Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1100

Chapter 1100 Excited

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The next day Li Du was having breakfast leisurely when Hans suddenly came rushing
Li Du looked at him with surprise. “You are up early. What happened today, did you
change your habits?”
“Tucson gang is in a mess, a group of people broke up with Princeps and left,” Ignoring
his teasing, Hans hurriedly said. “It seems like they had a fight last night.”
“A fight?” asked Li Du.
Hans nodded. “Yes, I don’t know why, but a group of people siding with Ranka said that
Princeps embezzled their common gain, that is, the silver coins. Princeps said that
Ranka was causing trouble and switched the coins in his bag.”
“Neither side admitted it, and the final result was that they disagreed with each other.
The more they quarreled, the angrier they got. Finally, they fought. Haha.”
Li Du smiled, seeing his purpose has been achieved. He had meant to destroy the silver
coins and let Princeps pay for them in the first place, and at the same time see if he
could create some internal conflict in the Tucson gang.
The result was far beyond his expectations, as the Tucson gang had an internal fight.
Soon, the story spread throughout Phoenix’s treasure hunter community, and the
“cancerous tumor” of Arizona’s warehouse and auction industry blew itself up.
For most people, this was a good thing. Treasure hunters were happy to see it,
especially those who had been bullied by the Tucson gang before.
Later, some people were still trying to sow discord between Ranka and Princeps.
It was said that the Tucson gang was not only splitting into two but was likely to
continue falling apart. A young scavenger named Alves also has ambitions. This guy
acted like he obeyed Princeps, but secretly he was trying to gather power for himself.
Princeps knew what had happened with Ranka, and he continued to fight with Alves.

Anyway, now that the Tucson gang was busy with internal fighting, a lot of people were
waiting to see what would happen.
This had nothing to do with Li Du. Li Du was not interested in this kind of thing. What he
wanted now was to get something valuable from the warehouse.
Hans had taken away the Gilbert U-238 models and was looking for customers. He had
already sold several sets, all at good prices.
In addition, there were some interesting things in the warehouse, which Hans and
others did not find.
They came in one box, containing a pocket watch, a folding umbrella, a pen, a carved
tiger, a pipe, cigarettes, an old mobile phone, lipstick, a camera, and a toolbox.
They looked messy, and most of them were old. Some of them were rusty, and they all
seemed to be out of date.
Hans opened the box, saw what was inside, and threw it away. To him, it was just old
stuff that even a junk shop would not want.
However, Li Du knew otherwise.
He picked up the pen and unscrewed it from the back. Inside, there was not an ink
container, but a copper pipe. Then he moved the front joint of the pen. Crack,
something inside had moved.
Then there was the old Nokia phone in the shape of a small brick, which he fiddled with.
The phone looked innocent but had many places that were joined up.
Pulling them apart, Li Du uncovered an old-model pistol.
These were all weapons, mostly pistols, disguised as a pen, a cell phone, a pipe, a
pocket watch, and a lipstick tube.
There were two more powerful weapons, the folding umbrella and the camera, which
were machine guns with magazines that could hold fifteen bullets.
The bullets were in the toolbox, and they were small ones. The pistols were of the same
caliber and used the same bullets.

The only thing in all this that was not a firearm was a set of knuckles, but they were
lethal as well. They had tiny spikes which connected to the small venom-filled hollow
spaces inside.
Li Du knocked the knuckles on the table. The little bug could see that the needle would
shrink back when it hit something, and then the trigger would release venom.
Obviously, the contents of this box were killing weapons!
That was the real purpose of Li Du’s bid for warehouse 7. He wasn’t after the Gilbert u-
238 Atomic Lab but after the spy guns.
Yes, these were spy guns, and Li Du’s ability to turn back time also revealed that they
were left there by Russian agents in previous years.
The reversal of time showed him that the agent taxed to carry out the mission achieved
unfortunate results. This guy, like many Russian men, liked to drink.
He had a drink and got into a fight with a local gangster. The police caught them
together and found that the Russian agent had entered the country illegally.
The police did not think he was a spy, they thought he was just an illegal immigrant, so
they threw his things into the warehouse, and locked him in prison.

Li Du didn’t know what happened to the agent in the end. He didn’t take the guns with
him but left them hidden in the warehouse for a long time.
Li Du had never encountered things like this before and did not know how to use them
all. He put the stash into the black hole space. When he had the opportunity, he would
find Brother Wolf and Big Ivan to consult with.
Before putting the things away, Li Du had to put them in order.
He was taking care of this when Sophie came over and asked sweetly, “How’s the
diamond mine going?”
“It’s going well,” said Li Du. “The mission and the assessment team have finished their
work and are working out the results.”

After the result came out, he would go to the NY headquarters of Harry Winston group,
finish the game, and reap the fruit.
When she heard that he was leaving Phoenix again, Sophie was worried. “Can you stay
here a little longer? We’ve got a diamond mine. We’ve got enough money for life,
haven’t we? You’re so talented at warehouse auctions, so how about you stay in the
After Li Du was thrown into prison in Miami, and previously kidnapped by warlords in
Africa, Sophie was concerned about his safety.
Watching Sophie’s frown and worried expression, Li Du smiled and took her in his arms.
“OK, I will be a treasure hunter in the future. I won’t go abroad or take risks.”
Sophie smiled contentedly and reached out to embrace him.
The warm winter sun was shining on the ground and on the two of them. Li Du looked
down at Sophie’s face and stroked her shining, golden hair.
At that moment, he felt an urge to propose to Sophie then and there.
However, he rationally realized that this was not the right time, the right environment, or
the right place.
However, he could not resist the impulse and decided that he should propose to Sophie,
or at least that they should be engaged.
Therefore, when Sophie left, he called his parents.
“Mom and Dad, do you want to go abroad?”
Li Du’s father hesitated and said, “Going to America? Is it expensive?”
Li Du said, “Not expensive, don’t worry about money. I made plenty of it.”
Li Du’s parents had guessed this. Every once in a while, Li Du sent home some money.
They now had several million yuan in their accounts.