your physical needs? "

Godzilla showed his cattail leaf fan sized hand to them.

Hans was speechless.

The storage units that were going to be auctioned off were unit 31, unit 47, unit 48 and unit 66. Li Du put the bug into unit 31.

When the bug flew in, a huge LED display screen came in sight. It looked close to 200 inches long, and almost blocked the door.

Seeing this, Li Du shook his head.

That was the advertising display that Hans mentioned earlier. It was big indeed, but he was not sure if it was still usable. If it was not usable, then it had no value.

Either way, this could spark a fight. It was possible that the display could be sold for more than 100,000; the advertising display was located at the door.

Li Du couldnt find a loophole; he walked toward the next unit.

There were some machines piled up in unit 47. They looked like sewing machines but slightly different than the household kind; they were all made of metal.

There were quite a lot of machines in the unit. After counting, there were 25 blue-painted machines; nine of them looked brand new. There was no trace of any parts being replaced. They could be valuable.

He knew it would be hard to get this unit; the machines were very eye-catching. Everyone could see them; once again, he couldnt find a loophole.

Unit 48 and unit 47 were supposed to belong to the same owner. There was some thick denim material piled around inside both units. This material was used to manufacture jeans.

There were some finished jeans. With the connection of the items in unit 47, Li Du guessed that those sewing machines were specifically for jeans; thats why they were big and made of metal. Denim was hard to pierce through. Special sewing machines were necessary.

The bug flew through the canvases, and then it found another machine.

This machine looked simple; a ceramic platform with a spray gun-like tool. There was a supporting frame on the platform, which could support the spray gun.

Li Du didnt recognize this machine. But, it was well-protected, covered by canvas as a sort of protection.

He was well-aware that this machine should be valuable. He entered some keywords into his phone, searching on the internet to figure out this machine.

After entering keywords such as "ceramic platform," "canvas protection," "spray gun," the internet showed some pictures. Some of the machines in the pictures were used to kill reindeer, some were used to cut ceramics, and none of them looked like this machine.

After the bug entered the machine, there was an engine-like part inside. There was a nameplate, on it written "Mitsubishi X50 Mini Ultra High-Pressure Compressor."

So, he searched the information about the compressor. The photo of this machine showed up: Mitsubishi- Cool Killer- Mini Cool Cutting Machine.

On Alibabas website, there were a couple of factories selling this machine. The lowest price was 105,000 dollars.

After all, these factories were selling the same second-hand cold cutting machine. None of them were as new as this one.

Except for the water jet cutter, only canvas, jeans and racks were left in the unit; nothing else in there was valuable.

Li Du went into the last unit, which was full of common household storage. There was a set of kitchen utensils, a stove, a smoke exhaust ventilator, dishes, and pans.

After exploring these four storage units, he retrieved the little bug.

With his current abilities, it was easy-peasy for him to know what was inside the four storage units with the bug; it was a piece of cake.

When he got in the car, a man who dressed like security came by and shouted, "Hey, what are you guys doing here?"

Godzilla jumped out of the car and stared straight at the man.

Li Du saw it clearly; the security guards legs shook, his Adams apple jumped as he swallowed hard.

"We wish to park our car here for awhile to get some rest," said Godzilla.

"Good afternoon guys. This storage company is private property. Please park somewhere else." He waved his hand.

The van left that storage company easily. No one even checked their car.

"There is one benefit of hiring Godzilla," said Li Du.

"What a tough guyhe didnt kneel!" Hans replied in an exaggerating way.

Godzilla grinned.

"Where do you guys want to have dinner?"

"Lets go to a buffet restaurant."

Hans burped and smiled. "Good idea, I know an RB cuisine buffet restaurant. It is slightly expensive but the food there is delicious."