Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1111

Chapter 1111 Blooming Flowers And A Full Moon

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As the flames rose to the sky, people saw it clearly and were shocked. They started to
discuss it fervently:
“Was that a declaration of love? Has someone proposed?”
“Oh my God, that’s amazing! I can’t believe it!”
“Who did that? That’s brilliant, we can see it clearly from one hundred meters away.
How big can that fire be?”
“I am going to pass out. How much money has the guy spent on this? Tell me, what rich
man is playing the romance tactic?”
Everyone, including Sophie and her family, peered out. Li Du stood up and smoothed
out his clothes.
When the words had formed from the flames, Sophie and her parents turned back to
look at Li Du, surprised. Li Du’s parents could not read the letters and did not
understand what was going on but turned to look at him as well.
Li Du got down on one knee, looked up and smiled. He snapped his fingers and Brother
Wolf walked over with a small box. Li Du opened the box to reveal a pair of rings inside.
The engagement ring had the shape of a flower. The ring face looked like a blossom. It
was formed by a few petals around one diamond, which had been cut into a round
“Miss Sophie Martin, from the first time I met you, I had fallen in love with you. I have
loved you ever since. However, I feel that it is still not enough. I want to spend my life
with you. Would you be willing?” Li Du held his head high and asked.
Sophie was still immersed in shock after seeing the flame on the sea when Li Du began
to confess his love for her. Tears instantly welled up in her eyes.
From the time Li Du’s parents arrived in Los Angeles, Sophie had already prepared
herself for Li Du’s proposal. However, she did not think he would make such a large-
scale event. It was well beyond what she had expected.
Hearing Li Du’s words, other guests in the restaurant realized what was going on. They
started to cheer and clap enthusiastically. Many people stood up to get a better look at
their table, clapping and smiling.
Mr. Thomas was very proud. Smiling, he said, “Sophie, I can tell that this guy has long
been in love with you. The first time I met him, he was looking at you the same way your
mother does…”

Mrs. Martin held onto his hand, and the two of them turned to look each other in the
eyes warmly and meaningfully. Theirs was a relationship that had withstood the test of
time and held strong.
Sophie placed her hands over her nose and mouth. Then, she pulled Li Du up and
reached out to hug him. Choking on her tears, she said, “Of course, I want nothing more
than to spend the rest of my life with you. There is so much to do, so many more places
for us to go together.!”
The clapping and cheering went on and many people raised their phones to take a
video or photos. The restaurant had no choice but to mobilize all their service staff to
calm everyone down.
Someone called out to Li Du, “Good lad, that was a good one. This proposal is the
priciest one I’ve ever seen!”
“But that thing on the sea, how was it done? By pouring the fuel in the sea ahead of
time? That can’t be possible, the tide is strong. How could the image stay intact with the
strong waves?”
“There must have been a boat towing the fire line. Jesus, isn’t that too dangerous?”
“You had better ask, isn’t that too expensive?”
That was what Mrs. Martin was curious about too. She asked, “How did you do that?
Just now at the sea, that is too…”
Li Du replied, “It’s a sort of fast submarine. The two submarines were underwater, and
then the fuel was vaporized continuously through the pipeline. A sample of the
handwriting was created ahead of time. The model could spray oil and gas. That’s the
principle of how it was done.”
The restaurant guests guessed right. That was very expensive. Li Du had spent fifty-five
thousand US dollars just on that part of his plan.
Of course, he felt that the money he spent was well worth it. JP Morgan Chase bank
had engaged a wedding design company to help Li Du plan the proposal.
Mrs. Martin started to pass around Sophie’s engagement ring. People asked, “What’s
this concept? A flower with a diamond. This is a diamond? So huge? God!”
They were uncertain about Li Du’s financial ability, and to a degree, so was Sophie.
Li Du grinned. “The design suggests that the flowers have bloomed in full moon. It
signifies that everything is now perfect and complete.”
When Li Du went to New York from Miami to thank Cole for his help, he had the idea of
​​ordering some diamond rings. Hence, he told Cole about it and got him to help.

Not only was the diamond on the ring authentic, but the crystal-clear leaves at the
bottom were also made of real diamonds. The Winston Group had prioritized the
creation of this ring, working day and night to finish it in two days.
Sophie leaned on Li Du’s shoulder, smiling sweetly.
Li Du’s parents were still looking out at the sea. The fire on the surface of the sea had
been extinguished. It was actually just oil and gas, so it would light up fast and
extinguish just as quickly.
His parents exchanged a look of worry. The proposal must have cost their son a
fortune. What was he doing in America that he had so much money?
Li Du explained that he had become Sophie’s father’s student. However, Li Du’s Dad
had been observant enough to notice that Sophie’s parents had looked shocked just
now as well. It meant that her parents also shared the thought that the proposal must
have been exorbitantly expensive.
However, Sophie’s parents were university professors, there was no doubt about that.
They knew that they could trust their son and that Li Du's character was impeccable.
Li Du’s father patted his wife’s hands. He said softly, “We have to believe in our son,
would our son be doing bad things? Don’t worry too much, come on, smile.”
Li Du’s mother flared up at him and said, “How can I smile? Look at our son. He spent
so much effort on the proposal. When we got married, you brought me home on a
trishaw. Can you compare us to this?”
It was now her husband’s turn to be unhappy. “Hey, having a trishaw in those days was
already considered good. It was because I had connections that I managed to borrow
one. It was much more impressive than the sports car of today!”
Sophie was so touched she almost cried. However, after hearing the two of them
quarreling, she regained her cheerfulness.
After showing his parents around Los Angeles for two days, Li Du brought them back to
Phoenix and started to prepare for the official engagement.
Marriage was a major milestone in one’s life and hence it was only natural to pick an
auspicious date. Weddings in America also followed that tradition.
Typically, American weddings would entail a proposal, and once the lady had accepted
it, preparations would be made for an official engagement. After that, the couple would
prepare to get married.
Based on Li Du’s observation, Americans loved holding their weddings in June. For one,
the weather was best at that time of year, with the season blooming and beautiful.

The second reason was related to Roman myth. ‘June’ was the English variation of the
name of the Roman goddess Juno. She was the goddess of love and marriage.
As for engagements, the timing was not of utmost importance. As long as the couple felt
ready, they could start preparing for engagement.
However, traditionally, Li Du could not become engaged just by proposing. Prior to that,
he had to meet with Sophie’s parents and ask for their daughter’s hand. Only if Sophie’s
parents regarded Li Du as a man worthy of their daughter, they would agree to the
Of course, Li Du had already given Sophie an engagement ring and was optimistic
about obtaining her parents’ blessing.
It was worth noting that the length of time couples stayed engaged varied from a few
weeks to a few months or even years. That meant that it could be a long time before an
engaged couple got married.
Next, Li Du had to think of how to speak to the Martins.