Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1102

Chapter 1102 Abnormal

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With its fat face scrunched up, Ah Meow walked over reluctantly.
Ali and the two others squeezed at the back, trying to catch Li Du’s attention and get his
Ah Meng found it strange. Dammit, a bunch of idiots. It was just a young chick. I can
chase her around for three days, what is there to be afraid of?
Luo Qun patted the arm of the sofa and pointed at Ali, Ah Ow, and Crispy Noodles, who
were huddled together. Waving them over, Luo Qun said, “You guys come over too. It’s
been a while since I’ve seen you.”
The three animals pretended not to hear her. Ah Ow settled herself down and started to
lick and groom her fur. Likewise, Crispy Noodles also started to do the same. Ali wanted
to imitate them but realized that it was physically impossible for it to do so.
Seeing that the animals were not following her instructions, Luo Qun laughed coldly.
Then she put out her gun on the table with a loud ‘thud’. She said, “Why are you guys
so disobedient? Didn’t you guys hear me when I asked you to come over?”
Seeing the black big weapon on the table, the three animals immediately ran over. They
knew that Luo Qun was unlike others she meant what she said and would actually
dare to shoot.
That crazy b*tch, the four animals thought to themselves.
Satisfied, Luo Qun pinched their fat cheeks and said, “Hmm. Your dad has been feeding
you guys well. He’s good at rearing pigs. Look at this chubby thing, you’ve been eating
well, right?”
Luo Qun was successful in pinching them one after another. Ah Meow, Crispy Noodles,
Ah Ow, then Ali. However, when it came to Ah Meng, Luo Qun was met with resistance.
Ah Meng put out its claw, guarded. Who the f*ck are you to touch my face?
Luo Qun rolled up her sleeves and evaluated Ah Meng. She said, “Eh, what is this? A
honey badger, right? This child looks very tough. I like tough kids, you know?”
Li Du laughed. “If you succeed in bringing it away, I will let it leave with you. But be
careful, don’t let it hurt you.”
Without another word, Luo Qun took off her police jacket and threw it over Ah Meng,
trapping it.

Ah Meng started to cry angrily. Chi-chi! It sounded. Standing up in the tangle of cloth,
Ah Meng started to tug at it fervently. Its first reaction had not been to hide, but to
However, the police winter jacket was made of a polyester blend. While Ah Meng’s
claws were powerful at hole-digging, they were poor at tearing apart such jackets. The
material was too smooth, and Ah Meng was unable to sink its claws into the fabric.
In a single swoop, Luo Qun picked up Ah Meng. Aiming based on its gut feeling, Ah
Meng opened its mouth before biting down hard.
Luo Qun inhaled with a hiss. The honey badger bit her arm, but fortunately, as she was
wearing a few layers of clothing her arm did not suffer too much.
Seeing that, Li Du was shocked. Afraid that Luo Qun would flare up, he quipped,
“Honey badgers are just like that. They are very ill-tempered. Don’t provoke it!”
According to his understanding of Luo Qun, he knew that she would not let this go
simply. She would definitely teach Ah Meng a good lesson.
Ah Meow and the others thought the same. The rest of the animals spread out, ready to
watch the drama unfold.
They had been unable to teach the fearless Ah Meng a lesson. Finally, someone was
here to do it for them.
In the end, Luo Qun put down the honey badger. Instead of being angry, she picked up
her clothes. Ah Meng glared at her with its beady eyes, wanting to go forward to bite
her. However, Luo Qun shook her head and shoved her police jacket at Ah Meng,
letting it tear it apart.
Ah Meng forgot about wanting to attack Luo Qun. It started to tear at the police jacket
with all its energy.
Surprised, Li Du asked, “Hey, you’re letting it go just like that? That’s not like you.”
Unperturbed, Luo Qun shrugged and said, “Not like me? What am I like? My character
has long been toned down by harsh reality.”
The four animals could not believe it. They looked at Luo Qun and then at the very
arrogant Ah Meng. Sighing, they thought to themselves, Was that fool so powerful?
Nobody dared to provoke it!
Li Du looked at Luo Qun with a strange expression. He asked, “Is there something
bothering you? Oh yes, what were you saying just now? You want to resign?”
Sophie, who was just bringing in the freshly brewed coffee, heard that. Shocked, she
asked, “You want to resign? Rose, are you unhappy in Phoenix?”

