Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1108

Chapter 1108 Map Of Ivory

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Hans had to thank Luo Qun for her smile. Li Du felt a great deal about her sudden bright
smile, including cherished friendship.
Li Du bailed Hans out that day, paid the bail, and took him away from the police station.
Hans gave him an exaggerated hug. “Haha, brother, I knew you were someone who is
hard on the outside and soft on the inside, but it still made me sad that you didn’t protect
Li Du rolled his eyes and said, “Remember this lesson. Can’t you honestly seek a nice
lady to spend a lifetime with rather than chasing skirts?”
Hans chuckled and changed the subject. Obviously, he had no such ideas.
Li Du ignored him, knowing that their life philosophy was different. Hans was the type
who wanted to have fun at the moment, while Li Du wanted to have love, mutual
respect, and a lifetime hand in hand.
If it weren’t for Sophie, he might have liked Luo Qun.
Luo Qun was stubborn, sensitive, determined, and hot-tempered. She had her
weakness, but she also had a lot to offer. This was a girl a man could happily spend a
lifetime with.
However, fate had declared otherwise, and they became good friends.
Li Du knew she was going to Siberia, so he didn’t want to leave her by herself, or it
would probably be a journey to death.
He was more hesitant at this moment. Luo Qun was right, he was not alone, he had his
parents and a fiancée, and if he risked going to Siberia, he would have to think about
these people.
Siberia was not like Australia or Africa. Australia was a country of law and prosperity,
and it was safe to go there.
The danger in Africa was security, but if it were not for someone having eyes on Li Du’s
wealth and position, his safety would not be in question.

Siberia was not only lacking in law and order but had natural dangers as well. The
biggest threat was not from humans, but from it being a pristine wilderness.
Li Du sat on the sofa holding a cowhide map, frowning to consider this matter.
This map, which he had found earlier in the Miami prison showed a cache of mammoth
tusks in Siberia.
Just as there were black abalone hunters in Australia, there was also a unique
profession in Siberia. Those were the ivory diggers, who searched for mammoth tusks
deep underground.
A mammoth tusk was worth tens of thousands of dollars, which was nothing to Li Du,
but a fortune to ordinary people.
When he got the map, he didn’t care much and didn’t think he would ever use it.
For him, who owned a diamond mine and was about to own Opal Island, these pieces
of ivory were not worth the risk.
However, if he had to help Luo Qun find the killer in Siberia, the map would work.
There was no point in going to Siberia for mammoth tusks, but if they were to put up a
disguise, it could come in useful.
Li Du had not decided yet. His parents would come soon and he had to spend time with
them first.
Mr. and Mrs. Li came to Los Angeles at the end of November, and Li Du took Sophie
along to pick them up. When Sophie’s parents heard this news, they also set out from
Flagstaff to Los Angeles to meet Mr. and Mrs. Li.
Li Du nearly changed his mind when he saw Sophie’s family. “How about this? I'll go by
myself and take them to Phoenix. You can just wait at the Phoenix airport.”
Sophie was busy repairing her makeup. She attached great importance to this first
meeting and chose a new suit for it. She wore a royal blue silhouette coat, which
showed her slim figure incisively and vividly.

White sweatpants and white canvas shoes completed the ensemble. She tied her silky
hair into a ponytail that made her looked energetic and fresh.
Adding a little powder to refresh her complexion, Sophie nodded in satisfaction.
Li Du said, “So, you are done?”
“No, but I think this makeup is nice,” Sophie looked back and smiled brightly.
Li Du rolled his eyes and said, “You don’t have to wear makeup. You were born
beautiful, like a water lily in a clear pond, which is like a natural carving.”
“Go on,” Sophie said. “I’ll see how many more ancient poems you can think of.”
Li Du did not intend to lose. and said, “Good, I’ll let you see my literature knowledge.”
Then he ran out of words.
Sophie grinned and beckoned. “Come on, the ugly daughter-in-law wants to meet her
She had a gift for languages and was eager to learn. Now she could speak Chinese
very well.
She was keen on learning Chinese not only to communicate with her future in-laws but
also to discover the beauty of Chinese poetry.
Her love for art was the main reason for her efforts to learn Chinese. After she
encountered Tang and Song poetry, she was overwhelmed by the artistic conception
and thought in them.
Li Du said, “I hope it won’t be troublesome for you.”
Sophie laughed. “Why should it be? Los Angeles is one of the beauties of the West
Coast, and I think Mr. and Mrs. Li will love it.”
“You can call them mom and dad,” said Li Du.
Sophie shrugged. “Ok, then I’ll call them mom and dad.”

She knew that when Li Du invited his parents to America this time, he meant to become
Li Du drove a Rolls-Royce, and there was still the skull image sprayed on the car.
Sophie said, “Wouldn’t that shock your parents?”
Li Du smiled when he heard this. “My parents worked on a farm. There were many
skeleton pictures on the bottles of pesticide, so they won’t be afraid of this.”
“I’m talking about the car,” Sophie said seriously. “Didn’t you tell them that you were
working on a project with a mentor? Would it make sense for you to drive a Rolls-Royce
if you are a simple student?”
Li Du stroked his chin. This was true, “No problem. I’ll tell my parents that my mentor is
your dad and that this is a reward from him.”
Sophie chuckled and said, “I don’t understand you. Why do you have to worry about
your parents finding out you’re so smart and making so much money in America?”
“Their culture is different. They don’t care about how much money I make, they worry
about the fact that I make too much money,” he sighed.
Parents understood their children best, and Li Du’s parents were well aware of his
If Li Du earned a million dollars a year, his parents would accept it. If he suddenly
earned several hundred million, his parents would be shocked.
After all, they worked their whole lives and never saved a tenth of a million dollars!
The Rolls-Royce went all the way to Los Angeles. Li Du sat in the spacious workshop
and took out a pile of paperwork. It was the information of Brother Wolf’s comrades that
he had rearranged.
Li Du was preparing to expand his bodyguard team. Brother Wolf gave him a list of six
people who were his most trusted comrades.
Among the six, there were five big German men and one who was of mixed heritage
and part Chinese.