Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 111

Chapter 111: All Very Satisfied

The Japanese buffet restaurant that Hans had recommended was The Genda Familys Tasting Room. Very renowned in Phoenix, it offered high-end Japanese food in buffet-style.

After paying 300 dollars upon entering the restaurant, the three of them started to pile all sorts of Japanese food onto their table:

Sea urchin chawanmushi, fresh sea urchin, baked oysters, tiger shrimp balls, tuna sashimi, hairy crab sushi, mackerel sushi, Japanese tiger prawns

Teriyaki eel and teriyaki lobster, grilled saury, grilled oysters, grilled scallops, eel sushi roll, all kinds of sushi, all kinds of cold noodles, all kinds of sashimi

Hans only ate a little before dedicating himself to his specialized job to bring over all types of food without stopping, like a hardworking worker ant.

Upon seeing this, the waiter walked over, and with a graceful bow offered a reminder, "Konnichiwa! Sorry to interrupt. Distinguished guests, we have a rule in the restaurant that if there is wastage from having taken too much food, a fine will be imposed!"

Li Du replied with a smile, "We understand, thank you." Then he rubbed his hands and started eating. Although the use of the little bug did not exhaust him, it had made him famished. How could he not be able to finish this small amount of food?

Just like the wind sweeping away the clouds, and as though he and Godzilla were having an eating competition, all the food on the table was devoured by the two of them in no time.

Hans sped up his delivering of the food to the table. He saw that Godzilla did not care about the ingredients or the taste, and would take whatever was within reach. But Mr. Li was not willing to eat just anything, and protested, "Hey, hey, heystop taking the miso soup. This thing fills up the stomach really quickly."

"Then, is there any more tuna sashimi? Or salmon sashimi will do as well. Get me some of that pastry. That stewed beef tendon was not badget some more of that."

Godzilla grabbed the soup bowl, and raised it, finishing the soup in one gulp. "Boss, I love drinking soup."

The waiter was stupefied to witness this. Given that restaurant owners did not fear gluttons, and since they had opened a buffet restaurant, they definitely did not fear patrons with huge appetites. It was not easy to eat them out of house and home, as many of their ingredients were bought from the wholesale market. Even many of their beverages had been made by them in-house inexpensively.

But Li Du and Godzillas manner of eating had shocked him; it was the first time he had witnessed anyone with appetites like the two of them.

No, these were not humans. Oh, my Goddess Amaterasu above, these f*cking two people are human bottomless pits, the waiter thought, absolutely shocked.

Hans saw that the waiter stood looking horrified at the side. "Hey, buddy, come help. You are running a high-end restaurantcome and satisfy your customers needs."

"Chotto matteyes, I am coming right away," the flustered waiter said.

Li Du also joined in the ferrying of the food after he was full from eating. Godzilla was still eating happily. During this time, he had gone to the toilet eight times; six times for passing urine and two times for bowel movements...

The meal lasted for two hours. After they left, the restaurant manager looked at the empty counters and asked, "Ishida Jun, tell me what just happened here?"

The youth who was serving Li Du hurriedly bowed and said, "Sir, how do you do? Ah, what can I say? I am still in shock."

On the way back to the hotel, the trio had a satisfied look on their faces. Hans was satisfied that he had eaten his moneys worth, Godzilla was satisfied that he was full, and Mr. Li felt satisfied that the two of them were satisfied.

Ah Meow was similarly satisfied. Mr. Li had fed it delicious salmon and mackerel sashimi.

As they entered the hotel, a group of people was sitting at the bar chatting.

Upon seeing the three of them, one of the people waved and said, "Hey, Hans, Liboth of you still dare to come to Phoenix? I heard Rambis and Carl are after yoush*t!"

The exclamation at the end was because Godzilla had entered. With that tall and burly physique, and that demeanor belonging to a prehistoric beast, people with no guts would avoid going near him.

"Is that Shaquille ONeal? No, Shaq is black. Where the heck is he from then?"

"Oh my godthis guys huge, and his muscle definition is great. He might be a bodybuilding champion from someplace?"

"Dumb*ss. Bodybuilding champions arent usually taller than six feet. I am guessing this is that giant Mexican from Flagstaff. I have heard about a terrifying guy in that rural area."

Hans looked at the person who was speaking at the beginning, scratched his ear, and frowned as he said with his eyes narrowed, "Carew, what did you say earlier? Sorry, I didn't hear that clearly."

"I said: those two dumb*sses, Rambis and Carl, are in trouble," said the middle-aged Carew, with a hollow laugh.

Mr. Li felt that Hanss attitude would cause them to get beaten up. In American dramas, such people usually would not survive more than ten minutes in a bar.

They sat at the bar counter, and as the three of them took their seats, the bar crowded with people. When hunters got together to chat, they would speak about news on storage units. Carew asked Hans, "Buddy, what good stuff are you hoping to get this time?"

Hans said, "Just taking a casual look around. We have not yet commenced business for this month."

Realizing that he did not wish to reveal any news, the topic changed. A youth with a large nose asked, "Do you know anything about the matter of Freaky Frank? Is that true?"

"Yes, it is true. I was previously in contact with his partner, York. They found gold," the middle-aged man next to the youth said faintly.

Although his tone was faint, when he spoke about being in contact with the hunter named "York", a tinge of pride could be seen in his expression.

Of course, the people around them wore envious expressions.

"Hey, Thaddeus, you really have a wide network. You even know hunters about to join the Million Dollar Club."

Li Du did not know what they were talking about, and asked, "What happened?"

Hans said, "Frank Boll, a very famous hunter in Phoenix... that jerk had found a box of gold flakes in Tucson. Not sure which dumb*ss had left it in the unit and let him earn those millions!"

"Wow, he sure is good," Li Du commended sincerely.

Those next to him asked in surprise, "Are you not envious?"

"Its millions of dollars in gold."

Li Du shrugged and said, "Quite envious, but dont we all have such opportunities, too?"

"Ha! That depends on whether God is on our side," someone said. The hunters roared in laughter.

Li Du felt that it was not a difficult task to pick up gold that had been left behind. It was just that they had never encountered such an opportunity. If they had, he would not let it pass.

This topic became the main point of their discussion. The hunters were all talking excitedly about gold and jewels as though they had already found these items in units.

Li Du could understand their mentality. Like other occupations, many hunters could not earn much. The only force pushing them to stay in this line of work was the chance to pick up something valuable that had been left behind in a unit, and become instant millionaires.

In America, thousands of unowned storage units were auctioned off daily. Almost every day there were hunters picking up valuables from units and becoming new millionaires.

This was like the lottery. The reason why everyone bought lottery tickets was that there would be a lucky winner for the million-dollar prize. And everyone thought that they would have this chance to be a lucky winner.

Godzilla lost interest after listening for a while. He saw a truck tire attached to a chain at the entrance of the hotel, and asked Bedes if he could borrow it for training.

Bedes said it was not a problem, and so Godzilla carried the tire on his shoulder to do his squats.

The hunters stopped talking about storage units and striking it rich. They stared at Godzilla with bated breath as he conducted his workout.