Shaking her head, Luo Qun said, “It has nothing to do with whether I am happy or not. I
was unhappy in Flagstaff too. Anyway, I want to quit.”
Sophie pushed the coffee towards Luo Qun and said, “Don’t rush into it. Tell us
everything. Have some coffee first. Li Du brought this back from Africa, it tastes great.”
Ah Meng was still tearing up the police jacket. Sophie picked it up and frowned. “What
are you doing? Why are you always so mischievous?”
The honey badger straightened up and stretched out its neck, and then opened its
mouth and roared at Sophie. Sophie threw it down and put her hands on her hips,
saying angrily, “You want to rebel now, is that so?”
Ah Meng stood up on its hind limbs and glared at Sophie, but it had stopped calling out.
Even so, it still looked unruly.
Sophie grabbed a bottle of honey from the table. After opening the bottle, she gave
each of the other four animals a scoop of it. She said, “Come, have some honey.”
The four animals immediately dashed over and started licking the honey.
As their name suggested, honey badgers loved eating honey.
Seeing that Sophie was distributing the honey, Ah Meng was suddenly concerned. It
quickly ran over and circled around Sophie.
Holding the honey badger in her hands, Sophie looked at it coldly. She said, “What do
you want? You’re disobedient. No honey for you.”
Ah Meng imitated Ah Ow and sat down. It then raised its head and stared at the honey,
looking very obedient.
Sophie gave a spoonful to Ah Meng. It indulged in the honey and wanted more.
However, Sophie did not give Ah Meng more. Pointing to the four other animals, she
said, “Go sit there. Sit there obediently. If I’m satisfied with your performance, you will
have more honey.”
Ah Meng moved over reluctantly. After thinking for a moment, it ran up again and picked
up Luo Qun’s police jacket. Dragging the jacket, Ah Meng went over to where the other
animals were, and sat down.
Sophie went forward to snatch the police jacket away. However, Ah Meng did not let go
of it. Sophie placed the bottle of honey in front of Ah Meng. “If you’re not obedient, no
more honey today!”
Ah Meng sat down sadly, looking more obedient than the other four animals.

Sophie picked up the police jacket and passed it over to Luo Qun. Luo Qun had been
absorbed in watching the animals. When Sophie handed her the jacket, she snapped
out of it and said, “Ah, thank you. Actually, it’s fine. I don’t want to wear this anymore.”
“You really want to resign?” Li Du responded. “Why? There must be a reason, right?”
Luo Qun continued to shake her head and said, “Nothing related to you guys, don’t ask
Frowning, Li Du questioned, “Is it something to do with that partner of yours? What’s his
name again, Chris?”
Shaking her head again, Luo Qun said, “Nothing to do with Chris. You frightened that
idiot to death. Now he treats me like I’m the boss.”
Li Du finally guessed the reason. He said, “Something to do with your family’s case?”
Hearing that, Luo Qun suddenly grew angry. Shaking her head, she said, “None of your
business, Li. That has nothing to do with you or Sophie. I don’t care anymore, I am
Sophie said, “Here’s freshly brewed coffee, drink a cup before you leave.”
Luo Qun suddenly held onto Sophie’s wrist and revealed a rare smile. She said,
“Sophie, thank you and Li Du for helping me all this while. And thank you for showing
care and concern for me. It’s been great knowing you guys. Really, I am very happy,
very contented.”
Sophie was shocked by those words. Eyes wide, she asked, “What are you trying to
Luo Qun shrugged and smiled, waving to Li Du. She picked up the police jacket that Ah
Meng had torn up and said, “Goodbye. The next time we meet, I will explain it all to