Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1101

Chapter 1101 Home Visit

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Even if they had the money, Mr. and Mrs. Li still had no intention to leave the country.
They said that if Li Du missed them, he could return home for a visit.
It was not that the two of them found the idea of an overseas journey troublesome. They
simply realized that the amount of money they would spend if both of them went to
America would be more than if Li Du journeyed home alone.
Li Du said, “I want to invite both of you to America for two reasons. The first one is to
travel and the second one is to meet Sophie. If there is no objection on your part, we
want to get engaged.”
Hearing that, Mr. and Mrs. Li became interested. “You want to get engaged to Sophie?
What’s her opinion on that?”
“Just waiting for me to make the proposal.”
Mrs. Li took the phone and said, “Then why are you waiting for us to come over? You
want to get married. In the future, you will be living with Sophie. Why do you care about
our opinion? It’s fine as long as you both can live happily.”
Li Du lost his smile and said, “You both are open-minded. But shouldn’t you meet her
first before you give your approval?”
Mrs. Li said, “Then we will go to America. Help us buy the flight tickets and then waiting
for us there. We will take the plane ourselves.”
When Li Du went to college, his parents had taken a trip to the south of China. They
had traveled there by airplane, and hence, were no strangers to flying.
Out of filial piety, Li Du still wanted to go home and bring his parents over personally.
After all, it would be an international flight, and his parents would have to arrange for
their passport and visa, which would be troublesome tasks.
However, now that he had the JP Morgan Palladium card, those things were easier.
He dialed the number of the personalized customer service line and told the staff about
his situation. He requested that the bank would bring his parents over with a more
convenient procedure.
The customer service receptionist told him to hang on and returned his call in just over
ten minutes. “Hello, Mr. Li. According to our information, we have some colleagues who
will be flying over to Los Angeles from the capital of China on November 20th. If you
feel that the timing is suitable, our colleagues can help to bring your parents over to Los
“And the passport and visa?”

“Let us take care of those aspects. Please organize the required information and we will
send someone to your door to collect it. The passport can be ready in three days and
the visa can be approved on the same day the passport is ready.”
Li Du was pleased with the answer. The JP Morgan Chase Palladium card was indeed
JP Morgan Chase was a bank, but not a regular one. To most people, it was only a
place to deposit their money. To its VIP members, JP Morgan Chase was an
organization that provided an all-rounded service.
All the big banks, as a matter of fact, could provide all-rounded service. However, that
was reserved for VIP members.
Clients who carried a Black Brazil MasterCard, Citigroup Black Chairman Card, Visa
Infinity Card, Express Centurion Card, or JP Morgan Chase Palladium Card would hold
a very high status in the bank and could enjoy many services for free.
Li Du had only requested them to help process the applications. That was a minor thing.
Palladium card holders could enjoy the JP Morgan Chase 24-hour VIP service. There
was someone standing by to offer them assistance round the clock.
That was America. It was a heaven for the rich. As long as you had the money, there
would be anything anywhere for you.
After settling that, Li Du started to think about how he could make the introduction to
It would be the first time for his parents and Sophie to meet. He did not want anything to
go wrong. It was fortunate that both parties had already seen each other through video
calls. Sophie has been studying Chinese and had chatted with his parents previously.
He continued to think about that. At lunchtime, someone visited him at his place.
Li Du was elated when he opened the door. It was Luo Qun, whom he had just seen
Luo Qun had parked her police car and walked onto the lawn when the animals stood
up, snarling to show her their powers.
However, the animals quickly backed off as Luo Qun took out a gun.
While the animals might have forgotten Luo Qun, they remembered the black tube that
she was holding very well. That black tube frightened them tremendously.
Li Du stood at the stairs and looked at Luo Qun, smiling. “Officer Luo, long time no see.”

Sophie hugged her warmly and said, “That’s right, Rosie, it’s been a while. Have things
been going smoothly for you in Phoenix?”
Luo Qun replied, “Not too smooth, hence there has been no time for me to look you up.
However, I have privately met with this man of yours.”
Li Du felt a fierce gaze boring into him. Sophie’s eyes were just like laser beams.
Li Du shook his head and said, “Hey, Luo Qun, I helped you yesterday. Will you repay
my kindness with revenge? Quick, explain clearly, don’t let Sophie misunderstand!”
Sophie said dully, “What misunderstanding can there be? Look like you have a few
things you are hiding from me.”
Li Du laughed bitterly. “I treat you with honesty and sincerity, as time has proven!”
Luo Qun revealed a smile and said, “You said that to me too, when you were holding
my hand.”
Sophie’s eyes shot daggers, and she looked ready to explode.
Li Du waved his hands and said, “Don’t fool around anymore. There’s going to be huge
trouble if you keep this up!”
Luo Qun looked at him and then at Sophie. Grinning, she said, “There should be trust
between couples. It seems like you two don’t quite trust each other.”
Sophie immediately ran and hugged Li Du. Smiling sweetly, she said, “Just playing
along with you. There is, of course, a lot of trust between us, isn’t that so?”
Li Du said, “Definitely, of course, yes!”
From that, he could determine that Luo Qun had rather high emotional intelligence and
could easily break down Sophie’s defense against her.
Sophie left to make coffee and Li Du invited Luo Qun to sit down. He said, “It’s true that
you haven’t visited for some time. What wind brought you here today?”
Luo Qun said simply, “You did me a huge favor yesterday. Of course, I would visit to
thank you.”
Leaning back onto the sofa, Li Du shook his head and said, “Look at you, you’re so
practical. You’re only here because I helped you out. When I met with trouble before,
why didn’t you come to help me too?”
Luo Qun seemed depressed and said in a low voice, “Sorry, I could not help you. I saw
the story and I looked up our station chief”

Seeing that Luo Qun had taken him seriously, Li Du laughed. “Haha, I was just kidding
around. I know what kind of person you are, don’t take me seriously.”
After nodding her head solemnly, Luo Qun started to explain again, “I didn’t visit
because I didn’t want to give you trouble. This time I am here not only because I want to
thank you. I also want to bid farewell to you.”
“Bid farewell?” Li Du asked.
Luo Qun nodded again and said, “I will be leaving Phoenix very soon.”
“Where are you going?” Li Du was surprised. “Didn’t you just arrive in Phoenix? You are
being transferred again?”
Luo Qun shook her head and said, “No, I want to resign”
Just as she was about to elaborate, the five animals sauntered in.
Ah Meow was leading them in, and its fat face wore a look of anger. Learning that his
underlings had been bullied, he was here to seek revenge.
Entering through the door, the bunch gang Luo Qun and assumed innocent
expressions. With their tails between their legs, they turned to leave.
Luo Qun looked at them, frowned and said, “You guys are all gathered here. What’s the
matter, why are you guys looking like gangsters?”